Blog Hosting with Advertising – Why Should You Avoid it?

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All businesses these days need websites and many of these new businesses may not have the funds needed to build a nice and eye-appealing site right off the bat. This leads to many companies going the cheap route turning to free website builders. The problem with these is that you aren’t in sole control of what goes on your site, and this may deter customers and potential sales which is imperative for new sites.


Blog Hosting with Ads

When you get your site, you’ll need hosting and some people tend to lean towards free hosting and free website building thinking it’s just as good as paid versions. In fact, blog hosting with advertising can be detrimental to your business as ads that are not relevant to your business appear on the site, and you have no control over getting them off. You’re site won’t rank as high either. Here are a few reasons to avoid free web hosting when it comes to building your site.


Blog Hosting With Advertising

Blogs are great for a number of reasons and many people have personal blogs that they use as a diary so to speak. This is something that the rest of the world can see and many people use content management systems and free website builders to help them stay in touch.


People use these blogs to create a fan base and a name for themselves and if they gain enough publicity, they can sell products as well as make recommendations to certain products. However, the real question becomes should you use a free blogging platform or get into ones that cost money.


Forced Advertising

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When you get into free web hosting for your blog, you’ll notice that you get ads that aren’t what you want making it hard for you to target customers. Your site can be controlled by the admin of the site you are on making it possible for them to insert text ads and banner ads as well. This means the admin gets profits while you struggle to make a profit.


Bandwidth is Exceeded

Due to a limited server resource capability, free hosting will typically have hang ups. There are always limitations and this means your website is limited to a specific size. This can cut off a lot of valuable information that you may want to portray to your customers.


You may only get a certain amount of pages on your site and this means downloads are harder to offer and images may also be limited making for a bland looking website. It becomes difficult to manage files that you have to upload in various places.


Blog Hosting with Advertising

When it comes to creating a blog, you want to determine goals first of all and determine who you’ll be writing for. What are you writing about or what services and products are being offered? Think about whether or not you’ll have the time to update your blog regularly as this can help you stay ranked, and can help readers know that you are active. If you’re looking to blog about products and make a business with it, consider a paid hosting site and paying for your domain to ensure you control all aspects of it.


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