Best Website Builders: A Recommended List

Website Builders

A recommended list of best website builders for you to decide which of these website builders is best suited for your business.

Web Development has changed radically in the past few years. Website Builders primarily known as ‘WYSIWYG’ editors have now moved from being simple code generating tools to being far more advanced software.

These editors used to develop websites that were inferior in quality but nowadays the websites designed by website builders are of optimum quality with advanced features, clean code and are even search engine optimized.

These websites also have the capability to integrate with the latest technological advancements like image galleries, full-scree hero, carousels and much more.

In this pursuit, many website builders are available in the market. I have reviewed the top to help you select according to your site requirements.

List of Best Website Builders

Here they are:


Wix Best Website Builder

Wix is one of the best website builders known in the market. This is best suitable for small business websites, personal sites, ecommerce portals and sites that need to be fully customized according to the user requirements.

Wix offers you advanced features, semantic URL’s for the web pages and cleaner looking ecommerce portal. You have the option to select templates from more than 70 categories.

The site builder is user-friendly with drag and drop option to fully customize your site with ease.

If you are beginner, Wix proves to be an easy solution for the development of your own website.  Wix is also available free of cost but most likely to take advantage of their maximum features; you need to upgrade to their paid plans that range from $4 to mostly $25 /per month.

With more than 63 million users in the world, Wix is one of the largest website builders.

Site Builder

Site Builder

The best solution for managing and creating your websites with ease. This is best suitable for simple websites, startups, beginners, personal websites and small business websites.

Site Builder is one of the most intuitive, simplest known website builders in the market. Even if you are not a computer wizard, still you can easily build your site and publish it on WWW.

The software offers all the tools required to set up a small website business and also a basic level ecommerce store. Select from the widest range of templates to give your website the perfect design.

They also offer a free plan, but that doesn’t include a custom domain name. I would recommend you to select a paid plan that starts from only $9.95/mo. to take advantage of their advanced features.



Weebly proves to be the best choice for developing your own eCommerce stores. Although, when compared with Wix and Site Builder, their website builder looks a bit complex and less user-friendly but it surely offers the features to build an apt eCommerce site for businesses.

They are the most preferred choice for businesses opting to sell their services and products online. Weebly is best suitable for eCommerce, Personal Sites and small business sites.

Their business package costs around $25/mo, which is on the higher side but with this plan, you get everything required to set up a professional looking e-store.

It is considerable easy to sign up for Weebly, and once you get the knack of it, you will find it relatively straightforward.

Sadly, there is not much choice given in terms of themes -the number was around 30 when I wrote this article.


Square Space

Best for Creative Businesses & Portfolio Type Websites

For anyone who is in the creative profession will find Squarespace to be extremely useful. The builder consists of amazing templates apt for restaurants, musicians, weddings, photographers and bloggers.

You may find the designs to be simple, but they are very elegant and visually very appealing with large images.

Although, they cannot be fully customized like Weebly yet the builder offers responsive design templates that are the need of the hour these days.

This is highly recommended for small business sites, creative professionals and websites requiring large and visual designs.

Squarespace, personal plans starts from $12/month and business plan from $18/month. You can even opt for a free trial that lasts for two weeks but at the end of the trial, you will be required to upgrade to a paid plan.

The company offers an incredible support in terms of a broad knowledge base where queries can be discussed. Know how to make the optimal use of the website builder through their extensive knowledge base.

WordPress with BoldGrid


Well, WordPress, a Content Management System is still our top choice for building a website. This is suitable not only for beginners but also for professionals.

WordPress contains many powerful features that most of the web developers and designers love to use it.

If talking about numbers, I can say that the 25% of the websites on the Internet are built using WordPress.

Although, WordPress itself is complicated but requires intensive learning before you can begin to take advantage of all the features.

Thus, nowadays, there are many website builders build on top of WordPress for instance BoldGrid.

With the help of BoldGrid, you can use the power of WordPress and develop your websites more easily.

BoldGrid offers myriad templates to select from, and you can make professional looking websites with advanced functionality with ease.

Also, this is available free of cost, and you pay only for web hosting.  A great deal isn’t?


Jimdo is a free web builder founded in the year 2007. The leading website builder also offers Business Premium and Pro plans for its customers.

Users can also use Jimdo do develop their website free of cost.  Either you can use one of the free templates available or use its user-friendly drag and drop editor to build intuitive Internet sites.

Jim also provides free domains of the second level like other website builders for instance Also, the website developed is automatically optimized for smartphones.

With Jimdo, you can even build an eCommerce store with up to 5 products with no Charge.

The websites developed with Jimdo are SEO friendly. You can easily build a multi-language version of your site with its easy to use editor. It provides unlimited bandwidth to its users, unlike other website builders.

Web Starts

Web Starts

WebStarts, founded in the year 2008, is also on our list of top website builders. This software provides you everything that you need to create a free personal website.

The multi-functional builder offers all the essential features that are required for e.g. mobile optimized version and free second level domain name. The site developed is SEO optimized too.

You can select from the free templates provided for your assistance. Though WebStarts does not offer anything special when compared with other free website builders, it is still a good choice for newbies who wish to create their personal website for the first time without blowing off their budget.



Moonfruit is another excellent free website builder. It is one of the oldest website builders as was founded in the year 2000.

Although, Moonfruit still uses a bit primitive Flash website editor yet it allows the development of stunning looking websites. A person with no technical skills can easily use Moonfruit to build a website with all the necessary features.

The builder consists of an excellent collection of modern looking free website templates to select from. Also, the basic features like mobile optimized version for your free website and free domain name of the second level ( are offered.

This software proves to be the optimal solution if you are creating a website for the first time and completely naive in this field. It is most suitable for personal pages.  The builder offers more than 1000 widgets and can also be used for building a free online store with basic features.

Web Node


WebNode is another great website builder included in our list. This was launched in 2008 and is being currently used by more than 18 million users globally.

The builder offers many premium packages but for personal websites, the free package available is sufficient.

You get to choose from a wide range of impressive templates and also get a free domain of the second level as in other free website builders ( Also, you get a mobile optimized version of website free of cost.

This multi-functional website builder supports different languages, thus if you are not comfortable in English, you will be able to build the website without any hassles.

The website developed is SEO optimized and user-friendly.

IM Creator


Let’s discuss our next top website builder, IM Creator founded in the year 2011. As apparent from the name, it gives you the feel of being a creator. Undoubtedly, this is highly popular among the users worldwide for the features it offers.

To design the website, you can either start from scratch or select from the wide range of templates available. You will surely like something, and the result is bound to meet your requirements.

Though it doesn’t offer you a free domain of the second level, it gives you a subdomain of structure

I would like to state here that it is not the best website builder available in the market but if you are a newbie in the field of web development, then it would surely help you in establishing yourself.

The drag and drop editor is easy to use, and you will be able to create the website without any problems.



The next in line is famous uCoz launched in the year 2005. This free website builder offers many interesting options for the developers.

Apart from the standard facilities like a free mobile version of the site and a free domain name of the second level (, it also provides the facility to attach their domain name and gives the access to FTP to all its free users.

These facilities are not included in the free packages available with other website builders. Thus, uCoz is one of the advanced free website builders we have.

But, you need to be an active member of your own free site else it will be removed from their database, and you’ll have to re-design it.

You get to select from the wide range of free professional looking templates provided in different categories to build your website in an easy manner.


To provide you the list of the best website builders, I had reviewed many to give you a list of top 11. Most of these builders offer free or basic paid packages. To add more functionality to your website, you can always upgrade to their packages to gain access to the additional features.

As you would have learnt that each of the website builders has unique features and learning about each one of them would have definitely helped you to choose the one that shall work the best for you and your website.

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