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Getting Better Fees as a Freelance Writer

Times are tough and it seems everyone wants to earn a little extra scratch. With the prevalence of computers and the internet, it only makes sense to try and work from home if possible. One way to do just that is through freelance writing job. Whether you choose to write freelance part-time or depend on […]

Earn by Selling Books Online | Start Your New Book Business Today

Over the past few years, the online world has emerged as the real world of opportunities of making money for so many individuals. Amongst so many popular ways of making money on the web, selling books online has become a popular choice for many who love reading books and have great passion for books. For […]

Basic 5 Security Tips Every Freelancer Should Follow


Freelancing is a good opportunity for most of us nowadays. It lets you create your own schedule to work on your different tasks. Read our security tips below and stay safe. Freelancers have a good chance to work on their free time and to come up with their better ideas and logic on the tasks […]

Best Examples of Skeuomorphic Design | Do you love it?

By its broadest definition, a skeuomorphic is an object or design that mimics or resembles another object, material, or technique. In the context of digital design and user interface, skeuomorphic design elements are aspects of a design that tap into a user’s historical understanding of physical objects – despite the design features not being necessary […]

8 Major Benefits Of Guest Blogging | Build Author Authority

Blog Post Goals

Guest blogging is undoubtedly one of the best and effective ways to grow your online business. However, a lot of people have not been able to decide whether to start guest blogging or not, in most cases due to lack of awareness on the power and influence it has on making people become aware of […]

3 Tips To Effectively Set Your Social Media Strategy And Measure It

Social Media Marketing

Social media strategies are rapidly helping both online and local businesses to achieve their full potential. Before the emergence of online platforms, a high number of businesses, especially the small ones, were struggling to live up to their expectations because the markets were mainly dominated by the large businesses. However, with the introduction of the […]

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