Getting Better Fees as a Freelance Writer

Times are tough and it seems everyone wants to earn a little extra scratch. With the prevalence of computers and the internet, it only makes sense to try and work from home if possible. One way to do just that is through freelance writing job. Whether you choose to write freelance part-time or depend on your writing for your entire income, it is important to make wise employment choices. Not all writing gigs are created equal. And without prior knowledge it can be hard to know whether the compensation you are receiving is adequate or not.

A Little Extra-Freelance Writer

freelance writer

Ad-Click blogs are an easy way to make a few extra bucks. They only exist in the online world. And as a result, they do not earn a lot of money. When blogs are not raking in the big bucks, they cannot afford to pay their writers much. These blogs generally have a high content requirement to increase traffic and create more pages for ads. With such a large number of necessary articles and minimal income, owners cannot afford to pay a significant amount for each posting.

Small boutique companies may need some specialized writing for their website. These small businesses generally don’t have the funds to pay a large amount for every post. But writing for small businesses can build up your experience and portfolio and help you land bigger, better writing jobs in the future.

Big Companies Equal Big Bucks

Charging a hefty fee for your writing is much easier when working for a large company or corporation. Asking $100 per article isn’t outside the realm of possibility, as that money is simply a drop in the bucket to them. These companies know how important it is to have quality content when promoting their sites.

High-end merchandise and services require the very best in the writing world. Expensive products mean more difficult sales, and companies know they have to invest money before they can expect to make a significant amount of money on their products and services.

Become a Specialist

The best way to make a decent wage while doing freelance writing is by becoming a specialist. It doesn’t matter what you want to become an expert in. Every subject needs good content at one time or another. Niche blogs need highly specialized writing done all the time, and they’re often willing to pay a premium to ensure good quality.

The highest-paying clients often post their contract ads on job boards that only have a select audience. They’re after a certain type of writer and will go looking in places they know they’ll be able to find the best. The job boards that charge a fee to companies wishing to share employment opportunities tend to attract the most serious clients.

When it comes to freelance writing, you must value your time. Don’t simply do work for pennies on the dollar. Instead, find the companies and specialties that will allow you to excel and reach your full potential. Once you land a few decent jobs, you’ll only open doors to bigger and better things down the road. There is freedom in being a freelance writer, a whole new world.

Once you become a freelance writer we recommend going to some agency’s to get started. There are a few big places out there that can help find you jobs and collect the payment ahead of the work so you know your getting paid. Thats one of the biggest obstacles these days is knowing who you can trust and when they will really pay you.

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