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Keeping the Search Engines from Crawling Your Website

Sometimes, when you’re not ready for the search engines to find your website, you may want to keep the Search Engines from Crawling Your Website. This may be the case for good with some website, but maybe just temporarily with others. There are ways to keep the search engines from crawling your WordPress website. Here […]

How to Use MaxCDN on Your WordPress Site

Speed is an important factor for SEO as well as user experience. Slower sites rank lower in search results and users find them less useful. For WordPress users there are many ways to improve that. One of them is to use a content delivery network like MaxCDN with a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache. […]

How to Setup WordPress in Cpanel | Follow These easy Steps

Internal Server

If you are ready to set up a new blog or website and want the easiest and currently the most used web hosting system, you need to set up WordPress in cPanel. Cpanel is currently the most widely used administration system for web hosting and WordPress is the most used content management system in existence […]

How to Secure Your WordPress Installation

As your site gets more popular, it becomes an attractive target for hackers, bots, and spammers looking for a way to compromise your installation. When starting out, security might not be at the top of your mind. You’re more concerned about how the site looks and whether it is loading quickly or not. But I […]

How to Recover WordPress from Broken Theme Changes

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to take a backup of important files like functions.php whenever you make a change. I suppose if you want to be really picky about it, you should be using some kind of version control system while modifying your WordPress files. In reality though, all of us cut corners to make […]

How to Move JavaScript to the Footer in WordPress

JavaScript is a programming language that is run by the web browser of site visitors. Instead of your web server running JavaScript, it is controlled by anyone who visits your site. When it is added to your site at the top or header, it can significantly slow down your loading time. Here is how you […]

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