Comparing Content Management Systems: WordPress vs B2Evolution

Content Management Systems

Content management systems rule the Internet ecosystem. When creating a website for blogging, one choice you need to make is whether to choose WordPress or other systems like B2Evolution. Both of them are content management systems (CMS) and are popular online.

Why is choosing between them an issue at all?

Blogging is your bread-and-butter online activity. It’s something you can do regularly and is a proven strategy that will draw traffic to your website. An interesting, active blog has the potential to help you build your business in a number of ways:

  1. Interact directly with your customers instead of staying behind your “company” person
  2. Develop a forum to get to know your customers’ wants and needs in order to meet them more effectively
  3. Discuss issues that affect your industry and beyond
  4. Establish a community that will buy from you repeatedly

With so much at stake, the decision about which content management systems to use is an important one. You’ll want to look at both options very carefully and consider each one’s features and benefits in detail so that you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your business.

In this article, we will compare two of the often used content management systems: WordPress and B2Evolution.

Content Management Systems

Let’s begin.

WordPress Overview


WordPress (WP) is the brainchild of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It was created in May, 2003 and has had multiple versions, the latest being 4.5.2 which was released on May 6, 2016. It’s a free, open-source CMS based on PHP and MySQL.

Users can choose to install a theme to change the look of their WordPress website while leaving the content intact. Each WordPress site must be installed with a theme; the themes are designed using WordPress Standards with specific PHP, valid html and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Themes can be installed directly with the WP “Appearance” administration tool located in the Dashboard or users can upload theme folders from the FTP. Users can choose from free and premium themes.

The free themes can be viewed in the WP theme directory for downloading at, while the premium ones are available several online providers. They can also be purchased from individual WP developers like Theme Forest.

B2Evolution Overview


B2Evolution was developed by Francois Planque. In 2002, he had switched to B2 when looking for an alternative to Blogger content management systems by Google. He was initially pleased with what he had found, but within a few months it became clear that the new release he was anticipating was not going to come to fruition.

Rather than switching over to another blogging tool, Planque decided to increase his existing knowledge of DBMS (Database Management Systems) and programming skills and added in the features he thought B2 needed.

Planque was particularly focused on developing the ability to run several blogs from the same installation. He created B2Evolution in 2003 and the last stable version was 6.7.3 in May, 2016.

The product is described as a CCMS (Community and Content Management Systems). This free, open source software will let you build a website in the combination of pages, known as collections, you choose.

WordPress Tools and Features

What makes WordPress unique?

#1 Easy to Install and Use

WordPress is available for download from its official website. Combine the free download with a deal from a cheap hosting company and you can start your new website or blog with a minimal investment. (Hosting companies usually provide one-click installation of WP, but you’ll want to confirm this detail before you commit to buying hosting.)

Once WP is installed, you can start creating blog posts and pages right away without any coding required. Formatting a blog post or page is a very simple process. The publishing tools make it easy to save a post as a draft, schedule it to be published at a later date or to publish it immediately.

Insert images and media by dragging and dropping it into the uploader to add it to your site. From that point, you have the option of adding captions, titles and alt text. You can insert images into your text where you choose to enhance the points you are making with your content.

WordPress CMS

#2 Flexible and Versatile

It is fully flexible and can be used to create much more than just blogs. With the range of themes available, users can choose to use WP to create an eCommerce site, directory, a portfolio, and more.

WP also allows you to add multiple users with varying permission levels, such as administrator, editor, contributor, and subscriber. An administrator has access to everything required to manage the site, the contributors write the content and the editors work with it to ensure it is polished and easy to read. Subscribers are given a profile they can manage.

#3 Extensive Theme Directory

WordPress comes with a couple of default themes, but if those aren’t right for you there is a theme directory where you can browse through thousands of themes to create the website with the exact look you want. If you still can’t find the exact theme you want, simply upload your own theme at the click of a button to give you site a completely new look.

#4 Extend Features with Plugins

The plugin directory contains thousands of plugins. Choose a variety of options, including social networking, spam protection, calendars, social media widgets, forms, and more.

#5 Search Engine Optimized

Google and the other search engines rank sites in their results on the basis of a number of predefined criteria. The more of these criteria your site meets, the better your website ranks in search results. WP meets all the ones expected of a CMS, such as:

Fast Loading Speed: The loading speed of a website is partly determined by the CMS, and WP is optimized to load quickly.

Good Navigation and Coding: WP offers menus, tags, categories, and numerous widgets for a high level of functionality. New versions have been introduced ever few months since WordPerfect was launched, and the software is being updated regularly.

Social Media Integration: Search engines look at which sites are getting good traffic from social networking sites. For this reason, WordPress supports social media integration.

Optimized for Multiple Devices: WP will work on desktop computers, as well as tablets and mobile phones.

#6 Built-in Comment Tools

Interacting with your blog readers is an important part of building your community. WordPerfect’s comment tools give you the ability to create a forum to have discussions about your blog topics and moderate them as necessary.

#7 Available in Multiple Languages

WordPress is available in more than 70 languages. You, or the person you are building the site for, are not limited to English if you would prefer to use WP in a different language.

#8 Available with Multiple Importers

If you are running your blog on a hosted service that is about to shut down, WordPress has you covered. It comes with importers for a number of importers, such as LiveJournal, TypePad, Tumblr, blogger, and WP. Moving your blog is an easy process.

#9 You Own your Data

When you choose WP, you own your website, all of your content and your data. It won’t matter if your web hosting service changes hands or you decide to change providers.

#10 Active Community

WordPress users are part of an active and very supportive online community. If you ever have a question, browse through the support forums to see if it has already been answered; if not, post it to get help from the community. There are also a number of blog post and tutorials to offer you guidance along the way.

b2evolution Tools and Features


What makes B2Evolution unique?

#1 Easy to Install and Upgrade

The software’s installer looks after just about everything for you. Give it the name of a MySQL database and you are ready to go. Upgrading is very simple, too. Only heavy customizations will need special care when you need to upgrade.

#2 Use with Multiple Blogs, Domains

Are you planning to start your own blog network? b2evolution makes it easy. Install it one time and create beautiful content management systems for the entire network. Each one can be on a separate page, in a different folder, or even on a different domain. You can also decide to keep more than one blog on the same page. This software gives you the flexibility to decide how you want to configure your blogs in the way that makes sense to you.

b2Evolution CMS

B2Evolution Content Management Systems | Source:


Once you install b2evolution at the root of your web hosting plan, you can then set up multiple “alias domains.” Set up as many of them as you are allowed under the plan you have purchased from your web hosting provider, and the software will let you run a different website or blog on each one of the alias domains you have set up.

#3 Customizable Blog Skins

The skins determine the appearance of your website or blog, as well as what they do. You decide whether you want a traditional blog, a bug tracker, a knowledge base, etc. b2evolution is available with a number of multi-purpose skins (blogs, online manuals, forums, photo albums). Each skin can also be customized by using a settings screen to adjust colours, etc., or you can download one of the additional skins available from the online library.

#4 Give Permissions to Multiple Users and Authors

Permissions can be granted to any user to moderate, write, read or customize any number of your websites or blogs. Users can create a profile that include an image and fill out several custom fields; administrators

Once you assign permissions, writers can post drafts, which can then be assigned to an editor. The editor reviews the work, which can either be scheduled for final review or published directly (depending on your preference). You have control over the workflow and the permissions for your blogs.

#5 Write Multiple Types of Posts

You aren’t limited strictly to blog posts when you choose b2evolution. This software gives you the flexibility to include some miscellaneous pages in your content that can be linked to in your menus with widgets, and accessed randomly. Go ahead and add intro posts for each one of your blogs, or include a separate page to discuss what readers will learn from every category you cover. b2evolution also has a specific post type for podcasts that will produce an RSS feed if you decide to add this type of content for your readers.

#6 Mass Post Capability

If you have a quantity of material you would like to use for blog posts in a text file, making a mass post is a very simple process. You would copy and paste it into the mass posting editor, which will automatically create new posts for you. The software has the capability to recognize individual posts, along with titles and paragraphs based on new lines and blank lines in the text document.

Once the posts have been created, they can be given a final edit, including adding images, and scheduled for publication.

#7 Advanced Spam Blocking Measures

b2evolution has a very effective combination of active and passive measures to deal with spam, including a blacklist shared by the entire community to block both comment and referrer spam.

Content Management Systems: WordPress vs B2Evolution


Both WordPress and b2evolution are quality software options for blogging and have impressive features to offer users. It’s true that WordPress is the more popular option, with approximately 76.5 million blogs in existence and another 50,000 blogs being launched every day, according to If you decide that WordPress is the option for you, there are plenty of other internet users who would agree with you. It’s user friendly, especially for those who are new to operating their own website.

However, if your goal is to launch multiple blogs or you have some experience with coding, you may find that b2evolution would be a better fit for your needs. It can easily accommodate a site owner’s desire to expand to multiple pieces of internet real estate. Whether you want to own two blogs or 200, it’s all the same to the software. You may not have as much variety in design options, but you have some flexibility in being able to customize the skins available with b2evolution, so you aren’t stuck with taking the design options available “out of the box.”

Ultimately, the answer to the question, WordPress vs. b2evolution: which one is best depends on you and your online goals. Since both options are open source software, you can always choose one of the content management systems and apply for your blogging business.

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