5 Bite-Size Tips for Better Blog Hosting and Design

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Setting up a new blog can be daunting task. It seems that there are countless techniques, functions, plug-ins, and services available from which to choose. Listed below are 5 key insights and actionable measures that you can take to make sure you have a running head start toward finding the right audience.

1. Host Your Blog with WordPress

WordPress Hosting
Most personal and business blogs sites can be managed seamlessly through WordPress. Its ability to transform ‘just a blog’ into a true feeder of information is almost uncanny. This is due to its easy-to-use interface, functionality options, programming capabilities, and customization capabilities. It’s a clear winning choice used by millions of bloggers all over the world.
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2. Be Sure to Include Social Buttons

Social call-to-actions are seen in the form of recommendations, shares, and ‘likes.’ Making sure a blog is ready to embrace this concept is crucial and actually works two-fold. First, a blog should include icon links to other social media sites in a static design throughout the blog, normally found in the footer or sidebar. Second, all blog posts should have a group of dynamic social media buttons that allow a reader to share or recommend the post.

3. Use Plug-Ins

Plug-Ins are the driving force behind WordPress. Want to install website membership capabilities? Download a plug-in. Want an appointment scheduler app available to customers? There are hundreds available. Developing an online store that accepts payments directly? That’s right- find the right plug-in.
Plug-ins can be downloaded and installed through the plug-in search bar and instantly activated for immediate use. Check for SEO and email subscription plug-ins first. They will allow for the blog to be found organically, and then attempt to retain readers long-term.

4. Create an ‘About’ Page

Letting readers know about the author is crucial. It provides transparency and thought leadership concessions. People want to know from whom they are getting their information. It’s what any good critical thinker would do.

5. Find a Clean and Professional Template

WordPress blog design templates vary in styles, customization abilities, and price-points. Before selecting a template solely based upon first glance, you should assess your needs prior to purchasing one and see if the blog’s needs are matched to that of the templates capabilities.
WordPress is a powerful tool with many capabilities. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a blog should be reader-driven from the front-end experience all the way to the behind-the-scenes work of the backend. With WordPress, you will be able to create the right type of blog, with the right functionality and the right design.
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