44 Dollars Per Year Web Hosting Plan

FatCow Bonus Features

FatCow makes it easy for anyone to build and manage their website. With easy site building tools and 1-click installs, with there 44 Dollars Per Year Web Hosting Plan you’ll be up and running in no time. If you ever get stuck, their highly trained US based support professionals are ready to help, 24/7 through chat, email & phone. Add on fast load times, unlimited storage, bandwidth and email accounts, and it’s no wonder why FatCow is the best web hosting for beginners and experts.
44 Dollars Per Year Web Hosting Plan

44 Dollars Per Year Web Hosting Plan

Hosting needs to provide you with many different things. From the resources to get your website up and running to the proper technical support, you need the entire package. Some hosting companies don’t give you everything you need, while others, such as FatCow website hosting provide a full service solution.
FatCow hosting is less than $50 per year, when you purchase through our website. You get it for as little as $3.15 per month, which is a steal. Some of the things you get with FatCow hosting include:

  • Tons of Disk Space
  • Tons of Bandwidth
  • A full Set of Scripts
  • A Free Website Builder
  • Ability to Host Multiple Domains
  • Pop Mailboxes
  • MySQL Databases
  • And More!
    Choosing FatCow also means you will be using a 100% wind energy powered hosting company. Not only do you get the best hosting possible, but you also get to brag about using an eco-friendly hosting solution.
    Scripts from FatCow
    A $44 per year hosting plan provides more than what you might thing. However, if you get it from another hosting company, we cannot make any promises. Getting your hosting from FatCow means you will be able to get your website up and running fast. You will have everything you need including award-winning support.

    Bonus Features from FatCow

    FatCow Bonus Features
    You may not expect to get bonuses when you only pay $3.15 per month for hosting. However, when you choose FatCow, you will gain more than $200 in free advertising credits, blogging tools, a 1GB cloud and a free toll-free phone number. These are just things they throw in because they can.
    The best part about using FatCow is you know you will have the fastest, most secure shared hosting on the planet. Plus, if you outgrow the shared hosting, you can upgrade to their VPS or dedicated server options. This means you can grow as fast as you want and get everything you need from one hosting company.
    If you’re ready to use the best hosting company available, choose FatCow today!

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