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We present our BlueHost review, a hosting provider that featured in the 2015-2016 top 10 web host list globally.


Every review that I write is not just mere words! I first learn everything about the web host that I am reviewing and then give you all the important information in the simplest language possible. I search in depth hence the data provided is accurate and transparency is maintained.


Bluehost Review has been servicing clients worldwide with both personal and business hosting services since 1996. Bluehost provides many top of the line features, services and resources for its thousands of clients.


BlueHost Review


What follows are just some insights on the BlueHost review:


  • arrowAn unlimited number of hosted domains
  • arrowAn unlimited amount of FTP transactions
  • arrowAn Unlimited amount of disk space
  • arrowUp to 2,500 email addresses can be created
  • arrowDatabases such as MySQL
  • arrowScripts and languages such as PHP, Perl, SSL, CGI, and SSH
  • arrowUse of 2000/2002 FrontPage Extensions
  • arrowFree Domain name for as long as a client remains with this host
  • arrow24/7/365 Customer Support
  • arrowAccess to Free Website Builder


For those clients now starting out, the starter plans are available at very reasonable prices, for individual websites as well as for business websites. You can be up and running very quickly after sign-up.


We have ranked a number of hosting companies and from all those ranked, we have selected our top ten best hosts. BlueHost has made the grade and is one of our top ten best hosts.


BlueHost Review - Powerful Hosting


You will be provided with a good amount of flexibility to use, and as much disk space and bandwidth you need for your website. An interesting fact is that you will be able to host as many domains as you like on your plan with this host, and that is not always available with every hosting company.


You will be provided with a free domain at sign-up and that is especially important if you are looking to cut costs in every way that you can.


These features and resources are an amazing combination for a single hosting plan. What is truly amazing is that it is being offered at the nominal fee of just
$3.95 per month.




We have become aware of feedback from some customers however, who have expressed they dismay with server downtime and the need to pay an additional charge for bandwidth over 1GB, when they were expecting to have access to an unlimited amount of bandwidth with no additional charges.


While it is hard for us to hear of these complaints, we also feel an obligation to fully report these findings so that our customers can make more informed decisions on their hosting choices.


Unfortunately, many such complaints have come to light late in 2010, as the company was experiencing some difficulty in its operations, and possibility as a result of them growing to fast.



Current Prices Today:

$3.95 Monthly for 2 years
$4.95 Monthly for 1 year

Promotional Special:

$3.95 Monthly

BlueHost Review – Top 10 Host


We have included BlueHost in our top ten hosting companies because of the overall good service they provide to their clients.


You will be provided with affordable and competitive prices, excellent customer service and a wide range of good hosting products. The company is growing very fast and has just hosted its first one millionth website.


BlueHost has achieved an outstanding accomplishment that not many hosts have achieved and now the company has joined the ranks of some of the biggest web hosting companies in the industry.


Since 2011 the company the company has grown exponentially popular.

How Much Does Price Matter?


The cost of hosting with Bluehost is greater than many other hosting companies, but that cost should be considered together with the value the company provides to its clients.


Clients will often find that Bluehost and HostMonster are very much alike in the way they operate, and in fact, we can see the similarity in their business models. We advise that you keep a close eye on Bluehost because we can see that they will be climbing the ranks of our top ten best hosting companies.


We are looking forward to hearing very good reviews on Bluehost in the coming year and we also hope that they will work on resolving their issues on their bandwidth offering to their customers, and provide them with the transparency that will encourage their confidence in the host.

Free Site Builder Access


The company provides a free site builder with its hosting and gets good reviews for it. The site builder is especially useful for small business websites. In fact, it is on par with site builders offered by other hosts on our top ten lists.


This site builder can be used to quickly throw up a few sites and you will not even need any additional software to complete the process.


It will not compare to the excellent professional software on the market such as Dreamweaver, but in many cases customers will be completely satisfied with just getting a decent website online to connect with their customers. The free site builder will achieve just that for most customers.


Other Good Features of BlueHost Plans (BlueHost Review)

  • arrowUser Forum and Blog Provided for Clients
  • arrowWinner of Multiple Industry Awards
  • arrowOne Free Domain for As Long as Client Remains with its Hosting
  • arrowExcellent Customer Support Team
  • arrowLive Chat Session Available
  • arrowFree $100 Advertising Credits
  • arrowHost of More than One Million Websites


PROS of Bluehost


  • # The uptime is good
  • # The Company Offers Hosting Packages at an affordable price
  • # You can get started quick, relatively


Let me discuss below the Pros in detail:





Bluehost offers you uptime of 99.99% over 12 months. Therefore if you analyze at it carefully you will realize that only 5 hours of downtime out of 8760 hours is actually there. In fact these are the exact number of the latest statics.


Major let down from BlueHost was experienced in month of February, for which company had its own explanation, claiming that they had many varied DDoS attack their services.


But if you look at it over all, it wasn’t that disappointing either as they still managed to be above average with 99.90%


#2 Low Prices for newbies


We all want something that’s reasonable and BlueHost is well aware of that, therefore they offer you a price range that suits your wallet so well that you will find it hard to say no too.


It isn’t the cheapest when compared to others but definitely not expensive either. We say it is at a good price when you are looking into a popular option of web hosts with powerful and robust features.


 #3 Security


BlueHost Review - Security

You are safe with our Bluehost Review!


BlueHost security options won’t let you down either. They offer tools that combat with some of the most common websites risk.


Like for example: avoiding spam! You can now prevent spam with simple tools like Spam Assassin, Spam Hammer or Spam Expert.


They also support Cloud Fave that will help keep those DDoS attacks away for good. It’s important that your web host takes care of small petty issues like these as they help your website work faster without having to compromise with over whelming traffic.


Not only does it help prevent anyone stealing from you – like your important content and images via Hot Link Protection as your IP address blacklists block the unwanted individuals.


#4 Various Integration and apps


Who doesn’t like apps in today’s world, they make things so much easier and simpler! Bluehost offers you a wide range of apps on their dashboard like Google apps and CloudFare.


#5 WordPress


Well known site word Press just re- made their hosting page, On their new page there are three main providers whose name have been gloriously mentioned, those are SiteGround. DreamHost and Bluehost.


BlueHost Review Cons – the negatives you need to take care of


Most of the time you read about Bluehost they showcase the company on a pedestal that is high therefore impressive!  But when you start digging a little deeper you will realize that the picture is actually different.


Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the negatives too, so that you can make a well-decision!


#1 Slow page Loading, Gets a little annoying


Bluehost might have it all figured out but this major issue shakes up time and again.


Let’s say: our experience with Bluehost as claimed wasn’t exactly ‘pleasant’ one over the period of one year.


Their dismal 1,275ms loading time turned out to be an average of 850ms slower in comparison to other host.


Why is this important?


When you are working online your every second counts! Google being such a huge company lost about 20% traffic drop because of half second delay. Now you realize how each second counts. And now calculate for yourself when you are delayed by 5mins you lose 74% of traffic that’s almost 3/4th of your users!


Bad and slow speed not only hurts the users who wish to gain experience but more importantly your profit margins too. Bluehost isn’t an absolute disaster but given its name it can do better.


Pricing: Cheap or not cheap


Yes we said above Bluehost is cheap. But then again not everyone is of the same strata. So is it cheap for you?


Well that depends, read more and future out for yourself:

  • # Their lowest introductory rate is 3.49$ only per month with three years of worth
  • # Don’t want such a long run, are you happy in 12 months?
  • # Then your rates change to 4.95$ per month.
  • # But then you even have 1-3 months’ options too right?
  • # Well sadly no, you do not have that option.


But coming back to the 12 month option, three year deal is a way better option. Simple reason behind that is the fact that basic plan then jumps up to $8.99 per month.


Customer Service: ready when you need


We totally understand that handling over 200 million sites isn’t a cupcake-eating task! But is your waiting for 43 whole minutes justified?


Not only this, my personal experience says that their support team isn’t good because of delays between the curt responses. So all in all, anyone can figure out the solution over estimated time of one hour or so.


But then again we can give the company benefit of doubt that the customer support agent was poor.


Positive thing to write here in this major flaw of theirs is about their YouTube videos. These videos are extremely helpful so if ever you face a problem YouTube will definitely be a better life guard than the actual customer service.


Fee here is very conveniently taken for a little ride they give you they call the introductory walk. You will pay a good amount of 79.99$ only for the video that is shown as the introduction.


This is something other hosting providers will offer you very much happily free of cost. And the simple reason being you are going to sign up with them for a long term anyways.




In many hosting providers’ reviews, you will read that their migrations are free but unfortunately Bluehost doesn’t give you the pleasure of free migration.


Other companies believe that by doing so you will become their trustworthy customer. But Bluehost does not agree.


They charge you $ 149.99 as your migration fee. Plus they do not allow you to transfer more than 5 sites and 20 email accounts!


Unlimited is too much for a word!


Hosting providers easily write the ‘unlimited’ word but never really abide. Well Bluehost is no exception!


Terms and services


Something we don’t pay attention too.  Is that small thing you see on the side with the finest print that lushly talks about all the ugly truths. Please go through it, before you sign up for any plan.


Overall-Bluehost Review


BlueHost offers three shared hosting options that you can very well choose from.


But you have to keep in mind the fact that pricing that is advertised to be the lowest is a three-year term plan. If you go any shorter than that you pay much more than the three year plan.


Web Hosting Plans:


Basic Plan – For $ 3.49 per month you get a website; one website at the most. 50 GB storage, ‘Unlimited’ bandwidth and an email account but only 5 with maximum storage limit of 100 MB each.


Plus Plan – $5.95 per month, 10 websites max, 100 email accounts with storage limit 500 MB each, 150 Gb storage and unlimited bandwidth.


Business Pro Plan: 13.95 $, “unlimited” website, bandwidth, storage and email accounts with “unlimited email storage.


You have to make your payment all in one go to take the lowest price advantage but payment has to be made for three years. So before you do so ask yourself if you are ready for the commitment as Shorter duration will cost you more.




BlueHost has provided streamlined services to aid small and medium scale businesses to make a big impact on the World Wide Web. You too can become a part of its enormously big family if the services offered meet your requirements.