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Basic 5 Security Tips Every Freelancer Should Follow


Freelancing is a good opportunity for most of us nowadays. It lets you create your own schedule to work on your different tasks. Read our security tips below and stay safe. Freelancers have a good chance to work on their free time and to come up with their better ideas and logic on the tasks […]

8 WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Website Security

Website Security

WordPress sites can get hacked because it is the most popular CMS in the market. A badly coded theme or plugin can make your website an easy target. There are many ways to improve security of your website without learning programming or coding. In this post you will find some highly useful WordPress plugins that […]

Backup Genie Review | Masters of the backup systems

Backup Genie Review: Online Backup Solution for Everyone More and more important files are stored digitally, which is why backup solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Family pictures, your music library and of course work documents need to be properly backed for maximum security. When it comes to finding the right online backup solution to use, […]

My MacKeeper Review And Why You Should Use Them

MacKeeper Review The biggest question i hear these days is what is mackeeper? It is a multi purpose virus protection program and can help keep viruses off your mac. But recently there has been a storm around the company which we will discuss below. They have over 11 million users currently according to there website. […]

Private Internet Access VPN (PIA) Review & Importance

Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN protects you while you browse the web from hackers. It has so many useful and valuable features for your protection.

Spam Protection: Can Captcha Scripts Really Help Prevent it?

Captcha Scripts and Spam Protection

Spam has been a problem ever since email began. Here is how captcha scripts can solve all your spam woes once and for all.

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