A Small Orange Review: Web Hosting Exemplified

This is A Small Orange review, which is one of the most sought after web hosting services in the world. 

When you decide to make a website of your own the next important decision is to choose a hosting service. Whether you are a blogger, online marketer, own an eCommerce website or any other business which has to be sustained online, you need to get the right hosting service provider.

The choice of hosting service depends on one hand, on the size and scale of your business and on the other hand, on the reliability and quality of services provided by the hosting company that you choose.

A web hosting company needs to provide security, sufficient bandwidth, fast browsing speeds, and zero downtime.

Let us look at one of the leading service providers who are a little on the expensive side, but the quality of the services provided by them are certainly worth the extra cost involved.

In fact, their services are such that they have earned the reputation of being the best hosting company in the world.

A Small Orange Review: An Introduction

A Small Orange reviewA Small Orange has been in the hosting business for over 13 years now and it currently provides services to more than 15,000 happy customers. This company has a team of passionate and skillful team whose efforts have earned the company huge success in a comparatively short time.

This company is well known for taking excellent care of its customers and offering reasonable rates for their services. They are also known for assured beat services, as they have been fulfilling the hosting needs of individuals and businesses since the time that they were established in Atlanta in 2003.

They provide different kinds of hosting solutions to suit different ranges and budgets. For newbies there is the starter plan while for a business that experiences huge traffic you can opt for the more advanced services. They have multiple server locations worldwide and this is the reason that A Small Orange can assure you that you will get the best services with them.

They provide all kinds of services like:

  • # Shared web hosting’
  • # Business web hosting
  • # Reseller hosting
  • # Cloud VPS
  • # Dedicated servers
  • # Website Builders

In the A Small Orange review we will look at the benefits of each of these services in detail and find out for who they are best suited.


A Small Orange Review: Shared Web Hosting

The plans for shared web hosting offered by A Small Orange start for as low as $1.42 per month. Their shared hosting plans are ideal for bloggers, businesses and individuals who have just started out and don’t expect too much traffic volume.

Their servers provide enterprise class support. The hardware is powered by Intel XEONE5 Dual Hex Core Processors that are driven by SSD which ensures maximum speed. It is loaded with cPanel which makes things easier and more convenient and comes loaded with software like POP3, IMAP and Webmail which allow for: spam/virus filtering, mailing list creation, automated email forwarding and auto responders.

The company guarantees about 99% uptime, which is an excellent figure and means that you don’t have to worry about visitors bouncing off your website.

If you are a blogger or online marketer looking to create new portals and start generating traffic then shared hosting plans are the best for you.

If you are already an established blogger of marketer who experiences heavy traffic every day, then you should opt for their advanced plans like the business hosting plan or the Cloud VPS plan.

These shared hosting plans also have more features like:

  • # Daily backups and instant restore which in turn prevents any kind of data loss.
  • # There is also password protection and direct IP blocking which is combined with leech pirate to ensure that your website is completely secure.
  • # Their servers are optimized to boost WordPress performance.
  • # Free Weebly Website Builder which enhances customization.

A Small Orange Review: Business Hosting Plans

For established blogs and websites, higher volumes of traffic can create a problem if the hosting framework is smaller. When the traffic is very high, the load on the server is unbearable due to which there are more site crashes, higher downtimes and many other issues.

This is the reason that the hosting infrastructure has to be expanded by choosing a business level plan like the one offered by ASO.

In such a plan, you will get complete STP and FTP access providing higher storage and larger bandwidths. Data collection becomes smooth due to data management through phpMyAdmin. It is possible to create customizable error pages and even get SSH access on special request for increasing the customization capabilities.

You also get the same and yet enhanced enterprise class support from their servers. Their hardware is powered by Intel XeonE5 Dual Hex Core Processors which are driven by SSD, which in turn ensures maximum speeds. Things become easier for you as it comes loaded with cPanel.

There is also a host of emailing software like POP3, IMAP, and Webmail which allow for spam/virus filtering, mailing list creation, automated email forwarding and Auto responders.

There is also password protection and direct IP blocking combined with leech pirate to maintain the security of your website.

Other features include:

  • # PCI compliant servers which ensure maximum security between transactions and payments.
  • # Lower customer density due to enhanced capacity of servers which ensures maximum uptime.
  • # Free SSL encryption for added trust.
  • # Special integration with PostgreSQL and MariaDB for ecommerce management.

There are many other hosting providers who have hidden restrictions and limitations, which become visible as soon as you start using their services. There are no such hassles with ASO.

A Small Orange Review: Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting means getting hosting infrastructure from a provider and providing hosting services to multiple third-party clients. If you have a network which can be used for such services then you can do great business.

There are different kinds of packages available depending, upon the scale of the business you are running. All the standard features that are mentioned for business hosting are available along with higher storage, larger network of servers and increased bandwidths.

It is possible to host anywhere from 30 to 100 websites.

A Small Orange Cloud Review: VPS Hosting Services

Cloud VPS is a new and rising technology, which uses the enhanced capabilities of cloud computing to provide higher performing hosting interfaces.

Multiple servers at different locations share the workload from a single website. This helps in diversifying the load and this in turn, results in enhanced uptime, no site crash and increased browsing speeds. ASO offers a wide range of Cloud VPS services.

You can choose the plan that suits your scales the best. They are all priced reasonably and have power packed features like:

  • # SAN (Storage Area Network) infrastructure, which in turn guarantees data protection across all Hard Drives.
  • # Automated off-cloud backups to prevent the loss of data at any time.
  • # There is an Auto Fail Switch feature which makes ASO Cloud Hosting VPS almost 100% impervious to data loss and guarantees 100% uptime.
  • # You can start with low packages and when you need to scale up, you only have to pay the balance. There are no irritating hassles with multiple mails and requests.
  • # There is in-built firewalls and 24×7 monitoring which in turn provides added levels of security.
  • # There is a free cPanel from which you can manage everything.

For businesses that are looking to tap into multiple markets at the same time, Cloud hosting is the ideal choice. Due to the multiple server locations and cloud framework you get enhanced performance.

A Small Orange Review: Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are necessary for businesses which have large streams of traffic and large number of transactions. If you have millions coming to your website each month, then it is advisable to switch to dedicated hosting services to support immense traffic perfectly.

In this framework, you will get an entire server with the required specifications which is dedicated to your website. ASO offers a wide range of packages in this segment.

There are also multiple CPU servers which provide excellent performance for very large scale businesses like global ecommerce websites or a tech magazine with global audience.

ASO provides excellent features along with its dedicated servers. There is complete root access which is useful if you have good technical knowhow and wish to customize your entire framework.

Complete WHM Package with regular updates, patches and a wholesome cPanel is provided. There are 5 different IP addresses so that you can create game servers, FTP servers, and more all in one.

It is integrated with Softaculous, which allows the integration of more than 100 useful apps which in turn will improve your performance. All this is available with RAID-1 standard data loss protection.

A Small Orange Review: Special Products

They are:

Clementine Hosting

The provider is the best choice in case you want your entire hosting framework to be managed by someone else.

The Clementine hosting provided by ASO is a great choice for part timers or new bloggers who don’t have the time to spare.

Website Builder

There is a comprehensive website builder offered by the company for people who are interested in hands-on customization of their websites.

In the image, below you can see the features offered by ASO website builder.


Along with this, you get a custom domain and complete options for customization like audio/video players, password protected pages, headers, footers, site searches and much more.

A Small Orange Review: Advantages

They are:

#1 Free Domain –

The users of ASO get a free domain name with every shared hosting, except for the cheapest plan. With a free domain you can save at least $15 per year which can be put to better use. At the same time, it is very convenient to have the web hosting of the same company.

#2 Unlimited Email Addresses –

ASO offers unlimited email addresses to its users with each domain name. This means that the users can create any number of business emails for their website and these can be associated with every person working with the website.

#3 All Kinds of Hosting Service –

ASO offers all types of services including VPS, shared and dedicated web hosting. Usually, shared hosting is sufficient for the requirements of most people, but there are some who require VPS hosting if their websites attract high amounts of traffic. Along with these, ASO also offers reseller hosting for the people who wish to try their luck in the web hosting business.

#4 User Friendly cPanel Interface –

ASO provides a convenient and user friendly cPanel. The cPanel offered by ASO provides a number of excellent web applications which can be used to create anything from blogs to forums to calendar sites and much more.

#5 Excellent Customer Support –

The best part of dealing with ASO is their excellent customer support. They don’t just promise 24×7 support without following it up with action. In fact, most hosting companies promise such support, but when a customer lodges a complaint they are very slow in acting on it.

On the other hand, the customer support team of ASO is very agile and active, and immediately goes into action on the receipt of a customer’s complaint.

In fact, ASO is proactive in finding small issues that can balloon into large problems beforehand and remove them. In this way, the customers face the minimum hassles possible.

At the same time, ASO welcomes feedback from their customers so that they can understand the changing requirements of the market and cater to them accordingly.


After going through the features provided by A Small Orange in detail, I have come to the conclusion that ASO is an excellent hosting service provider with maximum results and a high level of customer service. You can reach them directly through email or phone and live chat.

It is a very reliable and reputable hosting services provider and gives you the best backend framework to enhance your business online. I hope that my A Small Orange review is helpful for you.