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Duda is a brand that is trusted among Internet users. The company’s DudaOne Responsive Website Builder and Mobile Website Builder are popular tools that make it easy to create beautiful websites. You don’t need any specialized knowledge of coding to make the dream of owning your own website a reality. This is an amazing site builder, this is why we worked hard to break this Duda review down for you.

The Duda Company Story-Duda Review

The Duda Company Story

duda review

The development and subsequent popularity of the smartphone played a role in the Duda company getting off the ground. In early 2008, two friends and SAP colleagues, Amir Glatt and Itai Sadan, were looking at the first iPhone. They quickly realized that this new technology wasn’t a great choice for browsing websites.

Glatt and Sadan also realized that small and medium-sized businesses would have difficulty creating mobile-friendly versions of their websites. This portion of the market would be stymied from lack of knowledge and budgetary considerations. The pair founded their company, Duda, in 2010, to reach out to this niche and “level the playing field.”

Duda now operates in partnership with some of the largest companies in the industry, including Google, GoDaddy, Yahoo!, AT&T, DreamHost, and more.

DudaOne Responsive Website Builder

The DudaOne Responsive Website Builder is an excellent choice if you want to build a blog, one-page site, business website or online store. There are a number of templates available developed around common themes, such as:


Benefits of Responsive Website Builder.
duda Responsive Website Builder

Drag and Drop Images. The editor is easy to use; it uses simple drag-and-drop technology to help you place images onto the page. You’ll be able to see immediately what the web page will look like and you can make changes if you don’t like something about the layout.

Add Widgets Easily. The same technique you use to add images can also be used to add widgets to your website. When you include extras like Online Scheduling for appointments, a Maps feature so clients can find your office or store, and Click-to-Call so they can reach out immediately, you are more likely to turn internet browsers into buyers.

Integrate with Web-based Solutions. Responsive Website Builder makes it easy to integrate your website with solutions like PayPal so that your customers can place orders, Disqus Comments for your blog and Yelp Reviews.

Optimize SEO. Help to ensure that your website can be found by search engines by implementing a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy from the outset. This website builder tool allows you to set up page titles and descriptions, as well as 301 redirects.

Track Site Analytics. As a website owner, you need accurate data to understand how well your site is performing. Duda’s Responsive Website Builder comes equipped with an advanced analytics dashboard so you can see exactly who your site visitors are and where they are from.

Mobile Website Builder

With so many users accessing the internet from handheld devices, the need for a mobile-friendly website has never been greater. Duda’s Mobile Website Builder is packed with a number of attractive features to help you reach this goal.

Stylish Templates. The number of available templates continues to grow over time. They form the foundation of every Duda site.

Multiple Font Styles. Your website builder tools include over 50 font styles. The font you choose can define your company’s brand, from playful to professional. In offering such a wide variety, Duda recognizes that not all businesses are alike and wants to give its customers the creativity they need when developing their online presence.

Drag-and-Drop Editor. Conveniently pick up and move images, text and other features around your page so that you can see what they will look like to a viewer when published. This feature makes putting together a web page a much quicker and easier process for you.

Change Backgrounds. Find a background you like, but you want to make some changes? You can change it a little (or a lot) to suit your brand.

Copy Page Design. Copy an entire page and use the design in another area of your site if you wish. This website builder gives you the flexibility to do it your way.

Support for Mobile Website Builder

If you ever need help with the Mobile Website Builder, Duda offers a number of support options:

Online Support Page
Email support via support[at]
Self-help Center by visiting

Try Duda for Free

If you want to take Duda for a test drive for either a responsive site or a mobile site, the good news is that you can sign up for free. You’ll get the following:

Responsive Site:

Natively Responsive Website
Duda Domain (
Duda Ads
Web Hosting on Amazon Cloud
Unlimited Access to Insite
Limited Analytics

10-product store
2 Product categories
Paypal, Stripe and Global Gateway Payment Providers
Order and customer management tools

Mobile-only Website:

Basic Website Features
Duda Domain (
Analytics and Tracking
Web Hosting on Amazon Cloud
Community Support
Duda Ads

Business Paid Package

The paid Responsive Website is available under the following conditions:

$14.25/month (annual plan)
$299.00 Site for Life

Natively Responsive Website
Custom Domain (
Secure Connection
Site Backup
Unlimited Access to Insite
Full Analytics and Tracking
Web Hosting on Amazon Cloud
Email Support

10-product store
2 Product categories
Paypal, Stripe and Global Gateway Payment Providers
Order and customer management tools

Premium Mobile Package

The paid mobile plan is available at the following price points:

$7.20/month on an annual plan
$159.00 site for life

Custom Domain (
No Duda Ads
Premium Features, such as Click to Call
Analytics and Tracking
Web Hosting on Amazon Cloud
Email Support

Why Consider Duda Responsive Website Builder and Mobile Website Builder

Duda’s Responsive Website Builder and Mobile Website Builder pack a lot of features into the free version that you don’t see in similar products online. This gives you the chance to invest a bit of time, work with the features and see if you like what you see. Then you can make a decision to upgrade to a paid plan that will allow you to use your own domain and go ad-free.If you have ever used or been using them, please add to our duda review so we can keep all users informed on any changes.

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