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Here is our HostMonster review, one of the top web hosting picks for 2015 & 2016 and now 2017.


Hostmonster review


HostMonster provides services to thousands of its clients who host websites for their businesses and their personal needs. The company has been in business since 1996; see why this company has made to one of our top reviews. They have ruled our top 3 list for around 10 years, it has taken us this long to get the biggest hostmonster review online.


Read the full HostMonster review here before you make the purchase.


The host is able to provide shared hosting plans which incorporate an ample amount of server power, and it does that for just a nominal monthly charge.

Features offered in the Hosting Plans at HostMonster:

  • arrowFree Domain on sign-up for hosting/li>
  • arrowFree Website Builder provided
  • arrow24/7 Customer Support
  • arrowUnlimited disk Space and Bandwidth
  • arrowUnlimited Domain Hosting
  • arrowMySQL Databases, PHP, SSL, SSH, CGI, FTP, Perl and Ruby


This HostMonster review provides necessary information regarding HostMonster. Let us have a look at it in detail.


Company Background


HostMonster is based out of Provo, Utah. We are all aware of various web-hosting companies like BlueHost and FastDomain, controlled by


Endurance International Group (better known as EIG) and it is my pleasure to let you know that HostMonster is also an extended subsidiary of such an enormous group.


EIG has been able to grow immensely in web hosting business and has succeeded in winning more than 2million customers among the various 40 hosting brands.


HostMonster has been reputed because of the various budget shared web-hosting services it offers. The services are made available in easy packages and the customers are provided a choice of the extra features to get upgraded.


The company has been rendering its services since 1996. That has helped the company to emerge as a specialist totally being in contrast to the new beginners in the same field.


It is not an enhanced business agency, but this is nothing to get concerned about because the involvement is totally optional and the various other legal companies across the globe are also not credited.


On being told that, it has been able to bag an A-rating from the BBB. The company was forced to see a tough time in the past 3 years when 34 complaints were raised in opposition to it. But it has been able to pull itself out from the problem and was able to come clean on it.


This definitely can be viewed as a better sign presenting a genuine care and assurance standard towards its customer’s needs and satisfactions.


A feature that the company feels particularly proud of is its US based customer support team that is available to attend to its customers 24/7/365. It has won an industry award for the company and is a big selling point for the hosting service.


HostMonster pays great attention to its support phone response and has managed to achieve hold times on its calls to fewer than two minutes. They have received the award for best hosting for two consecutive years.


This is not an award that is easily achieved. For them to have achieved it speaks ole or their efficiently operating servers, their affordable pricing for services and the quality of their services, to mention just a few features.


We here at Daily Hosting, have partnered with HostMonster to provide you with a special offer of just $3.95 for monthly hosting. You will find that HostMonster provides a wide variety of hosting options that will meet the needs of both the person new to hosting as well as the professionals who are well versed in web hosting.


Its plans run from those that provide just the very basics in web hosting to those that are more complex and geared towards the more sophisticated hosting client.


The hosting plans therefore are such that you can easily upgrade to meet the developing needs of your business and your websites. For example, if need be, you can easily add an SSL to your hosting package any time you choose.

HostMonster Review – Different Monthly Pricing Options


  • arrow$3.95 monthly for two years of service
  • arrow$4.95 monthly for 1 year service>
  • arrowCurrent Special $3.95 monthly

HostMonster Review Features

HostMonster Review


HostMonster has been expanding its services and growing at a very fast rate compared to others in the hosting industry. HostMonster is well regarded in the hosting industry and you would be hard pressed to find anything but good reviews about the company.



The company provides for its clients an unlimited amount of bandwidth and disc space, an ability to create a large number of email addresses, and unlimited domain hosting all for a very small monthly hosting charge.


We will provide you with a coupon for a $3.00 discount off the usual $6.95 monthly hosting charge, and you will benefit from its services straight of the bat with a huge discount.


Exceptional Customer Support


We have always received a high quality service from this host. Hosting clients can feel comfortable calling the customer service line for assistance with any issues they may have. You will receive help from a representative who is friendly, English -speaking and will quickly resolve all your issues.


Prompt support such as this makes all the difference to a webmaster that is facing the issue of a website that has gone offline and is possibly causing a loss in revenue as a result.


With HostMonster, you will not be obligated to enter into a hosting contract, and you are free to discontinue the service at any time and for any reason you choose. You will not be obligated for any additional charges.


The control panel in HostMonster is the award winning cPanel that allows you to manage very complex hosting tasks such as the creation of databases and email addresses, to mention just a few tasks.


CPanel also provides for fast blog installation through the Fantastico script.


The host guarantees a server uptime of 99.9% and that is the best that any host can provide its clients.


Researching reviews on the host, you will only find very positive reports. There are thousands of customers that have had good experiences with the HostMonster.


In many different aspects of their operation, HostMonster provides exceptional service. At Daily Hosting we are especially appreciative of their customer support.


Free Site Builder


This host provides an affordable but reliable website builder, it would not out-perform the top professional and well-known site builders available today.


But it is on par with those offered by other hosting companies and does the job of helping create fast and adequate websites.


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Are Both Same – HostMonster And Bluehost?



In maximum arenas, HostMonster appears as Bluehost with another brand. Even when HostMonster is searched on, the user is regulated to visit an entrance on Bluehost.


Both the companies have emerged to be the twin companies and have successfully managed to become an effective part of a big hosting company popularly known as EIG or Endurance International Group where other big names like iPage, HostGator, JustHost, FatCow etc are also included.


Both the companies have been able to present themselves as one of the largest hosting services all over the globe amidst many other huge names like HostMonster, Bluehost and the third “sister”, FastDomain, successfully been able to host more than 1.9 million domains all over the world.


Headquarters of both Bluehost and HostMonster are located in Provo, Utah.


Loads of similarities are shared by them than differences, in which the same physical addresses are also included.


Social media presence of HostMonster is maintained on Twitter and Facebook.


The posts are updated periodically but it is well appreciated that the social media pages are maintained to let the customers receive various information regarding downtime, attacks, changes etc.


A contrast scenario is observed when it comes to Bluehost. They have been quite successful in involving the customers using various social media and much wider fan groups and active pages are thoroughly cherished by them.



Pros of HostMonster Review


They are:


#1 Integrated CloudFlare


CloudFlare has been able to rule over our hearts. It helps get informed about the various processes shown to incorporate this with WordPress beside W3 entire cache and keep your website secure.


#2 Great Upgrade Path


Recently HostMonster has been enhanced with various Pro, VPS, and other dedicated plans which has led to the availability of a superb upgrade path available.


Their Pro plan (supercharged WordPress Hosting) has succeeded in offering the cheapest upgrade path. Various other reasonable VPS plans are too offered by them.


#3 cPanel


Various cPanel are provided to the users to assist maximum usability. It has been personalized to eradicate the various standard backup functionalities present.


The cPanel or the Control Panel is considered to be very easy for usage.


A wide variety of tools and features are offered by them to enhance the experience of the user. Certain features like mail management, file management, database management, and domain management are some of those which are included in it.


#4 Free Weebly Site builder


A free Weebly Site builder is marketed by them; In spite of various restrictions imposed on it, you can use the free version to customize your website to a great extent.


For full functionality, you have to buy any of the premium add-on for the builder priced at $8.99 pm or $2.99. The cPanel is in charge of activating Weebly.



#5 SiteLock


They offer a limited version of SiteLock for just $1.99 per month in which only the scanning component is included. It provides added protection to your website.


#6 Search Engine Jump Start


An SEO E-Book and few other SEO Tools can be grabbed for just $1.25 per month. EIG is the one which has continually supported it as a parent company and has managed to run it quite successfully. A wide range of added expensive SEO services are too presented by them. It is supposed that if it is purchased by you; their other services might be attempted to be sold to you.


Cons of HostMonster


They are:


#1 No Monthly payment option


For a year ahead there might be a need for you to keep paying continually. It won’t be considered a good selection to be made if you desire a monthly payment.


Paying on the monthly basis can too be expensive. If you wish to make the best savings then it is advisable to pay for a minimum of one year.


#2 3 Year Signup period required for the best deal


It is really hard for you to find the best deal as it is mandatory to sign up for quite a long period. They have managed to emerge as one of those companies that have been marked safe when it comes to assure that they will be there all through and they will render a quality service for at least 3 years.


Final Words


We hope after the detailed review of HostMonster, you will be able to weight its pros and cons and decide accordingly. If you think the services offered and the price quoted are well in your budget, then yes, go for the company and mark a strong online presence with your website.


Surely, HostMonster offers you the required services to host a solid website quickly. With unlimited storage offered, monthly data transfers, domains and email accounts; you are surely opting for a good and reliable host provider.


If you wish to host or migrate your site on the framework of ASP.NET, you would love what HostMonster has in store for you as it offers the best windows based servers. Let us know what you think of our famous hostmonster review , and please leave your feedback as well for our end users to see.

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