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Online Checkout Optimization for Increased Sales

Every company needs to test and check there Checkout Optimization to make sure they are not missing sales. Being an e-commerce customer may be standard for most people today but being an e-commerce seller can still sound a bit daunting to some. This is especially true when it comes to things related to online security […]

Using HTML5 to Embedding Videos on Your Webpage

In recent times, businesses have started employing video marketing strategies as a part of their Internet marketing mix. Companies use videos for marketing, promotions and even as know-how kind of content. Here is the best way to Embedding Videos into your website. Over a period of time, all videos available on the Web have been […]

HTML Inspector- A Code Quality Tool To Enhance Markup Quality

HTML is undoubtedly an indispensable component of every web development project. The better the quality of HTML Code, the better would be the overall quality of the final product. This is the reason behind the html inspector. Ensuring consistency throughout the markup is perhaps the most critical aspect that needs special consideration by developers whore […]

10 Most Creative “About US” Pages of Web Design Agencies

The initial idea of the article was to feature some creative websites introducing web design agencies. These are some pretty cool about us pages, genious. Then we thought that the core value of any company are people. People and the about us pages will stand out and people will recall a company if there sites […]

Getting Better Fees as a Freelance Writer

Times are tough and it seems everyone wants to earn a little extra scratch. With the prevalence of computers and the internet, it only makes sense to try and work from home if possible. One way to do just that is through freelance writing job. Whether you choose to write freelance part-time or depend on […]

Earn by Selling Books Online | Start Your New Book Business Today

Over the past few years, the online world has emerged as the real world of opportunities of making money for so many individuals. Amongst so many popular ways of making money on the web, selling books online has become a popular choice for many who love reading books and have great passion for books. For […]

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