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Your Logo holds an utmost importance for any business. This is why we chose 48HoursLogo as the choice for design. Once the logo is popular among the people, the brand automatically generates from its roots to the branches.

Today, companies go for an attractive logo that draws the attention of the people. The impact of the logo can be felt by the fact that most of the people recognize some brands by their logo and do not even know their full brand names.

Such is the effect of a good logo design on the minds of customers. Thus, logo designing must be done carefully as it stands with the brand for a long time and this is the only mark by which the people recognize the brand.

Once the logo is popular among the people, it can serve as a marketing trigger and encourage sales to a great extent. Therefore, while designing the logo, company should go for a trusted service provider.


Why 48Hours Logo?


48 hours logo is a popular website that provides the appropriate platform for the businesses that are in search of their company’s logo. It’s considered to be the best company to design a logo.

The creativity and the care that is indulged in the logo creation help the business to attain the best logo. 48HoursLogo possesses a range of free lance logo designers who offer their services to this company.

The designing of logo has been made simpler by this website on both the customer and the designer’s end.

This website acts as an intermediate between the designers and the customers, therefore giving an exposure to the designers by providing the clients as well as providing the clients with the talented pool of designers. This is a portal for the logo clients and the designers alike. Therefore, the dimension of this website is vast in approach.

How it works:


48hours logo review

The innovativeness in the functionality of this website has made it very progressive and critically acclaimed. The nature of the website is to make the designers meet the potential clients on the same database.

The website hires a pool of designers and the client can directly approach them based on his needs and expectations. This can be done by initiating a logo contest at for just 29 USD.

The moment this contest opens up, the designers available on this website start with their ideas and creativity to produce the best possible logo results for the client and once the contest is over, the customer acts as the judge by selecting the logo design he likes.

When the client pays for the logo, he gets the rights to that logo with the release of suitable file formats. This innovative working makes this website stand out from the rest. Thus, the designers also get a chance to earn major profits based on the competition which is justified and professional in approach.

Features of 48hours logo:

The quality of the logo is premium.

At the there website, the clients are able to notice all the logo designs created for them by the talented pool of logo designers.

The services of this website are quite fast and in no time, the client receives a huge full of designs for his logo.

The rates offered at this platform for the logo designs are very reasonable.

The professionalism existing in the website is very high.

Since, it is a competition based project to the designers, the client receives the best design as per his requirements.

There is no delay in the payment to the designers as they are paid at the completion of the project.

Recent Logo Design from 48HoursLogo



This is a fruitful platform for the designers and the clients alike where they can find their requirements in a matter of some clicks. Since, this website triggers a competition between the designers, it tends to produce the best results for the client and at the same time, it polishes the efficiency of the logo designers.

Good luck and you will find some awesome people at there website that can deliver a cool logo. We have used them before as well and have been happy.

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