10 Most Creative “About US” Pages of Web Design Agencies

The initial idea of the article was to feature some creative websites introducing web design agencies. These are some pretty cool about us pages, genious. Then we thought that the core value of any company are people. People and the about us pages will stand out and people will recall a company if there sites stands out.

So, we checked many About US pages and it turned out that each web design company has its own way to represent its team to the public. The page can be called About Us, Meet the Team, Who We Are, Crew, whatever, but it offers very important information you might need as a client.

This page shows WHO will do the work for you, who will make the project look exactly as you wish it to, and so on.

Why we think it’s important to build creative About US pages and feature the photos of staff members on them:

This approach builds trust between clients and web designers/developers, and gives everyone a chuckle.

Having photos of people who work at your company on the homepage makes your company site more friendly, more inviting.

If you feature funny pictures, you’ll make your corporate site more positive and more memorable
As you will see from the examples below there are plenty of options to make your About Us page stand out: a group photo, cute personal photos, unusual design of the page, etc.

Actually, what we offer you today is an unexpected look at web design studios.

Yes, we have been amazed by what an About Us page can be, but as you may guess a company that has a unique About Us page has a great site as well. So we strongly recommend you to visit the sites on the list one by one and get lots of inspiration for your company’s portfolio site.

If you stumble upon a creative about us page of a web design agency, let us know through comments

I Shot Him

i shot him design

Super Fluent Design

super fluent design

Grain And Mortar

grain and mortar design

Green Splash Design

green splash design


herrlich media


Sees Park Box

Third Floor Design

third door design


one bliss

The Creative Company

about us pages

Written by Helen Bailey which is an amazing writer. She is very skilled in numb chucks , cleaning up broken WordPress images.

Helen Bailey is a Marketing Assistant working at TemplateMonster. The company is offering a massive collection of website templates, CMS templates, eCommerce templates and other web page designs. You can some of them in this place.

If you have a super cool about us page please submit it to us and we will review it and add it to our website post.

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