Linux Hosting

Top Linux Web Hosting – Number #1 FatCow – 2017

Of all web hosting types available worldwide, Linux hosting is the most powerful, the speediest and the highest rated. Of the largest hosting companies in the industry, 60% of them are running with the Linux operating system. What of the other 40% you may ask?

FreeBSD is run on 30% of the remaining, and Microsoft Windows operating system is run on the servers of the remaining 10%. If speed, robustness and reliability are the qualities you are looking for in a web hosting company, then the Linux based hosting will be the one to look at.

Of all the Linux web hosts, which one is considered the best? That will be revealed as you read on.

Linux Hosting

Linux Web Hosting – Top Pick for 2016-2017 (FatCow)


FatCow – Nominated #1 Pick Linux Hosting

FatCow Web Hosting was selected by Daily Hosting as the best in Linux web hosting, leaving the others behind. This host is the number one in our opinion for overall and the best web hosting. It excels in many hosting niches including hosting based on Linux operating system.


If you are in the market for a Linux OS based hosting plan and a reliable hosting company, then FatCow would be a good choice to consider. At Daily Hosting we consider them to be the best. The company has is known for providing excellent technical support and also a great web hosting service.


We have already mentioned that they have hired some of the most technically competent people to operate and maintain their servers. They provide a well-run organization.


FatCow does not offer the cheapest linux hosting rate in the industry, but what they do provide is a very secure, reliable, and robust service that is in far greater demand than a cheap price tag for hosting. Since one of the basic requirements of a business is its web hosting, you should ensure that it is provided by a solid host that provides good value.


Additional Information on Linux Web Hosting

The word Linux refers to an operating system. Unlike the other operating systems available today, Linux is totally free, or as it is referred to – open source. However, it is considered to be among the most robust operating systems created.


How is open source defined? Any developer can utilize the Linux kernel then add applications of his choosing to it, to expand its functionality, and then make it available again to others who may want to use it. The Linux operating system will remain as freeware for everyone to use. It is part of what is referred to as the General Public License (GNU) and it works well with many programming languages.


The main thing to realize is that this operating system is totally free. Normally we feel that there is no value in anything that is free. That does not, however, apply to Linux. The UNIX OS, brainchild of AT&T in 1960, gave birth to the Linux operating system. It may seem ironic that Linux has the backing, the support, and the money of large corporations behind it, yet it remains a free operating system. That is a deal for all of us.


There were pioneer programmers in the 1970s and the 1980s in the United States, whose somewhat hippy views tended to be quite leftist. These programmers provided material for the GNU and also spearheaded the free availability of software.


We have these early programmers to thank for our freeware today. The many applications and the smart technologies we see today have as a basis the Linux operating system. In fact the computers of several governments such as Brazil, Russia and China run on the Linux operating system. In addition to that, Linux is the operating system used in the world’s 10 fastest supercomputers. From this the robust, proven and superiority of Linux hosting is quite clear, and it even bypasses many operating systems such as Windows.