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Bitstop Network Services claims to offer great customer service, good uptime and a range of web packages to suit any need and budget. Do they live up to their promise? We examine this below, in the only review you’ll ever need.

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about their services and offerings- and how effective their clients believe they are. review

Who is And why did we write this review for you., or Bitstop Network Services, have been established for several years. The company is based in the Philippines, which may or may not be a pro depending on your own location.

Their site itself does earn several points as being well designed, and simple and intuitive to navigate. However, it does have one small and not entirely encouraging issue- it is slightly slow to load and run itself.

Of course, this was just when we accessed the page, so it is possible it was a once-off issue, but given hosting is exactly what we’re looking to test, it does earn a small black mark for the company.

However, they seem to make some good options available to people, and could well be an excellent choice especially if you are targeting an audience in that geographical area.

It does get plus points for offering service in English, which could well make it a good choice for primarily English companies looking to expand into the Philippines as the chances of not being able to access services or understand customer service is greatly reduced.

In fact, for this specific geographic area that could be one of their greatest selling points. There are also coupons available on the net if you’re looking to get a little off of your first hosting packages.

What are’s hosting packages?

BNS offers a wide range of services, not just web hosting. If you need rack servers or other dedicated forms of servers they do offer custom built solutions for enterprise companies.

There is also VPS servers for those needing a middle ground situation, and a variety of both Windows and Linux shared offerings.

The fact they offer a lot of other services alongside their web hosting may be a boon to a company looking for a comprehensive service in one place. This includes SEO, network monitoring and assessment, and a variety of webcare services.

Separate email hosting is available, as is cloud hosting and a variety of backup options to help you keep your data more secure.

There is, however, no unlimited hosting service grant only 2GB bandwidth and 512MG of disk space. These do increase fairly dramatically across the higher packages, and for most people lack of an unlimited option will not be too dramatic an issue, but you do need to keep this in mind depending on your specific needs when hosting.

Not offering unlimited hosting on their dedicated servers does seem slightly unwise.

What is’s reliability?

It is notable that none of the packages, including dedicated hosting servers, carry any type of uptime guarantee.

This is a critical part of web offerings that it’s rather a downside to miss. However, we could not find any customer complaints that suggested poor uptime and most seem very satisfied with the service- it just seems a touch unprofessional not to offer a guarantee you can be held to.

They do appear to have a great reputation however, which is some reassurance, and online stats do seem to suggest a high level of uptime. We just wonder why no decision to stand behind this good service record and offer guarantees was made.

What is support like?

All packages carry a 24/7 premium support. This does very much appear to live up to the ‘premium’ promise, and is fast and reliable. Good customer service is a foundation of a great hosting experience, and on this we certainly can’t fault them.

They can give you fast, English language assistance no matter your issue, and do seem to care about customer satisfaction and a good customer experience.

How does pricing work?

You will be paying in Philippine currency, so be prepared to spend a little time on currency conversion and monitoring exchange rates if you are based in a different local.

This can be slightly inconvenient, but is more than understandable given their base country. Of course, packaging pricing, while it starts off very reasonable, can get pricey if you begin to add on extra services, but remember that you get what you pay for- sometimes a good investment is worth it.

There are discount options out there if you spend a little time searching for them. Is this a pretty cool review, don’ you think?

So what’s the verdict?
If you’re keen to get started in the Philippine area, or wish to target an audience in that area of the world and want reliable, quality service in that locale, Bitstop Networking services may well be the best port of call to make.

They do offer a range of hosting packages that can be of great interest, although the basic packages are somewhat limited and they don’t offer an unlimited bandwidth option, which may prove a hindrance for larger enterprise level investment.

There are a variety of types of hosting offered, however, and you certainly have enough to choose from. They do, however, offer a lot of other related web services that provide something of a ‘one stop’ internet solution which, while it can get pricey also offer a lot of convenience packed in one place depending on your needs.

We are slightly put off by the slow loading time on their own website, but this could well be a once-off fluke. A uptime guarantee would have been nice, but customers do seem happy enough with the services they are being offered and the uptime they receive, so it may be a moot point.

Is this review the right host for you? It will depend very much on your exact needs and strategy as there are some limitations on the services, but that’s balanced by some excellent packages, an all-in-one service offering stable and fantastic customer service that seems to be backed by happy clients and customers. Let us know what you think of our review and if you use.

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