BLOG vs. FatCow – Which One is the Right Hosting Choice?


The battle of hosting companies between vs. FatCow is an important one. It shows many of the advantages and disadvantages of both. Here’s how the battle breaks down. vs. FatCow

Both and FatCow have similar features, as do most hosting companies. Shared hosting is very similar when it comes to features. However, FatCow does offer unlimited domain hosting with their package, while requires an upgrade for this feature.



The other major difference between vs. FatCow is seen in the MySQL Databases. The two lower level packages found at are not unlimited, while the package offered by FatCow offer unlimited MySQL Databases. The same goes for the email accounts offered by the two companies.


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Eco-Friendly Hosting from and FatCow

Eco-Friendly Hosting

Both companies offer a wind power offset for all the servers they are using. This makes both FatCow hosting and hosting eco-friendly. However, is 150% wind powered, while FatCow is only 100% wind powered.


Battle Winner for Eco-Friendliness is


Site Builder Options for FatCow vs vs. FatCow

The site builder matters when you’re new to hosting. Whether you plan to build your site with the included site builder or use one of the content management systems, such as WordPress or Joomla, you need to make sure you get the right option for your project.


FatCow and both offer site builders and WordPress with every hosting account. This makes it easy to build your website without any issue. However, the WordPress option with FatCow is a little bit better because of the hosting company’s experience with WordPress hosting.


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VPS and Dedicated Hosting from and FatCow

Sometimes, you need more than just a shared hosting package. Maybe you’ve outgrown your shared hosting account and you want to upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting. When this happens, you need a company you can trust with this type of hosting.


Both and FatCow offer VPS hosting options. With, the price starts at $29.70 per month and goes up as high as $67.95 per month. The packages provide plenty of resources and all the necessitates to get you moving in the right direction.


FatCow provides VPS hosting starting at $19.99 per month and it goes up to $79.99 per month. The best part about choosing VPS hosting from FatCow is the incredible resources they give you. With FatCow, you will get more bandwidth than most other VPS hosting companies and more storage.


VPS_Hosting_FatCow doesn’t offer dedicated hosting, whereas FatCow does. With FatCow, you can upgrade to your own server for more resources, security and speed. The cost starts at $119.99 and goes as high as $191.99. This option allows for more resources when you outgrow VPS hosting.


Dedicated Hosting FatCow

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Support from FatCow and

Support is vital to your overall success. Without great support, you will struggle to get anything done. The support also shows many other weaknesses of the company. offers okay supports, but since this is a domain registrar first and a web hosting company second, they don’t offer the best support possible.


FatCow, on the other hand, provides some of the best technical support in the hosting industry. They provide customers with plenty of friendly support options 24/7.


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Cost of Shared Hosting from FatCow and

If cost matters to you, the choice between vs. FatCow hosting is a very easy choice. offers a very low level package starting at $3.75 per month and a higher level package for as much as $13.75. This is a bit expensive for the options they offer.


FatCow offers just one shared hosting package, which rivals the most expensive package from The price for this package is $3.15 per month on a multi-year plan or you can get it on a month-to-month plan for $5 per month. Even if you choose just a one-year plan, the package from FatCow is only $3.67 per month



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Overall Battle Results for vs. FatCow

If cost, features and support matter to you, the clear winner of this battle is FatCow hosting. offers good hosting, but they are a domain registrar first. Simply put, FatCow Hosting is the better option.


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