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Why Rackspace VPS Is A Leader in Hosting

Why Rackspace VPS Is A Leader in Hosting Of all of the VPS hosting solutions of current, Rackspace seems to be one of the leaders in the industry. They’re mostly known for their Cloud efforts, which are routinely talked about in many different circles. And while that is definitely seen as their biggest draw, it’s […]

Grasshopper Review | Virtual Phone System

Grasshopper is cloud based phone system. Its main market is small business owners, who likely have started their company from home and have relied on their home and cell lines for business purposes. The other demographic Grasshopper will appeal to is companies with remote workers or freelancers who need a reliable way to stay in […]

Why Your Business Needs A Virtual Assistant

Let a Virtual Assistant Free up Time, Save Money for your Business When you first start out in business, you have to take on the bulk of the tasks associated with running it yourself out of necessity. Unless you have an extremely well- funded startup, you likely don’t have the budget to start hiring employees […]

Quicken vs. Quickbooks: Accounting Software for Small Business

When trying to make a decision about Quicken vs. Quickbooks for small business, the only fair way to determine which one of these software packages is right for you is to compare them side by side. Each one of these desktop software options has definite advantages, and you’ll want to consider each one carefully before […]

What are Personas all About?


Personas are an important marketing tool used to develop and understand your target audience. They lead to greater user engagement and loyalty.   Using personas can make your marketing scheme more effective, easier and quicker. A buyer persona or reader profile is a portrayal of what your intended target audience symbolizes.   Buyer personas   […]

Does your Blog or Website need a New Reputation?

Reputation Management

Even though there are more than three billion people on the Internet, it doesn’t really seem like it when your website does something wrong. In fact, all it takes is one hiccup and the reputation of your website is tarnished. One small mistake and there are press releases everywhere about this horrible thing your website […]

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