FastWebHost Review: Shared and Cloud Hosting Specialisation

An in-depth FastWebHost review, a hosting company based in USA and India.

FastWebHost is a premium hosting company that targets shared hosting plans. We have really put together a FastWebHost review so you can see what we think of them. I recently came across this company when I realized that the cost of hosting my websites was getting too large. I was also quite tired of working with companies that weren’t offering sufficient services and performance.

FastWebHost is an ideal solution if you are someone who develops and hosts plenty of websites on a single server. This company has optimized it servers to work with several websites, allowing you to get the best of everything when it comes to shared hosting.

FastWebHost Review - Data Center

The problem with most shared hosting companies is that they do not offer fast enough servers. Since a lot of people are using the same server, the server has to be equipped with premium hardware to catch on.

FastWebHost excels simply because it has fast servers at the backend capable of hosting many websites without performance constraints. In this review I will share my core experiences with the company.

California-based FastWebHost, is a private company that specializes in shared hosting and cloud based VPS plans. Since 2002, they have succeeded in providing affordable hosting; they host 200000 domains and cover over 150 countries. eHostPro’s was the name chosen by the company to operate until 2011.

FastWebHost Review: Specialties and Services

First of all, for anyone looking for a shared hosting, the price is the key factor in deciding who to go with. I am including the list of the different packages and services offered by FastWebHost company so you can decide whether it falls in your budget or not: FastWebHost review offers very basic packages.

With no extra charges on additional features, the two plans offered are of great value to anyone. Let’s have a detailed look at these packages.

FastWebHost offers three shared hosting tiers in which each of them has the MySQL database, limited bandwidth, and email accounts.

Not only this, it includes features like latest version update, file manager, FTP accounts (unlimited) free website, Webalizer stats, one-click installation for 300 apps and much more.

Apart from this huge list of services, FastWebHost also offers live technical 24/7 support. I have personally tried their support with complete satisfaction. Because of a very high number of individuals using their services, no phone support is offered.

A ticketing system is available online which tells you when a customer representative will contact you as soon as you file your complaint. The go through time for a complaint is less than 24 hours which is great for people who do not like waiting too much.

Submit Ticket

FastWebHost is also a great choice for people who want to migrate their sites to a new hosting company. This is because FastWebHost offers free migration services. When you sign up for a plan, a customer representative will talk to you and the migration process will begin. The technical staff from the company does everything you need get to get done in order to go online with your new company.

Apps that are available include content management system like Drupal and WordPress e-commerce software, blogging system, shopping carts for multiple purchases. Every account will have a webmail, antispam, antivirus and auto email responder.

You can purchase an IP address for shared hosting accounts just like for SSL certificate.

The number of domains and disk space will determine the plan you should opt for.

Virtual Servers

VPS hosting has six configurations, all you need to know is the disc space, CPU cores, bandwidth, and RAM. SSD drives the host, and there is an inclusion of root access, firewalls, anycast DNS, backups.  The cloud-based control panel is also available with CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian.

If you are looking for reliable speed, then the VPS plans of FastWebHost offer 20 megabytes per second connection rates with 10 Gigabit network.

FastWebHost Review: Infrastructure

FastWebHost is in partnership with Liquid web that helps them maintain a good server; they are based in the US amongst the three of Liquid Webs data centers. FastWebHost servers are built with the most recently introduced technology, with an abundant amount of power ad power conditioner to make sure steady electricity with no short comings what so ever.

Also, features 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters. FastWebHost makes sure to monitor 24*7 with site technicians and engineers ready to jump in if anything goes wrong.

FastWebHost Review: Customer Service and Support

FastWebHost not only offers but also acts upon its words when they say they provide you full 24-hour customer support, seven days a week, you can choose anything from live chat to the online help desk. They usually response back in 15 – 20 mins! Not only this they also offer extensive knowledge base, flash based tutorials and FAQs.

FastWebHost along with new domains offer free transfers. There will be many of you out there who might not have experienced this with other web hosting providers. So, you better start backing up your existing server and best would be that you leave some overlap timer moving those old files will be much easier and quicker.

FastWebHost Review: Backup Options

FastWebHost gives you the opportunity to transfer for free with new domains. Just like how the latest technology of your phone back up works week after week backups same way these backups work, week after week your entire data will be backed up.

Now you are already well aware of the 5 Gigabytes, so what happens when you exceed 5 Gigabytes limit? You will be excluded from the weekly backup plan but can apply for the restoration plan after paying an additional amount.

Well for a smart person that I’m sure you are it’s always a good idea to store backups somewhere else. This comes in real handy when you have to deal with any issue that isn’t a week old but older then you can easily access you back storage and rectify the problem.

FastWebHost Review: Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Reliable and flexible experience can be felt when you are dealing with three packages that are one better than the other: Enterprise plan, Business plan and Value plan.

The features are:

  • # 50 – 100 GB web space
  • # cPanel Hosting Panel
  • # unlimited Band width
  • # IP Address

Specification of plans are:

  • # Free Domain Transfer
  • # cPanel
  • # CMS
  • # Website builder
  • # Domain Parking
  • # Unlimited Email Accounts
  • # MySQL Databases


  • # WHM/cPanel reseller panel
  • # 500 -1200 GB bandwidth
  • # 50 – 120 GB Web space
  • # Unlimited Domains

Extra Features:

  • # Unlimited MySQL Database
  • # cPanel
  • # Domain parking
  • # Scalability options

FastWebHost  Review: Control Panel and Features

  • # SMTP server and POP3 email accounts
  • # Antispam feature and Antivirus Scanning
  • # SSL – Free secure server
  • # Cron jobs
  • # File Manager
  • # Webalizer Statics and logs
  • # Backup / restore
  • # PHP web hosting Support
  • # Unlimited FTP accounts, MySQL Databases

Uptime Guarantee

FastWebHost guarantees you 99.9% uptime for reseller and shared hosting. If your company doesn’t reach this limit, the company can be demanded to pay credits.

Customers will get all the transfer. You can write your payback request at The FastWebHost page is very well managed 24*7, therefore, keep running in case of an outage.

Why FastWebHost?

  • # Very Low prices initially, therefore you can decide over thirty-day period without having to lose much
  • # Because it’s cheap, they suit every wallet, therefore, tempt most of the customers.
  • # FastWebHost review offers you not one not two but three web hosting plans that are Business pan, value plan, and Enterprise plan. Initially, you pay 24 $/ year, 12$/year and 36$/year, so if you break it down it will be only 2$/mo, 1$/mo, and 3$/mo respectively, sounds great doesn’t it
  • # The company will not charge you with any setup fee for any web hosting plan. And one year is the only billing cycle, which is an advantage.
  • # Freebies are a lot!

Freebies that will get you tempted are:

  • # Free website builder, with all features included like drag and drop, templates (over 180 + pre-made)
  • # Previous web host data transfer for free. This service provided by FastWebHost acts as a courtesy, therefore, there might be situations where it won’t be able to help you. The free transfer is available to you only the period of thirty days only. Any request after that will be charged.
  • # Free cPanel is included in every web hosting plans of FastWebHost. They are designed in a such a way that they are easy to use and helps you to deal with simple tasks like file editing, browsing server log, creating a database, creating Cron jobs, etc. You can try this amazing yet simple feature by directly going into FastWebHost feature list.
  • # Site, management, scripting feature and basic email.
  • # With FastWebHost you will find the most basic features that are required to make and maintain a website. These features that you should consider are included in all web hosting plans.
  • # Email features: Like mentioned before unlimited accounts of emails, Antivirus and auto responder
  • # Database features: MySQL unlimited with phpMyAdmin access
  • # Features like: PHP, Perl, SSI, Python, CGI-BIN and .htaccess
  • # Other features include a Softaculous installer and HTML editor.


You should keep these things in mind too:

#1 Triple renewal prices: they might be cheap in the being like calculated above but when the price is doubled it certainly doesn’t remain cheap. Current renewal prices are as follows:

  • # 35.88$/year , average up to 2.99$/mo
  • # 59.88$/year, average up to 4.99$/mo
  • # 95.88$/year, average up to 7.99$/mo

These still sound reasonable but main issues will come if and when a company decides to change its prices.

#2 Limitations in features: They undoubtedly meet every basic need, but there are many other aspects still to be taken care of.

The three big plans are operated by one common thing that is the disk storage capacity and a number of ousted websites.

  • # VALUE PLAN: 1 hosted domain with 20 GB storage
  • # BUSINESS PLAN: 10 Hosted domains with 50 GB storage
  • # ENTERPRISE PLAN: Unlimited disk storage plus domains

The company offers you only weekly backup whereas daily backups are much more preferred. It doesn’t end to being weekly only, you are provided with only one backup copy, for any restoration purposes you will have to pay an additional fee.

Any website using more than 5 GB storage will not be backed up automatically. So, it’s vital that you keep enough back up yourself.

FastWebHost Billing and Payment

FastWebHost will accept payment that is done using Visa, American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, and Discover. You can also opt for payment pitons like wire transfer, western union, money order and checks. These payment methods are nonrefundable. Payment has to be made within ten days of invoking or account can be suspended.

Every plan that you have read about offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you happen to cancel any time before thirty days you will be refunded, minus the cost of domain reiteration. No VPS plan is refundable. Any request for cancellation has to be requested in writing while using the cancellation form from your control panel.

FastWebHost is a very fast growing web hosting company. They never fail to offer a range of services at low yet competitive prices. It has an Award winning customer support service.

Unlike others, they have concentrated on business customers more. Their storage might be limited, but this is what puts them on the edge as it helps better and proper management of resources.


FastWebHost is a great hosting company because of its extremely affordable packages. If you read the review, you already realized that the price is insane for so many features offered. If that isn’t enough to satisfy you, FastWebHost has one of the best customer support programs out there.

I have worked with plenty of shared hosting companies and have not come across such smooth customer support services. This alone makes the hosting company an excellent choice to go for.

If you are hosting many small websites that do not necessarily obtain huge amounts of traffic, then FastWebHost is one of the best companies you can work with today.

If you wish to have a hosting which is dedicated to you, FastWebHost is the one. Hope our FastWebHost review helped to make a business decision.