Media Temple Review – A Customer Centric Approach with Excellent Service

Media Temple Review

An in-depth Media Temple review to help you understand its features and benefits. Comes highly recommended for serious businesses. 

Established in 1998, the company Media Temple has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It is known for providing different web hosting services including dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

At present, they have more than 140,000 customers and they provide business applications, web hosting virtual servers and cloud based services to a whopping 1.6 million websites. It is one of the fastest growing companies in North America and is also one of the most employee friendly.

They are all set to become one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. They have been awarded many times in recent years for their excellent work.

Media Temple Review: Web Hosting Plans?

They are:

#1 Shared Hosting Plan

Shared Hosting.png

At present, the company provides only one shared hosting plan which costs $20 per month and the annual plan costs $16.67 per month. In this plan, you get 1 TB bandwidth, 100 GB space, hosting for up to 100 domains and 1000 email accounts which is a lot in one package.

Some web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth, but they don’t have the option of 100 domains hosting. Hence, if your requirement is to host many websites then Media
Temple could be the right choice for you.

#2 Dedicated Web Hosting Plan

AWS Cloud Hosting.png

Under this category, there are three plans and all of them include 128 GB RAM, and 10 TB of monthly data transfer, multi-core, dual socket Intel Xeon processors and unlimited domain.

However, the dedicated web hosting plans offered by Media Temple are a little expensive. A self-managed dedicated server costs $2000 per month while a managed dedicated server costs $2500 per month and fully managed dedicated server costs $2699 per month.

#3 VPS Web Hosting

VPS Hosting.png

With this plan, you get an uptime guarantee of 99.99% and there are three types of plans under VPS web hosting. They are – Self managed VPS, managed VPS and fully managed VPS.

If you wish to build your own website then the self-managed VPS plan is right for you. With the managed VPS plan, the professionals of Media Temple will handle the setup and control. If, on the other hand, you choose fully managed VPS plan then you will be provided access to the control panel and you can also ask for root access.

Media Temple Review: Benefits

They are:

#1 Easy to use

The control panel and account center of Media Temple in shared and VPS hosting is easy to use. All icons on the control panel explain themselves and it is very easy to manage files, databases, user accounts, domains and mailboxes.

It is possible to set up Joomla, WordPress and other tools for ecommerce simply with one-click. You will not have any trouble using Media Temple even if you are new to web hosting.

#2 Reliable

The uptime of this company is an impressive 99.6% which is quite amazing. If they are not able to provide this much uptime, you can claim 20% of the monthly fee back for every 20 minutes of downtime, which again is amazing.

There are, at present, 2 data centers with Media Temple – one in Virginia and the other in California. Both their data centers have N+1 redundancy back up and N+2 redundant system and fiber connections to all major networks.

Media Temple prefers providing their services on cluster servers which are more reliable than the traditional shared servers.

#3 Ecommerce

There is Magento Ecommerce tool which allows you to create impressive and appealing website within a short time.

Magento is a DIY builder on which you simply need to drag and drop in order to build a website. With it, anyone can create a website even if he or she is not a coder. It is also possible to get an SSL certificate at the cost of $75 per month and you can get integrate the certificate that you get from another website.

#4 CloudTech Premium support

On paying a little extra for this service, the company’s professionals will undertake all responsibilities for your website like installing web apps, backup and restore data, go through web codes and protect the website from hackers.

#5 Award winning customer service

Customers of Media Temple are provided support through chat, phone and email and the chat support is available 24×7. There are also many chat forums on which you can read informative articles and chat with other users of Media Temple.

The customer response team is also active on Facebook and Twitter. Our Media Temple Review has won the prestigious Silver Stevie award for being the contact center of the year and the customer management team of the year.

Anyone who knows about this award will know how difficult it is to get it and this goes to show the exceptional customer service provided by this company.

The amount of dedication given to customer service by Media Temple can be seen from the fact that half of the 230 employees of the company work in customer service department. This is because the company is focused on providing their customers peace of mind by providing premium customer support and solutions.

In their office in Los Angeles, the support team is located in the very center of the building. Their aim is not just to make record number of sales, but it is more about being more than just a technology provider to their clients. Media Temple aims at being an extension of the business of the customer and they are doing their best to nurture such relationships by watching the backs of their customers 24×7.

This is the reason that Media Temple has won almost 10 Stevie Awards for exceptional customer service in the past four years. The main aim behind listening to customers is to become aware of their needs through their feedback. Media Temple was the first web hosting company to use social media as a channel for customer support. This shows their diligence in providing cross platform customer service.

Media Temple understands that one way of keeping customers happy is to effectively deal with potential issues before they become a problem and this is the base of the Bug Bounty Program. Even though they have the best engineers working for them, they are not able to catch every bug at the first go. This program happened naturally when a technically savvy user contacted the company to report a bug.

They looked into it and realized that it was actually extremely useful and they occasionally get messages from customers who are tech savvy, and this helps the technical team to fix the bugs.

They converted it into a program, which is helping to improve the experience of the users and the performance of their solutions.

A People Centric Approach Resulting In A Thriving Office Culture.

It is tough to get a job with Media Temple, what with the long interview process, but it is simply worth all the effort. The company understands that happy employees will help them be more productive and hence, they believe in and propagate the culture of work-hard and play-hard.
The employees of this company enjoy the perks like a fully stocked kitchen, pool tables, monthly happy hours and other events. Recently, the company took their team to Dodger stadium to enjoy a baseball game.

There are also many table tennis tournaments which are costume parties where the creative team, partners and even the clients and employees get together and indulge in a healthy competition.

This is the culture of the company which encourages the employees to be more loyal to the company and think about increasing profitability for Media Temple. This indirectly translates into better products and better
services provided to the customers.

All in all, Media Temple is among the most reliable and trusted brands and is your best choice when it comes to web hosting. This is especially because of their customer centric approach and their policy of compensating for their failure to provide the guaranteed quality of service. This shows confidence in their service and their commitment towards customer satisfaction.

Of course, such exceptional service comes at a cost and they are slightly more expensive than their competitors, but the extra cost provides great value for money.

Now that we have looked at Media Temple from the point of web hosting, let us look at another service provided by them and that is the hugely successful Enterprise WordPress which is a new offering for enterprise grade businesses.

Media Temple Review: Enterprise WordPress

This product has been well received from the time it was launched and there was a lot of buzz about in on the social media.

Enterprise WordPress Media Temple.png

Let us look at some of the great features of the Enterprise WordPress.

Disaster proof uptime – There is a unique architecture with it that features no single point of failure and multiple layers of redundancy which keep your sites functioning smoothly. This is especially necessary for ecommerce websites where there can be large spikes in traffic.

Immediate scaling – this gets the task done in seconds instead of minutes. There is world class DDoS protection that provides safety to your mission critical sites.

One dedicated account manager provides peace of mind and expert assistance. A dedicated phone number which gives you your own line for 24×7 tech support from engineers who have vast experience of WordPress and are Amazon certified.

The upgrading process to Enterprise WordPress is very hands-on and customized which ensures that the website and apps are working in top condition.

They make sure to go through every requirement that an enterprise can have and they even come up with things that the clients have not thought about themselves. So, when the sales cycle gets completed, the customer has a completely tailor-made solution. They ensure that they do comprehensive preparation before the launch which takes a little more time to set up and execute.

There are the concierge services of Media Temple; one with which the customers and partners get a dedicated account manager who is aware of their businesses inside out. He or she is adept at proactively handling issues very quickly and even schedule regular business reviews to discuss the upcoming business needs of the customer and potential high traffic events.

Every customer gets a dedicated hot line which keeps them ahead in business operations. They don’t have to wait and get empty reassurances in the name of customer service. Instead they actually get a person who will listen to them immediately and take it upon himself or herself to resolve the problem immediately.

This is because Media Temple understands that every glitch in the service provided by them costs the customer loads of money and other resources.

Hence, just as in the case of web hosting where they provide a reimbursement for any uptime less than 99.67%; in the same way, they provide dedicated customer service. This again shows their ultimate commitment to keeping the customers satisfied and happy.

Growth of the Company

Needless to say, the very customer centric strategy of Media Temple is such that they get ample word of mount publicity, which you can witness on social media and any of the forums where you can interact with other Media Temple customers.

Hence, one can safely presume that they do not really need to spend much on expensive marketing and promotion campaigns. However, Media Temple takes its own growth very seriously and reaches out to target audience in every way possible. For instance, they reach out to the target audience on social media, where the audience also has a chance to interact with many existing customers of the company.

This becomes a double whammy where the promotional message of the company and the word of mouth publicity of the loyal customers have a double impact.

Endnote-Media Temple Review

With a combination of excellent services, exceptional customer services and active marketing and promotion, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and is many steps ahead of most of the competition.

In fact, as mentioned above, the company has been a trendsetter in many innovative methods of reaching out to customers and providing them support like in the case of providing customer support on social media.

It is no surprise that the company is all set to become the largest web hosting company in the world.

We hope that you found our Media Temple review useful and would check it out for your business. Please send us some input on this company , it really helps grow our media temple review page.