12 Perfect WordPress Plugins for Better Communication with Users

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When you’re using WordPress as a means for your business to communicate to the consumer, you need communication to be easily accessible, clear, and smooth. Your website is your tool for communicating with visitors and offering them a way to communicate back to you. These 12 perfect WordPress Plugins will boost your website into the wordpress world and your website will explode with traffic.
Since WordPress is a tool for building a website or blog, or you use it to fund raise, sell products, or market, easy communication with your visitors is massively important. Don’t just rely on visitors to return to your site time and time again; you need to communicate to your visitors when a major update takes place that could intrigue them today that wasn’t there yesterday.
Here is a look at a few plugins you may want to use on WordPress to really enhance your user communication, including social media options, newsletter plugins, and RSS feeds.

12 Perfect WordPress Plugins

12 perfect WordPress Plugins
Most people grab an RSS feed plugin to start because it’s one of the most basic ways to push your site’s data. The term stands for Rich Site Summary and an RSS feed on WordPress will generate from your content by default. Instead of going with the default option, many people will get an RSS plugin in order to allow the users to more easily subscribe to the RSS feed. This is one way to encourage your visitors to return in the future rather than to only visit your site one time without ever coming back.
Featured Image in RSS Feed
For example, some of the RSS plugins you could get include “Featured Images in RSS Feeds,” an RSS feed plugin that will make your feed more appealing in order to increase the chances that your visitors will click through your site while reducing the chance of unsubscribing, Category Specific RSS which makes your RSS feed more user-friendly by categorizing your large variety of content topics, and Subscribe Me, a free plugin that allows visitors to use the most popular feed reading applications or services and subscribing easily to whichever service they want to use.


For those that use their WordPress to run their e-store, WooCommerce is the best plugin to sell products on your site. Using WooCommerce means that you are going to want to provide a premium WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription option so that your customers can join your mailing list, get the news letters, and hear about new or promoted products.
Your customers will want to come back when that sweater they were eyeing is on sale or your new book is released. It works by linking to your MailChimp or Campaign Monitor account to add new customers to the mailing list. Just be sure to avoid seeming like spam by setting the default so that new customers have the option of whether or not they want to subscribe.


Check out the e-Newsletter plugin if you need an easy way to create individual newsletters. Learn about your email setup in order to install it and configure it for your mail server and then you can start creating newsletters manually. You can add links to your latest blogs, add images, and add static text. Then use the signup widget to allow your users to choose what mailing group to be added to. You’ll be able to view statistics for the campaigns as well.

Subscribe by Email

The Subscribe by Email plugin is great if you need to have a way for users to register on your website to receive email updates for notifications of new content being posted. A new email can be sent every time or you can tell it to post just daily or weekly.

Social Media

Social Media Plugins
Social media is a really important aspect of your website to get plugins for. It’s the easiest way to reach your users and one of the most important as your target audience is more likely on social media than checking out your site. Your users can share your content and spread the word about your blog if you make it possible for them, which could lead to even more visitors finding you. You also need quick ways to interact with them outside of your website which is where your social media pages play an important roll.
Get the Simple Automatic Add Link to Facebook plugin to automatically post updates to your Facebook account when new content is put up on the site. Get the WP to Twitter plugin if you want to do the same thing on Twitter where a tweet can send every time new content is published. Create an app using the twitter API and add your API keys to the plugin’s setting screens to link your accounts.
Be sure to create an app using the Facebook developer API, add the secret key to your plugin’s setting page and then update the settings for posting status updates. Twitter and Facebook are really important tools for sharing your work as they are two of the most used social media platforms for sharing and finding content.
In addition to these plugins, you’ll want to check out ShareThis, an easy-to-use social media plugin that will share your posts on Facebook or twitter for you. It will even work with your Pinterest page, Google+, LinkedIn and other popular social media sites. Choose the services you want to link up, what style of button you want, and then add the button on each post for your fans to share, like, or tweet about.
If you are on Facebook quite a bit, check out the Ultimate Facebook plugin that offers everything from displaying the feed of your Facebook page onto WordPress to providing a “like” button to increase engagement on Facebook with your visitors. Post new content from your site right onto Facebook and check out the “Autopost” feature that lets you automatically post new content to Facebook with an image accompanying it.

Subscribe 2

If you have a subscribers list on your site and you need to create a mailing list of all of their names, get the Subscribe 2 plugin for your mailing list needs. People can simply subscribe to mailings in each category on your site. Then, you can have them mailed when a new post goes up and create manual mailings. Customize the mailings’ content and choose the style you want.


If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely get MailChimp for your newsletters. Then you can get the MailChimp List Subscribe Form plugin which gives you a widget for users to sign up on your mailing list by providing their details.
When you’re trying to enhance your WordPress site by offering better forms of communications with your users, these 12 perfect WordPress Plugins are the best solutions to communicating to them with updates and allowing them to communicate with you their feedback. Check out these free plugins for enhancing your social media engagement, newsletters, and more.

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