Choosing a Domain Name: The Science Behind It

Domain Name

Choosing adomain name is quite a challenge. There is actually a bit of a formula you can use to make sure yours is on point. You want something powerful to represent your new blog, business or company website but it’s a lot of pressure to pick the perfect domain name. Choosing a Domain Name is the number 1 one thing that will represent your business.
Domain Name Choices
It’s something that will stick in the minds of your customers and a bad name may be confusing or prevent your customers from finding your business. Follow this guideline in order to pick a name that is strong and smart for your new domain.

Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name needs to convey to your reader that it’s crisp and clear. The best way to reach your audience is to choose something short and sweet. It should be something short to be easy to remember and having it be only two or three words allows your customers to do so. Make it easy on your customers. Then, you’ll be able to easily add it to advertisement, email signature and business cards.

It needs to be original

Along with keeping your domain short and easy to remember, make sure your domain is really original. You’ll want consistency between the website and the company but make sure you aren’t stealing someone’s domain in order to do this. If someone else has a domain you want and you try to steal it by tweaking parts of it to make it work for you, it’s going to fail when customers try to search for you and end up finding the wrong link.
Domain Name
Don’t just add a dash, misspell a word, add a number or make something plural and expect that your domain will be different enough from the person who already has the perfect one you want. More than likely, the add-on you try to do will mess up your advertising efforts because dashes and numbers don’t work well when written and a misspelling is hard to say out loud. Make sure you are Choosing a Domain Name that fits your website concept and industry.
When you try to explain verbally your website name to someone at a party and there is a misspelling to mention, it’s going to come off strange to your audience. Plus, too many extras are harder to remember. Customers aren’t going to want to play the guessing game so just pick something simple and memorable that you can call yours.

The domain’s potential

Your company’s domain is going to be like your company’s online name tag so it’s important to choose wisely. Consider everywhere you will see this domain outside of the search bar. You’ll see it on email addresses, business cards, newspapers and it could even end up on the radio or on TV. Make sure it looks good, sounds good, reflects your company and is memorable for all of the advertising it could land in.


Make sure you are being consistent. Your domain name should match your company name to give it a professional appearance and prevent confusion. In some cases, your company name is too much like someone else’s and you’ll have to go with a second choice option.
Choosing a Domain Name
If your company name is taken, try adding a keyword to the domain name that distinguishes your company and attracts your customers to a specific service, product or location. Your Chicago dental office’s name of Smith Dental may already be taken but you could change yours to SmithDentalinChicago or to be different. You could also look into a different extension like .net, .org or .biz instead .com.
Lastly, consider buying your own domain for a low price annually. This the science behind choosing the perfect domain name for your company or blog.

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