Why Should your Website be Very Fast?

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A fast website provides plenty of benefits and it’s a necessary thing. There are many reasons you need to make sure your website isn’t sluggish. Here’s a quick look at the main reasons your website should be as fast as possible and how to find out if you need to improve your speed.


Fast Website-Search Engine Optimization

fast website

Did you know, a portion of your search engine ranking is based on how fast your website loads? If you have exactly the same SEO score as another site, for the same keyword phrase, but your site loads slower, you will rank lower. You need to have a fast loading website if you want great SEO.


If your site loads slower than your competition, it could be causing you to lose ranking in Google. This means, you could be missing out on a huge amount of traffic.


The first listing in Google gets the most traffic, while the second and third listings get a majority of what is left. There’s a huge difference in a listing on the first page compared to the second or third page.


A sluggish website could be costing you in the search rankings. With more speed, you may end up ranked higher and you may just get more traffic.



When a visitor tries to click on your website and it takes more than a couple seconds to load, they may leave. This means, you don’t have the opportunity to convert that website traffic into a sale or subscriber. Every missed opportunity lowers your conversion percentage and your ability to profit from your website.


Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Another big factor for SEO is your bounce rate. A sluggish website will always have a high bounce rate because visitors leave before they can really see the content. This is a big problem and when you combine a sluggish site and a high bounce rate, your ranking in the search engines will certainly suffer.


Both the speed and the bounce rate can be fixed by making your website load faster. This can help increase your search ranking, as well.


Lack of Patience

People are not as patient today as they used to be. The days of waiting minutes for websites to load are far behind us. Most won’t even wait 5 seconds and even a 100-microsecond increase in your load times can cost you 1% of your sales.


If your site takes five seconds or longer to load, it’s only as fast as 25% of the websites on the internet. Even if it takes a full 1.7 seconds to load, you are only faster than 75% of the websites.


Fast Loading Website

However, if you can get your site to load faster than one second, you are getting to where you have a very fast loading site. The goal should be to get a speed score from Google of 80 or higher. You can check your speed with the Google Insights tool here . Our goal is to help you make your fast website convert better so your making more money..


By using the tool from Google, you will find out what you can change to make your website load faster. Some of the issues can easily be fixed with a free plugin, if you are using WordPress. Other issues may require a little bit of coding, but there are plenty of support forums with answers to fixing most common speed issues.


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