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The Importance Of Using WPML And Creating Multilingual Web Sites

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The WordPress Multilingual Plugin wpml was developed to make it easy for site owners and bloggers to translate web pages, posts, and other types of content into different languages. WPML also translates custom types, taxonomy, the theme’s texts and menus. With more than 40 languages to choose from, you get the variety you need to […]

Can you Add Numbers Automatically to WordPress Posts?

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When you post new content on WordPress, sometimes it would be nice to be able to Add Numbers Automatically to wordpress titles. It’s great for those that feature a series of posts, publish articles like an episodic format, or for those that are featuring multiple podcasts.   You may want to add the date or […]

Which WordPress Features are You Unaware of?

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Considering how quickly WordPress grows there are so many wordpress features these days, it should come as no surprise that promoting every single feature WordPress has to offer is unrealistic. There are so many little awesome features and tidbits that tend to get overlooked. The hopes of this post is to give you a closer […]

Selling Ads on Your WordPress Website? Things to Know

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Selling ads is an unique way to monetize your WordPress blog. Making money from your WordPress website doesn’t have to include just affiliate products, Google AdSense or your own product. You can start Selling Ads to those within your industry on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This is one of the best ways to […]

Which New Features Coming in WordPress 4.4 are the Coolest?

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WordPress is the most popular platform for building a website. It offers a lot of valuable tools, which allows sites to be created without coding. The newest release, WordPress 4.4, will be launching soon, and is much anticipated. Both developers and amature website builders have a variety of features to look forward to.   What’s […]

What Should You Know about Working Remotely with WordPress?


Today’s technology has made it easy for business owners to move their traditional office into a virtual office. There are so many online tools that allow this to happen, and WordPress is one of them. There are some true advantages to working remotely with WordPress.   Being able to work from anywhere in the world […]

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