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Before you decide it’s time to spend money on a new logo or anything you may need a graphic designer for, you need to know about 99designs. This company will help you get just what you need without the high price tag. Here’s what you can expect from 99designs. This is our full review of 99designs.

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When you first start with 99designs, you will notice they provide over 850,000 designers ready to create all the different designs you need. The work in many categories including:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Brochures
  • Mobile Apps
  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Book Covers
  • Websites
  • And More!

Designs start at a reasonable price and you certainly get more than what you pay for from 99designs.

What is the Design Contest?

Unlike hiring a graphic designer, with 99designs, you actually get to put designer to the test. They will compete for your business with a design contest. You pay for a fixed bid project and you never pay more than what you set as the price. This saves you cash since most graphic designers work by the hour.This is why we wanted you to read the full 99design review first before you buy from them.
As you go through the process, you will be able to put in your budget and see how many submissions you can expect to get. This means, you will know how many designers are expected to enter the contest to give you just what you need. Even those on the smallest budget can get a pre-made logo for just $99.
Of course, by going into the contest, you may get hundreds of bids to choose form on your project. You do get to set your own price, but there are minimums for every category.

Why choose 99designs for your next design project?

Putting designers to the test and allowing them to compete for your job means a higher quality of work. It also means you get to choose the design you like the best. They even give you a money back guarantee, which means you only pay for what you like.
You can even run a blind contest, which only allows you to see the submissions instead of other designers seeing them, too. This can make it possible to get your project designed in the best possible way without many similar bids for your design.

Since the designers know they have to win the contest to get paid, they work very hard to win as many contests as possible. This means you save money and they work harder to give you the designs you need.

Get your Design Project Completed with 99Designs Today!

It’s time to get your next design project done with 99designs. They have been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and other publications. This is the newest and hottest way to get your designs completed faster, for a lower price and with higher quality.
If you have regular design project or just need a logo designed, it’s time to get started today with 99designs by clicking here now!

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