Should you Backup Your WordPress Site Regularly?


WordPress is the leading CMS for website design and bloggers. However, it’s not without issues. There are several reasons you need to backup your WordPress website regularly. Here are just a few of the main reasons.


Backup Your WordPress

backup your wordpress


Unless you are somehow a perfect person that never makes any mistakes, you need to back up your WordPress website regularly. One small error with the code, the wrong plugin or one of the many other errors you could make could break your site. If this happens, a backup copy can make it very easy to restore your website.


You don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how you broke your site and how to fix it. Instead, just install the backup copy created most recently and you will be all set. However, if you don’t backup your WordPress website, this won’t be an option.


Hackers and Viruses

Hackers and Viruses

Maybe you didn’t cause the issue. Instead, somebody hacked into your site, planted a virus and now you have a bad link showing up or your site doesn’t work at all. Wouldn’t be nice if you had a backup copy you could use to restore your website?


Sometimes, hackers make it impossible to fix your site and you have start with a fresh copy of WordPress. If this happens, you can easily uninstall the current copy, install a new copy and use the backup database and files to get your site up and running again.


Issues with Updates

WordPress and the plugins and themes that you use with it are often updated. Sometimes, you will get updates on a daily or weekly basis. When updates happen, they don’t always work well with the elements of your website. Sometimes, an update can break your site.


If you update a plugin, it might not be that big of a deal as you can easily deactivate it and get your site back. However, if a theme update or a WordPress core update causes an issue, you may need your backup copy to restore your website.


How to Create a WordPress Backup

Backing Up WordPress


Creating a backup copy of WordPress is very easy. There are several plugins you can use and many third-party services you can use to create a backup. Most will give you an automatic option, which is a great way to make sure you always have a recent backup copy of your WordPress website.


You should backup your site frequently. For some, this should be done daily, while those not making many changes may be able to back up their site every other day or even just once a week. Regardless, you should backup your WordPress site often.


Now you know why you should backup your WordPress website. If you use FatCow hosting for WordPress, you can use their backup tool. They offer a great way to back your site up and you won’t have to worry about what you will do if something happens to break your site.


FatCow is the best hosting you will find for WordPress and provides plenty of other useful tools. Find out more by reading our FatCow review here.


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