10 Top Tips for a Better Website


There are many tools that you can use that will help you create a better website. You want your website to be user friendly, but appealing to the eye. A website needs to look professional, as well as target your brand, and be easy to navigate through.

It will take time to design a website, and it is not something you should rush through. It will be a work in progress. Here are some tips to help you create a better website.

10 Tips for a Better Website

Here they are:

#1 Fancy Font

You want everything on your website to be legible. When you use fonts that have a lot of shadows and squiggles, people will get frustrated and annoyed. You want to go with a font that is easy to read, and select a size that is comfortable for everyone.

It is recommended that you go with at least size 16 font. You want your font color to contrast from your background, but do not make it too loud. You can use funky neon colors for highlight points, but do not choose it for large text areas.

#2 Easy Navigation

Your site needs to be easy to navigate. No one likes to search endlessly for the information that they are looking for. Clearly labeled navigation points are easy for visitors to understand. This is not an area to be creative, because not all minds think alike.

Use your creative writing in other areas of your site, and stick with common navigation tags. Make your site easy for your visitors and they will come back more often.

Create Better Website

#3 Do Not Overwhelm Readers

You want a design that is clean and not cluttered. When you visit a site that has 10 different functions on one page, it looks bad. This is a clear sign of amateur design. Go with clean backgrounds, and avoid all unnecessary flashy functions.

You want your fonts to match, and only go with a little bit of color. This will make it easy for your visitors to truly look at your page and its content. Rather than spending time watching sliders. White space tends to be a good thing on a website.

#4 Content

Your website is a direct reflection of you. Take the time to rid your content of typos, misspelling, and grammatical issues. Your visitors will not be impressed if they find mistake after mistake on your site. Always write your content in a software that checks for errors, but do not depend on that alone.


#5 Blog Update

Visitors come to your site expecting to see new offerings. It’s great that you have a website, but it is not useful if visitors have no reason to return. Update your blog on a consistent basis. This will help generate steady traffic to your page. You will want to update on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to keep visitors interested in your offerings.

If you’re managing a full-time blog on the website, you will be offered sponsorship deals to feature third-party content. Learn the difference between nofollow and dofollow links early in blogging. Often, bloggers accept paid advertorial content in exchange of dofollow links. Search engines like Google can easily catch this activity and penalize your blog. As a result, the blog loses 90% of its ranking juice and believe me; it is really tough to get back into Google’s good books.

What I can recommend is this post which clearly explains the dofollow and nofollow connection.

#6 Images

When you use photographs, diagrams and illustrations that come from the Internet, there is a chance that it is copyrighted. You have to contact the owner of the image before using it. You could get into a lot of trouble if you do not follow copyright laws. Save yourself the hassle and use photos that are yours or copyright free.

#7 Mobile

Everyone has a cell phone these days, so it is very important that you ensure your website is compatible with mobile devices. Always go with a mobile friendly design.

#8 Create Linkable Content for Blogging

Content creates a brandable business blog. A blog thrives on content, be it textual content, video or an infographic. Your constant focus should be on creating content which ranks organically in search engines and reaches out to the masses.

Link acquisition is an important aspect to blogging. However, as a business blogger, you don’t have the time or money to engage in paid link acquisition campaigns. The only alternative is to create content that is linkable.

When your blog gets quality links, the content starts to rank and the presence of the blog automatically improves. Learn to create pillar content.

#9 Learn On-Page SEO

If you have been business blogging for few weeks and still not getting any search engine ranking for any of the blog posts or not as much as you would like to, then there is something wrong with your on-page SEO strategies.

For WordPress content management platform users, Yoast SEO is THE recommended on-page SEO plugin.

#10 Become a Time Management Ninja

“Procrastination is the foundation of all disasters”, said Pandora Poikilos.

Why did I quote this? It’s easy to start building a better website and then leave it midway. We decide things and then put it off interminably. By the time we realise, we have not only lost time but money as well.

It is essential to practice time management. Managing a business website can take up whole day. Imagine what can happen if you have multiple websites to manage!

The best way is to follow a routine. Use Google Calendar, a notepad or even Microsoft Excel to identify and schedule tasks.


Unless you’re starting website for a specific time period, you need to stop, really stop logging in to Google Analytics every couple of hours to check traffic. I understand the eagerness and excitement to see people visiting your website but over-indulgence in any form is bad.

Set up a time every week to check traffic and analyse it. Stop checking daily. It won’t increase traffic, right?

These are just a few of the many tips you can use to make a better website. Of course, it all starts with hosting and FatCow provides the best website hosting you will find for your money. Check out their best hosting deal here.

Use these 10 tips and create a better website.

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