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Grasshopper is cloud based phone system. Its main market is small business owners, who likely have started their company from home and have relied on their home and cell lines for business purposes. The other demographic Grasshopper will appeal to is companies with remote workers or freelancers who need a reliable way to stay in touch regularly. Here is our true grasshopper
review and why we use them everyday.

Grasshopper Review-And There Virtual Phone System

Company Background

Grasshopper was founded in 2003 by two entrepreneurs, David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos. Both are still with the company: Taghaddos is the CEO and Hauser is in charge of technology.

grasshopper review

Since the company’s founding, it has grown exponentially and now serves more than 250,000 entrepreneurs with their virtual phone system needs. Grasshopper is continuing to develop new tools that will make its service be even more valuable to its ever-growing customer base.

How the Grasshopper Virtual Phone System Works-And Why We Did This Grasshopper Review For You

1. Choose a Number

New customers to Grasshopper would start by deciding whether they want to have a local or 800 number for their business (or both). The Grasshopper virtual phone system is set up to accommodate either type of number.

2. Record a Main Greeting

Next record a customized main greeting that all callers will hear once they dial your business number, “Thank you for calling XYZ Company.”

3. Add Employee and Department Extensions

At this point, you can add extensions for your sales, customer service/support and marketing departments. You can also include a Dial-by-Name feature.

4. Have Calls Sent to the Phone Number of your Choice

Once you have your extensions set up, you can start having incoming calls sent to the phone number of your choice. This number can be located anywhere in the world.

The Grasshopper virtual phone system makes it easy for business calls to get answered with a personal greeting. You can control whether to take the call immediately or have it transferred to your voice mail to be dealt with later on.

Since customers can choose from the outset which department or person they wish to speak with, chances are you’ll spend less time on matters that should be handled by someone else on your team. Your time will be freed up to concentrate on your own responsibilities.

Grasshopper Cloud Based Phone System: Features

When you decide to place an order for the Grasshopper cloud based phone system for small business, a number of features come with it as part of the standard package.

Get a Customized Number for your Business

Would you like a phone number that is instantly recognizable to your customers? Grasshopper can help you set up a toll-free number that reflects what your company does so that your customers will find it easy to remember.

grasshopper virtual phone system

Record Greeting Personally or Use Grasshopper Voice Studio

To record the most professional-sounding greeting, use the Grasshopper Voice Studio. The process is as easy as recording your own mobile phone voicemail greeting.

Grasshopper Caller ID

In a situation where you want to contact a client, you can use your Grasshopper mobile app to make the call. The client will not be aware that you are using your mobile phone for this purpose, and you will always look like a consummate professional.

Find Out Who is Calling Before Accepting Calls

You have the option of accepting the call, putting it into voicemail or hearing the caller’s phone number. This is a way of choosing which calls need to be dealt with immediately and which ones can wait until you have more time to return them.

Receive Voicemails and Faxes by Email

Rather than calling in to check for message, simply have them sent to you as PDF or MP3 attachments. You can access them when you check your email, which is a much more convenient way to pick up your messages. Faxes can be accessed in exactly the same manner.

Business SMS Feature Allows you to Send Professional Text Messages

If you are working on a project with one or more colleagues while traveling or working remotely, this feature allows you to collaborate with your team without filling up your email box with multiple messages going back and forth. You can also communicate with clients using this method when you want to relay information quickly.

No Investment in Hardware or Software Required

Grasshopper works with the phone system and cell phone you currently have in place. You don’t have to buy or maintain a new system for this option for work for you. It’s an entirely virtual phone system in the cloud.

Cloud-based Phone System Costs

Grasshopper offers a number of packages to its customers, none of which requires a long-term contract. All plans are free to activate and come with the features discussed above.

Pay as you Grow Plan costs $12.00 plus $0.06 per minute in usage. You get one toll-free number and unlimited extensions.
Ramp is the next more expensive Plan, coming in at $24.00 per month. It includes 500 minutes in usage. You get one toll-free number and unlimited extensions.
Grow is Grasshopper’s most popular Plan, and it’s easy to see why business owners would be drawn to this option. It includes 2,000 minutes per month, two toll free/local numbers and unlimited extensions. This plan gives you plenty of flexibility to make your small business look bigger than it is. Bid on larger contracts and projects and feel as though the client will take you seriously.
Max is the biggest plan available from Grasshopper. For $199.00 per month, you receive 10,000 minutes and three toll free/local numbers. This plan also includes unlimited extensions and unlimited voice studio.

Risk-free Trial Offer With This Grasshopper Review

As a customer, you can sign up for a Plan and try Grasshopper free for up to 30 days. During that time, if you aren’t satisfied with the service and don’t feel that a virtual phone system is right for you and your business, cancel it. You will receive a full refund.

Since Grasshopper was started by entrepreneurs, it appears as though the company has its finger firmly on the pulse of what business owners want and need. You can upgrade or downgrade the Plan you have selected once you sign up with the company, and telephone support is available on a 24/7 basis. Do you use grasshopper? Can you add to our grasshopper review? We would love real customer feedback.

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