Business phone systems and why you need to use the best

Anytime you start a new business or you are growing and have more and more phone calls incoming you will need to make sure you check into a awesome business phone systems program.

There are a handful of company’s i would trust and use. Without making sure you are getting all your calls and your salesmen are getting the out going calls is a must.

We started a web hosting company over 15 years ago with 1 phone line, we failed to see the capacity back then of what we really needed to scale up to. After our first year we added a second line
then a third. Then eventually went high tech with a 20 line phone system.

Today we do run the best business phone systems for our size of company.

This is also know as voip phone systems,cloud phone systems . But at the end of the day the fancy words are the same. Each provider might offer you a few things different the the next provider but its a basic service. Price will vary carrier to carrier. Some names in this fast growing business are:

1. VoIp – Here is a awesome VoIP service provider that offers numerous different plans based on the number of users a business has. The tiniest plan accommodates up to 5 employees, while the huge one supports up to 100 end users at any one time.

2. 3CX is a developer of the software based and open standards IP PBX and it replaces proprietary PBXs. With there integrated Web RTC webconferencing software, soft phones for the Mac and Windows and the smartphone clients Android, iOS ,Windows phones.

business phone systems

3. 8×8 is hosted VoIP based phone system that includes awesome personalized voice mail, 3 way calling, caller ID, call waiting, transfers, call forwarding and phone chat.

4. All Call Technologies is a virtual phone system. There will never be any equipment installed in the office and no change in your current phone carrier.

AllCall Technologies uses a virtual receptionist that answers your calls with a professional greeting and gives callers all the options they will want.

5. Allworx also provides a huge portfolio of VoIP systems-IP phones and network switches and advanced software options. All worx is available to all small and medium size businesses through a huge network of more than 1,000 resellers in the United States ,Canada and even Latin America.

6. AT&T Voip Business is in a Box solution for small businesses and satellite locations that provide the benefits of super advanced voice and data technology. This solution enables voice over data services to work over a single network device.

7. Zultys is an all in 1 IP business phone system that will integrate everything from voice, video, data and mobility. This company offers both cloud based on on premise business phone systems.

I could keep adding company’s all day long. This is such a small handful of some options for you. We added a contact form above for you to get some quotes from some connections we have.
Lets get back to why your business needs s small business phone system to compete against your competitors.

1. If you have a bad set up and customers call and get a busy signal , you will lose that customer.

2. When your salesmen need to return calls and talk to the end user about what they need to buy you will waste labor and time.

3. The amount of incoming and outgoing lines will depend on how many customers and volume you have.

When you go to google some terms for finding your local small business voip system use some of these terms:

Business phone company

Small business phone companies

Business phone providers

Voip for business

Business telephone service

Hosted voip

Business voip

This should get you started with some company’s to contact and get an idea what is out there and what you might need. Every company has a different need and amount of volume of calls.
So reach out to some reps and ask them what they recommend.

We have been using grasshopper business phone system for over 3 years and would recommend them to anyone that needs it. They are around 24/7 and offer great pricing. We average around 50 calls a day and the system can ring to any phone line we add to the system.

They have one of the best voip virtual phone systems we have used. We tested 3 other company’s before and we didnt like the support or pricing structure.

Good luck on your new cloud or voip business phone systems, and please come back and let us know who you used and why you choose them over everyone else in the market. Thank you, Nathan

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