Dot5Hosting Review – Apples And Oranges Comparison

Dot5 hosting Review

dot5 hosting review

Dot5 hosting company is a reasonably small hosting company that has operated in the hosting industry for more than ten years. The company specializes in offering shared hosting to small businesses and individuals with affordable plans and excellent features. The technical support offered by the company is also top notch and commendable. We have spent time putting together an amazing total Dot5 hosting review for you to make your decision.


Dot5 hosting offers no Windows based hosting. You will only get Linux based hosting and there is only a single plan offered. This plan is pretty much all an individual or business needs to operate a small website with decent security and overall features. The plan offers unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth for unlimited domains. This is excellent if you run several small websites. You also get to choose how long you want to sign up with the company. If you choose to sign up for two years, you will be given an overall discount.Please keep reading about Dot5 hosting review.


Apart from the single hosting plan, Dot5 also has an affiliate program for individuals or businesses who want to resell services of the company. The reseller program allows a reseller to obtain additional features that can be sold for a price. These features include SSL certificates, SiteLock, backups and SEO makeover.


Unlike other hosting companies out there, Dot5 does not give you any guarantee about up time. It also does not give you money back guarantee if you do have to go through a downtime. Most of their servers are located in two data centers based in Boston with complete security and facilities to make sure the servers are always up and running. But since you are not guaranteed an up time, this could be a problem for anyone who cannot afford to go offline even for a single minute.


As far as customer and technical support is concerned, Dot 5 offers online, live chat and telephone support. The online support is based on a ticketing system and the serving time is usually less than 24 hours. One of the biggest advantages of using Dot5 services is that they have provided their users with extensive manuals that can help them deal with most of the issues themselves. Their huge ‘self help’ library contains a lot of tutorials to help you get through some of the most common issues regarding hosting and stability of a site.


If you are someone who is used to cPanel for administration purposes, you will find it hard to deal with Dot5 review. This is because Dot5 does not offer cPanel as a control center, instead the company offers VDeck, another popular control panel that is commonly found in shared hosting plans. This is mostly due to the costs associated with the use of control panels. VDeck is cheaper and easier for a company to maintain and host which is why Dot5 considers it a better option to include provided their low cost plans. If you have never used vDeck in your life, we suggest that you look someplace else because you may find this control panel lacking in most advanced features webmasters need.


If however you can settle with vDeck, then there are a lot of extras you can get when you sign up with Dot5. For example whenever someone signs up, Dot5 gives them Google Adword credits, Facebook Credits and Yahoo Credits for free. You also get free access to several customized and pre-made website templates, SEO tools, a useful little website builder and shopping cart tools. If that’s not all, you will also get free WordPress, Joomla, Gallery2 and several other tools that are considered mandatory for a good hosting plan. The severs by Dot5 support Perl, CGI, MySQL and Ruby on Rails. All of these software can be easily installed via the vDeck control panel.


Even though the company does offer guarantee for server up time, it does give you a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the different features and services provided. But keep in mind that the guarantee has some very unreasonable limits which you should read before signing up with the hosting company.


Dot5 hosting is a decent hosting company with plenty of extra features. However, if you are a large business with advanced needs, you may be slightly disappointed with the company. We recommend Dot5 for individuals and small businesses only. The affordable prices and great features are definitely great for new start ups too. Let us know your total feedback on our dot5 hosting review and what you would recommend to others.