Can you Add a Floating Sidebar to Your WordPress Website?

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A floating sidebar is something you may want to add to your WordPress website. This type of sidebar is great for social buttons or for adding advertisement to your website.
As with many functions of WordPress, there’s a plugin for adding a floating sidebar to your site. This plugin will make it easy to add the sidebar without coding it in yourself. Here’s how it works.

Using the Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin

Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin
The Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin for WordPress will allow you to create fixed positions for widgets you select. After you have installed and activated the plugin, you will need to go to Appearance>>Widgets.
Appearance Widgets
From this area, you will see the side bar option with numbers depending on your theme. You can select the fixed widget option and you’re all set. The option will show up as an option on every widget you add to the sidebar.
Fixed Widget
Within the Fixed Widget options, which are found within the settings of the plugin at Appearance>>Fixed Widget Options, you can adjust the margin for the top, bottom and how often you want the widget to refresh.
Fixed Widget Options
This allows you to customize the widget to fit your specific needs. You can also use these options to make the plugin more compatible with your selected theme.
Whether you use the plugin for a specific advertisement, a subscription form, for social sharing buttons or for any other reason, it’s one that should be in your WordPress arsenal. This plugin makes it easy to create a floating sidebar and give you just what you need for your WordPress website.

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