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Introducing you to our BigCommerce review, which is one of the top recommended eCommerce setup providers. 


In these tough economic times, starting a business of your own is harder than ever. Many people do not have the investment to rent a premises or a place to store their stock.

This is why reading about BigCommerce is important so you can make a sound and informed decision.


One of the best ways to start businesses today is to open up an eCommerce portal. With an eCommerce business, you will be able to sell your products without renting out premises because all your goods will be stored in a local store room and you will simply have to ship them once someone orders through your website.



BigCommerce Review


Having an online only business has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest problems is coming up with a complete eCommerce solution that gives you the right tools to conduct business online.

A lot of people hesitate in shopping online due to safety issues and payment methods.


But if you are careful and clever in your approach, there are tons of eCommerce systems available that offer you top notch security and support for nearly all payment methods available.

One such platform is the BigCommerce platform.


We will try to cover the basic advantages and disadvantages of this platform in this BigCommerce review.


BigCommerce Review


We recently tested out a host of different ecommerce platforms for a dummy online business offering furniture products. We tried many different platforms including BigCommerce.


One of the biggest advantages of BigCommerce is that it comes with pre-built templates that can really bring the eye candy and functionality to your online store.


The platform is quite generic and easy to use so anyone who wants to begin an eCommerce business online can easily get started within a few hours of purchase.




If you are a developer however, you will be slightly disappointed with BigCommerce because it does not come with a huge user manual.


You will have to set up the system on your own and may not be able to customize it to the level developers usually do.


But for someone who does not have a coding experience, this is a good platform because it comes ready with most of the things you need.


There are tons of tutorials available on the official website of the platform that will help you in setting it up and getting started with your business.


But the problem is that these tutorials can take away a lot of your time and energy. Fortunately for you, BigCommerce allows developers to create custom templates online for users.


This means that there are plenty of templates ready to be taken advantage of. Just keep in mind that even though BigCommerce is a great way to get online and start your business, it won’t help you with custom development.


So basically saying, it is a platform that is designed for people who just want to install and start off.


If you do want a customized template for your business, you have the ability to play around with templates that are available. But the problem is that if you intend to customize your templates, you will need to connect to them online and edit them on the cloud.


You also do not have the ability to preview your newly created template because of the cloud issue. The only thing BigCommerce excels in is its ready-made setup.


It means that you will not have to create the entire system to support payment methods or include certain security features; the platform comes pre-built with everything you need in this regard.


The biggest deciding factor for anyone is the cost of running BigCommerce. This platform offers some of the most affordable packages to run your online business.


It recently started but has reached considerable heights due to its easy installation and quick setup procedure.


It comes pre built with a highly secured shopping cart plug in that has all the popular payment methods like credit cards, PayPal and Skrill installed on it.


So if you are someone who doesn’t like messing up with codes and custom templates and just want a system that is installed and ready to use, BigCommerce is a great platform for you.


We just hope that BigCommerce can start offering customized template support so everyone gets the much needed choice of creating a template according to their needs.


Let’s Discuss the intricate features:


There are many pros of using BigCommerce, some of the significant ones are mentioned below. You will be able to make up your mind after reading about them in detail below:

#1 BigCommerce Review: Speed & Security





One of the most prevalent challenges that is faced by someone while running his/her eCommerce website is to deal with speed. In other words how quickly the website can be loaded. After all, speed is one of those aspects which matter the most.


It has been seen in the research that customers do not wait for the pages to get loaded. Often it is observed that after 4 seconds the conversation rates are dropped gradually.




Speed is considered vital as it is known that various groups have been created even in the giant web companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that work solely on reducing page load times.


Robust protection or security is one additional challenge faced by online stores. In 2016, the details of the credit cards being shared are now considered to be very usual but when a new customer is served, strong preferences are made for Amazon or a store that is trusted by them with their credit card information is visited by them.


More layers need protection by your server when talking about security. Or if the credit card processing is outsourced to PayPal or Google Wallet, more places are accidentally dropped, or your checkout is made slower.


But now there’s no need to be bothered because an all-in-one online store solution like BigCommerce will be useful to you in letting all those hurdles to the professionals.


Instead of spending those moments, getting perturbed with a caching plugin (or giving a developer $$$ / hour), there is even no need to get just troubled about it and pushing yourself to call the executives to get your complaints registered.


Also, security, compliance, and a whole range of security issues (have ever heard about Heartbleed a few years ago?) can be handed over to professionals in whose reliable hands it is treated with absolutely no hassles.


The matter to be known is that BigCommerce is not that as fast as competitors like Shopify in my store’s speed tests, but they can still be considered quite fast & secure.


Usage of an all-in-one platform like BigCommerce would be helpful in allowing you to get the technical issues offloaded (without having a huge dev budget).


Various range of payment providers are accepted and the customers’ expectations of yours are met with quick, trouble-free shopping experience.

#2 BigCommerce Review: Transparency


Technical stats and availability are kept very transparent that is quite encouraging to get noticed in any company.



#3 BigCommerce Review: Intuitive Built-in Features


In the initial levels, any online store can be considered as a website with shopping cart functionality and payment accepting capabilities.


But it is seen that most store owners are attached to the same opinion that a lot more functionality is needed to make an online store successful.




An easy way to add & delete products, analytics, inventory management, integrated payments, order management, coupon code creation, discount functionality, easy shipping integration, etc. might be more helpful you.


One huge benefit for BigCommerce is that they would be helpful in providing everything that you think is needed, by integrating the same into their software.


All the features are not only built-in to BigCommerce, but all would work superbly. May it be order management or abandoned cart saver, all the features are thought of by BigCommerce that would be needed by you and they are ready to fly above and beyond even their competitors with integrated features.


In the screenshot below, it can be seen that bulk 301 integrated by them is redirected into their platform (without any 3rd party app, plugin or extension).



#4 BigCommerce Advanced Settings


BigCommerce integration with Alibaba is regarded to be the bonus feature. Alibaba is known to be the world’s largest marketplace for wholesalers. Lots of interesting ordering and inventory benefits can be received by any retailers using BigCommerce.

#5 Built-in Marketing Features


Many features are owned by it, but when features, like importing product SKUs and tracking return requests, are possessed, then they can’t be mentioned as the only features that are significant.


The online store should have features that can be useful in helping you to find customers.




And here it is, an integrated marketing feature offered by BigCommerce.


With their more technical features, an incredible built-in marketing tool set is also offered by them.


#6 BigCommerce Review: Marketing Tools


A myriad number of options for marketing your online store is available. But various options are present (noted in the image above) that can be recommended to be mainly effective for any beginner.

And BigCommerce is presented to the users having them all built-in.


Their Google shopping integration (naturally a royal pain for ecommerce developers all over the Internet), their eBay store integration (easy wins for slot stores), AdWords ad generator, and SEO friendly setup (notably customization category pages & canonical product pages) have all been able to impress me immensely.


Built-in marketing can be considered as one of the features that can be stated as a huge pro for selecting BigCommerce, especially when you just start selling online, and you are left not entirely sure where the marketing of yours should even begin.


#7 Helpful Customer Service


Once I signed it up for my most recent BigCommerce project, I experienced immediate bewilderment and good impression on how quickly I was able to connect by both emails and by phone, with the help of my “eCommerce consultant” with BigCommerce.




I got totally into it through an on-boarding automated email sequence that was entirely and perfectly timed during the free trial period.




It might be appearing a bit sales-y before signing up, but let me inform, it was not. It all occurred after the sign up of mine and everything in a friendly tone reminded me that BigCommerce had a good will and desired to do everything possible to get this project every help to let it touch success.


And that quite often seen and quite a common thing that is letting the customers get tensed about depleting time by calling customer service was not a piece of that formula.


BigCommerce Review: Pricing



For more details on the pricing, click here.


To know the best suited plan for your website, take their 15-day trial and find out what features you really need. Make the purchase after evaluating all your needs against your budget!




If you are in search of an eCommerce solution that has all the required features in one, then BigCommerce shall work for you perfectly.

Even if you are a novice in technical terminology and usage, you will be able to use it to the best of its capacity.


Check out the below video on BigCommerce and its various offerings, to know more: Bigcommerce coupon codes 2017


I hope this BigCommerce review was resourceful and will help you in finding the right hosting package.

If you have any doubts or questions related to hosting, please feel free to join the discussion and post it in the comments section.