Best Magento Web Hosting- Who Is It And Why

Is Magento the Best Choice for Your Website? And who is the Best Magento Web Hostingprovider you can choose?


Best Magento Web Hosting



Do you need to decide what platform and web hosting service to use, and are looking into Magento?

Or, after studying numerous reviews, are you still unsure if it’s the best option?

Best Magento Web Hosting

It’s easy to get lost in all the confusion of terms, descriptions, and conflicting reports concerning Magento and its’ alternatives.

Especially because your choice has more to do with your personality and goals than the program itself.

Let’s see if we can simplify the matter a bit.

There is a lot of detailed information on the web, so instead we will focus on the general fit and feel of Magento and how you can weigh its’ features against your website’s needs.

But before we take a closer look, let’s do some groundwork to make sure I’m actually being helpful rather than just throwing more information at you.

What Is Magento?

Magento is an open-source content management system, or CMS, designed primarily for e-commerce websites.

Open source means that Magento is an ever-evolving platform that is sustained, developed, and supported by a huge community of contributors, and is accessible to anyone that wants to use, modify, or expand its’ features.

A CMS provides the blueprints, tools, and framework needed to build a website from the ground up (vs. typing in code line by line) and E-commerce means Magento is ideally suited for an online store or similar web-based enterprise.

Is Magento Free?

That depends on what is meant by free, but for simplicity’s sake let’s put it this way: You have the freedom to use any and all of Magento’s parts and mods for your website design but you will spend money; where and how much will be determined by your skill set and approach.

A good way to look at it may be with a car analogy: Let’s say someone gives you a vehicle free of charge but it needs some work.

You now own car that you did not have to buy, but it will not be free to fix up and operate.

What the exact amount will be depends on your mechanical skill and how far you need to travel; even if you do get it running at little to no expense.

You will still have license and registration fees along with fuel and maintenance costs.

This is how all open-source CMS platforms work, including Magento: you can obtain the program and get started for free.

But there will at the very least be costs in the form of web-hosting services and access fees.

The final number will be determined by how much site work you do yourself (or hire out) and which modules you use (which can be free or purchased depending on what version you prefer).

How Does Magento Work?

Just as all functioning cars will get you from Point A to B, most CMS programs can create a functional website.

But, what makes a certain CMS right for you depends on the finer details of where you want to go with your site and exactly how you want to get there.

This is where a foundational understanding of Magento is critical, because at the very least it is a substantial investment of time and energy.

Staying with the car analogy, Magento more resembles a Jaguar or a BMW than it does a Toyota.

It’s a powerful website vehicle that gives you very detailed, complex tools to command (which do require expert care and attention).

But this also means it’s a helluva machine that gets your website anywhere you would ever want to go and in great style.

For the best chance to enjoy the site-building process and be satisfied with the eventual result, you must be prepared for a complex process with a lot of hands-on work, or be willing to pay for skilled technical help.

But in return, Magento will deliver a website capable of what you want to do today, as well as anything you may want or need to do in the future.

Important Questions to Ask

There are some key questions that can help you determine is Magento is a good fit for you:

Do you have extensive programming skill or access to experienced tech support?
Do you want in-depth, detailed control over every facet of the design process?
Is your site an online store or an e-commerce design? (vs. a blog or personal web page)
Do you have time in your business plan to allow for detailed crafting of your site?
Do you need a site that you will never be able to “max out” when it comes to capability?

If you said yes to most of the above, then Magento isn’t just a possible fit, it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

However, if half or more of your answers were no, then I would suggest checking out my other CMS summaries on this site in order to find a better match for you. Don’t worry, there is one!

In Summary- Is Fatcow the Best Magento Web Hosting Provider for 2017?

It makes sense that Magento is ideally suited for medium to large business owners who have the ability, desire, and resources to pursue an ambitious plan for their online storefront.

If you are just starting out, have a site that is not very commercial in nature, or enjoy a simpler approach to website design.

There is a good chance you will spend more time wrestling with Magento than enjoying its’ capabilities.

This is where most of the confusion comes in with Magento and any CMS; the choice of what is best for you is a very personal one, based on your unique ideas.

Where you want to focus your time when it comes to building your business, and what gives you energy vs. stealing it during the creative process.

If you are a very visual person with a detailed plan and specific vision, and most importantly, you revel in the process of meticulously building and upgrading your website, Magento web hosting is your CMS for your website!

Don’t forget you will also need a strong, solid web hosting service to give you the best opportunity of fully utilizing Magento. This is why we are recommending our Best Magento Web Hosting list today.

We have found and fully vetted a number of programs, and if you are ready to launch, click on the link below!

Please do let us know if this article was helpful to you; our goal is to connect you with the best web hosting package possible, and it’s great to hear when we succeed.

Good luck, and here’s to your success as well! Let us know who you chose for the Best Magento Web Hosting company.

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