Top 10 Web Cheap Hosting Companies and How to Find Them

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Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting Companies

Cheap hosting can be dangerous if you don’t use one of the top 10 cheap web hosting companies. Some companies offer ridiculously low prices of $1 per month or less. However, these are companies you cannot trust for many reasons.


Don’t Trust the Dirt Cheap Hosting

Dirt Cheap Hosting

When you choose dirt cheap hosting for less than $2 per month, you are setting your website up for failure. These companies are often fly-by-night companies or resellers, which means you are not getting the best hosting for your money. They just want to build up a large client base so a larger hosting company can swallow them up and they can get a big payout.


Instead of choosing a dirt cheap hosting company, you should be looking for one of the top 10 cheap hosting companies. Here’s a look at the 10 hosting companies offer a low price, a great reputation, excellent support and all the features you need.


Top 10 Cheap Hosting Companies

The top 10 cheap web hosting companies all offer plenty of resources, features and excellent support. Any of them will give you just what you need for your website.


Top 10 Cheap Hosting Companies



Just because a company is listed at one of the top 10 cheap website hosting companies doesn’t mean they are great. As soon as you get outside the top five choices, the quality and value start to go down rather quickly. FatCow is the best simply because they offer a very low price and the best value for the money you spend.


Why are These the Top 10 Cheap Hosts?

You may be wondering why not a single company listed on our top 10 cheap hosting companies list has a price lower than $2.99. The answer to this question is very simple. When companies offer a price lower than about $3 per month, it causes a red flag to go up. Why are they offering their hosting for such a cheap price? Are they just trying to build their customer base or do they not offer what you really need from a hosting company?


Occasionally, you will find a deal lower than $3 per month from a good hosting company. However, it’s so rare that we cannot trust a company with a $1 per month deal or something ridiculously low enough to put them on our top list.


All of the hosting companies found on our top 10 cheap website hosting list have displayed excellence in the most important areas, such as support, service, reliability and features. FatCow has outshined them all and provides the most value for your money. If you want the best cheap website hosting, simply choose FatCow.


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