SSL, SSH and TLS: Web Hosting Security Differences

SSH Web Hosting

One of the key factors regarding Web Hosting Security, is knowing the security protocol that your web hosting company offers. This is the measures that are taken when information is delivered between the web server and the visitors device. eCommerce sites want to especially take precautions, because they receive heavy traffic.
Taking the time to understand what types of security protocols are available, will help you choose a hosting company that will fit your needs. Here are some things you need to know about SSL,TLS, and SSH.

SSL-Web Hosting Security

Web Hosting Security
Secure Sockets Layer, also known as SSL, is known for its ability to enhance privacy during data transfers. This type of security is often used by eCommerce sites, FTP clients and online banking. Advance encryption is achieved by using symmetric cryptography.
Security is enhanced by adding an extra layer of protection, and scanning the encrypted message prior to releasing it to the receiver. CPU resources are elevated to accelerate interaction, while joining security protocols to encourage efficiency.


TLS Hosting
Transport Layer Security, also known as TLS, contains two elements. These include TLS Handshake Protocol and TLS Record Protocol. Symmetric cryptography is used in the same way SSL uses it to scan messages before it is sent.
This ensures it is properly encrypted. However, TLS must go through two approved users before it reaches the receiver. This process increase security encryption when joined with SSL. The two together make the highest form of security that is offered to the public.


SSH Web Hosting
Secure Shell, also known as SSH, offers encryption paths for encrypted messages to be delivered. Therefore, you could think of SSH as the subway in which the message will travel. It is not encrypting the message; it is providing an encrypted path. The message will already be encrypted before it gets there.
This is used most often from a remote area to provide commands to the computer. This method is not the highest level of security, but it does provide a suitable solution to communicate in a secure setting. SSH is used by web hosting companies as an extra layer of security for some services they provide. You will not find this method being used for FTP services, but SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) would. However, it is conjoined with other methods when used in SFTP.

Final Note

All three methods could be used as security measures by themselves, but you will find most web hosting companies offering them together. These are important security measures that you should look at when wanting to ensure the security of your website remains intact. They will keep hackers from breaking in and taking over your website.
This is highly important for those who are running an eCommerce site. Pages that include the checkout process should contain encryption, as well as a SSL certificate. If your web address begins with “HTTPS” then your site contains a layer of security. For those sites that start with “HTTP”, there is no Web Hosting Security in place.

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