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Choosing a Domain Name: The Science Behind It

Domain Name

Choosing adomain name is quite a challenge. There is actually a bit of a formula you can use to make sure yours is on point. You want something powerful to represent your new blog, business or company website but it’s a lot of pressure to pick the perfect domain name. Choosing a Domain Name is […]

Do you Understand the Science Behind Choosing Your Domain Name?

Registering your Domain NAme

Choosing Your Domain Name for your newly designed blog or company website is not as easy as it may sound. As a matter of fact, its a quite complex process. A great domain name can literally propel your company blog to a whole new level of success. A not so well thought out domain name […]

What is a Domain Hosting Service? Host Your Domain Today

A hosting service can simply be referred to as a service that ‘houses’ a domain name. Domain hosting service generally is the act of maintaining files for a website. A web host is basically a computer on domain name that can be accessed through an external IP address or gadget connected to the internet.   […]

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