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DotBlock Review

DotBlock is a privately owned company web hosting company which is owned by Its sister web hosting company is a multi-million dollar enterprise situated in upstate New York.

DotBlock was established in 1999, and has established a customer base of approximately 50,000 sites during that time. That is amazing numbers, this is why we did the hostblock review.

dotblock review

Its headquarters is located in Clifton Park, NY, an area called the state’s Tech Valley. It is one of 1,000 tech companies which have decided to locate in the region.

The area is known for its abundance of skilled workers and low risk of natural disasters. These factors bode well when choosing a web hosting company.

DotBlock has developed a reputation for focusing on providing exemplary customer service during the entire sales cycle.

Its sales staff focus on helping customers find the right solution for their needs. Once a customer comes on board, the company’s billing agents offer money-saving solutions and the customer service agents are available to answer questions about web hosting.

Features of DotBlock VPS Hosting

The company’s distributed VPS hosting options allow customers to select the data center location that is best for their particular target maker.

Choosing a data server located close to a company’s users allows faster connection to the server.

All of DotBlock’s data server locations are both reliable and unique, and customers are free to choose the one that best fits their needs. These locations are based in New York, Chicago, San Jose and Amsterdam.

New York Server Location

This location features over 10,000 square feet of data center space with on-site staff available on a 24-hour, 365-day-per year basis. It has redundant rooftop 65-ton AC units for maximum cooling for the servers.

It uses high-end gigabit Ethernet infrastructure and Cisco routers and switches. A redundant 10Gbit fiber loops directly to a nationwide fiber network.

The location has active monitoring systems in place. There is a full diesel backup for all equipment. The generator automatically comes on within four seconds following a power failure.

This is long before the battery backup starts to fade out. A number of separate APC battery backup unites are also in place in case of a power failure.

Chicago Server Location

The Chicago server location features a 42-inch raised flooring to provide the servers with maximum cooling. Forty-eight unit locking cabinets and private cages are available. The location is staffed on a 24/7/365 basis.

Security is tight, with bullet-resistant protection at the security check-in. Active and passive monitoring systems are in place. A dual factor authentication system (keycard and biometrics) is also used.

Power, network and HVAC availability is fully guaranteed. Over 360 GB per second of diversely-routed capability is available.

This location provides isolated and redundant electrical feeds, guaranteeing an uninterrupted supply of power. Backup power is supplied by an environmentally-friendly, battery-free rotary power backup.

San Jose Server Location

The San Jose server location features more than 18,000 square feet in its single store of space. It has a cooling capacity of 1.75 KW per cabinet.

The facility has a physical “man trap” entry security feature, as well as electronic measures (CCTV monitors, motion detectors, hand geometry readers and more). Security guards are on staff on a 24/7 basis.

This location provides customers with an overhead proprietary cable tray system a multi-tier ladder rack. It allows ethernet service providers to connect to CENs and expand the reach of Ethernet services.

The electrical capacity is 2.4 KVA per cabinet. Standby power in Phase 1 is three 750 KW diesel engine generators. In Phase 2, four 2,000 kW diesel engine generators are available.

Amsterdam Server Location

This location has more than 29,000 square feet of data center space in a concrete structure with bulletproof glass.

The door is fireproof. The entry is controlled by a security officer in an armored office window, which is further secured by a mantrap.

Turnstiles are used to access the data center, and access is restricted through a dual factor authentication system (keycard and door code).

Automated network provisioning enables ethernet service providers to interconnect to CENs. There is a central switch for public and private peering.

For backup power, five generators are available at 2.1 MVA each. As you can see with this dotblock review that they offer massive locations.


DotBlock monitors all basic services as part of its customers’ hosting package. For the fee, you get the following monitored proactively by the company:

CPU Load
Free Disk Space
Mail Queue
Memory Usage

The company will also monitor your hardware on a continuous basis. Technicians track it on a 24-hour-a-day basis. If anything should happen to fail, DotBlock will replace it right away.

Network Availability Guarantee

DotBlock guarantees that its network will be available 99.99 percent of the time. If the company is unable to fulfill its promise, it will credit a customer’s account, with no questions asked.

Pricing from DotBlock and this Dotblock review

This company’s pricing policy is simple and easy to understand. Customers order plans in blocks which correspond to numbers of GBs of memory.

1 GB 20 GB Storage 500 GB Bandwidth $9.95/month

2 GB 30 GB Storage 1 TB Bandwidth $19.95/month

3 GB 40 GB Storage 2 TB Bandwidth $29.95/month

4GB 50 GB Storage unmetered $39.95/month

5GB 60 GB Storage unmetered $49.95/month

6GB 70 GB Storage unmetered $59.95/month

7GB 80 GB Storage unmetered $69.95/month

8GB 90 GB Storage unmetered $79.95/month

9GB 100 GB Storage unmetered $89.95/month

10GB 110 GB Storage unmetered $99.95/month

11GB 120 GB Storage unmetered $109.95/month

12GB 130 GB Storage unmetered $119.95/month

13GB 140 GB Storage unmetered $129.95/month

14GB 150 GB Storage unmetered $139.95/month

15GB 160 GB Storage unmetered $149.95/month

16GB 170 GB Storage unmetered $159.95/month

17GB 180 GB Storage unmetered $169.95/month

18GB 190 GB Storage unmetered $179.95/month

19GB 200 GB Storage unmetered $189.95/month

20GB 210 GB Storage unmetered $199.95/month

21GB 220 GB Storage unmetered $209.95/month

22GB 230 GB Storage unmetered $219.95/month

23 GB 240 GB Storage unmetered $229.95/month

24 GB 250 GB Storage unmetered $$239.95/month

With its multiple locations and straightforward pricing, DotBlock review is worth considering for website owners who need their own virtual private server.

They can easily scale up as their needs change, and having proximity to their customer base will only help improve their website capability.

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