How to Attract and Build contextual Links for an E-Commerce Site

The higher the placement of the link, the more valuable it is for your page. That is why contextual links are very much targeted by search professionals since they believe in the value those backlinks could provide to their brands or websites in terms of generating more referral traffic and assisted conversions.

contextual links

There are many ways to build contextual backlinks today, but most of the strategies I’ve known are dependent on the quality of content a certain business could provide.

The higher the placement of the content, the possibility of getting successful contextual links after launch is higher.

In this post, I’d like to share a process that you can follow to build in-content links for your e-commerce site’s content.

Let’s get started.


Prospecting is the initial phase in link building and is most commonly known as basic link building research. This is where you will gather the basic information of your targets that you will reach out to earn links for your content.

Actionable link prospecting tips:

Once you start gathering a decent amount of link prospects, it is better to use the search operator: related, rather than just using normal link prospecting queries like “write for us” or “guest post” to search for more guest blogging opportunities. Remember that you need to outperform your competitors; so don’t just follow their footprints.

Use general directories (e.g. Alltop) and niche directories to easily find high-tier link targets.
Identify your market audience by looking at your site’s category pages. Determine the niches of your potential customers. It could not be as direct answers as possible (i.e. pet owners for pet supplies stores). Your customers could come from other industries like parenting, kids, student and mommy blogs.

Pick up sites that are easy to engage with (see if they have an active brand manager that can help you with your content promotion). You can also use their social profiles as your basis (do they participate in some discussions, re-tweeting their followers’ posts, etc.)

You can also target niche or local media outlets (journalists/reporters). They could be your big promoters of your content but take note that they’re very selective with the stories they’d like to cover for their news sites. Hence, do make sure that you include to your document/spreadsheet their best interests in your niche.
Content Creation

Content marketing has been the common ground of battle for brands in any industry today. The more useful, authoritative and creative your content is, the better off it can reach out to a wider targeted audience.

For an e-commerce website, content doesn’t necessarily mean a blog post or an article written by an expert from your team.

Take a look at this auto website – AutoZone.

Autozone provides content that helps their users learn more about their products and services and makes it easy for their brand to pull in customers for sales.

Below are some notable content assets of AutoZone.

Contextual links

Store Locator

autozone seo

This asset allows visitors to know the exact location of stores that are close to their places, which makes it easy for them to buy products from the brand and get in touch with it for more product purchasing or services.

Contextual links results

Deals & Savings

There are many e-commerce sites that have their own deals or savings pages, but the only thing that separates wheat from chaff is the design of the page.

Autozone invests in design not only for the overall website but in every page they want to publish.

Adding navigational menu in the right/left sidebar of the page makes it easy for people to quickly find what they want.

Link results

Troubleshooting Guide

Guides are one of the best formats of content because they sum up all the discussions, comments and information found on the web about very specific topic readers/consumers would like to be aware of or learn more about.

Autozone has a one-stop guide for visitors who’re looking for tips and strategies on how to troubleshoot their car parts. The troubleshooting guide has specific sections (e.g. feel like) that can help you easily find the information you’re looking for.

Link results-Contextual links

The success of a specific content asset depends on the industry of the brand, its available resources, and how it is being promoted to a target audience.

You can check out this post on OSI Affiliate to learn more on how you can create content for e-commerce websites.

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Now, let’s move on to outreach.


When posts or assets are published on the site, chances are there’ll be incoming links a few days after launch (assuming the content is high quality or the brand has a ready community to promote those pages).

When the buzz dies down, outreach is needed to build more relevant links to the content.

A few things to consider in outreach:

Semi personalize your emails by adding specific details of the link target (name, brand name, interest, useful post/page in his/her site, etc.)
Schedule your emails at peak hours of your outreach targets (you can find time zones of your potential linkers).
If you’re reaching out to journalists or reporters, write your emails from scratch. Make sure your emails are straightforward and really add value to their audience (include your content’s unique value proposition).
Final thoughts

Spend time in doing market research for content creation so you will be assured that your content will naturally earn contextual links after it is launched.

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