6 Reasons to Choose Wix as Your Website Builder

As the technology is pacing with a rapid speed, there emerging thousands of ways where one can build the website.
However, only few website builders are successful in providing sophisticated end products that are highly workable.

One such website builder is Wixbuilder which has been prevailing since 2006 and now, is almost a heraldry.


I have seen tons of my friends who have tried multiple drag and drop builders only to end up using Wix each time!
Initially, all you need to build to the website is a text editor that can hand code a file (HTML format).

There might be several natural ways, but this is the most fundamental way of building a website. But most of us are focused on building a website that represents our business or us as a person (if it’s a personal website).

So, based on the affordable time, end goals and our skills; we often tend to choose the builder that harmonizes with us the most.

A crucial thing about building a website is the consequences it has in long term for example the functionality, versatility, and work-ability of your business.

Therefore, a single glitch can cause a lot of predicaments which are to be refurbished again and again. That said, just like choosing a residential home; there is no absolute best builder. Every builder has its pros and cons and picking a builder depends on the specifications you have.

Wix is an all inclusive builder which constructs a website using an apparatus and which lives on Wix’s servers and accessed through the admin panel unlike the ‘buy’, ‘install’ and then ‘manage’ pattern.

That being said, here are five different reasons to choose Wix as your website builder. These reasons are given while comparing Wix to other builders like Squarespace or Weebly and also while describing the features it has, simultaneously.

#1. Best Free WYSIWYG Blog Editor

Wix provides the best platform for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get blog editor. Wix have improved their blogging platform for potential bloggers out there, and it has already gained traction as over 1 million blogs have been created with Wix.


There are hundreds of templates to choose from, so whether you’re a designer or blogger you can easily start your own blog with Wix. You can create a blog site, or add a blog to your business website.

Blogger Toolkits

You get all the blogger tools required to create a stunning blog and user friendly for your visitors. For eg. with Wix blog creator you can add a floating social sharing button. This is said to be a very important feature of any blog in order to increase social engagements.

Time required

With Wix blogging editor the time required to create and publish your new blog is most probably 3 minutes. Because you don’t have to spend time on buying domain name, buying hosting, nor installing CMS on your host.

And if you are not so tech savvy you may have to hire a developer to do the stuffs for you, it not only costs money but lots of time too. But, With Wix everything can be done in within 3 minutes (I took 3 minutes to create a demo blog at Wix).

#2. HTML technology

Just like every website builder, Wix has its transilience. Though they got away from Flash, they are still using Ajax/HTML5. Even old, HTML technology is elegant in usage and is usually with the minimal error when used as an overall online option. Wix HTML templates are very elegant and are definitely ready to give your new site a classy look.

#3. Short term Pricing

Wix is a free website builder if you don’t mind your website having an address in the format of Therefore, the page types and pages can be used candidly, but the caps are used to features and storage.

The premium plans, on the other hand, are outstanding because of the short term pricing. Therefore, if you’re looking to build a website for your small business, Wix is competitive enough and paramount while building short-term projects.

#4. Speed & Safety

As the websites are hosted on servers, the servers are optimized for your Wix websites. It means a set of things. As the servers are managed by Wix itself, your website will be faster as you expected and the experts at Wix will make sure that it runs fast.

Also, the safety and security offered by Wix are superlative. With increasing platforms, users and risks; having taken care of two important obligations is why you should go for Wix.

#5. Site Configuration

Though Wix’s interface isn’t exactly lavish or modern, it is straightforward and simple. The onboarding of the builder is solid. All you have to do is sign in through your email, and they will guide you with various design templates, choices through a training sequence.

The literal use of drag and drop tool helps you in dragging and dropping anything you want with an intuitive and plain configuration. The navigation of the interface is paltry, and one doesn’t find much difficulty in the building route.

#6. Customer service

Wix websites are your all-in-one solution as a website builder. However, while building a website; if you confronted a problem, it’s because of Wix itself.

Though you can’t track down the problem and troubleshoot it to know what exactly is the fault; you can try editing the things or removing certain elements and adding some other elements. If you don’t want to do that; you can contact the customer care who are always available and who provides you an efficient solution within a very less time.

Now that you’ve gone through certain reasons, there are many other lineaments that can add ambiance to your site and can be used to customise your site based on your requirements. Looking to build a lucid website?

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