Globat Review-This Company Has Been Here over 10 years

Presenting our Globat review, one of the recommended web hosting companies out there.


If you wish to grow your already existing site rapidly, it won’t be possible for you to migrate to a more advanced hosting option without switching companies.


However, there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who would not need a VPS or a higher web hosting provider to host their small business or personal websites.



What is Globat?


Globat is a web hosting company that provides reliable, superior and cost effective hosting solutions to small businesses and individuals alike.


The company was founded back in 2001 and over the years, it has emerged as one of the leading hosting companies in the world. Globat provides cost effective hosting solutions to more than 100,000 customers across the globe.


The solutions it provides are affordable, which makes it a top choice amongst individuals and small businesses that are on a restricted budget. This is an excellent Globat review below from actual customers.


Globat Review


This company is also part of the Endurance International Group, which owns dozens of web hosting companies. It can be viewed as an exquisite thing since the company is backed by a large and well-established company for their financial and technical requirements.


Plans Offered by Globat


Globat is a vDeck host. 


It uses the same vDeck control panel that is used by iPage and FatCow. Currently, two different hosting plans, the GX01 and GX19 are offered by it.


Both the plans offer unlimited websites with unlimited disk space, and you can host bandwidth too. However, the GX01 provides a limit of 50 MySQL databases. And with GX19 there is no such limit.


Globat also provides free domain to those who buy its hosting packages. It also offers free of charge Linux hosting solutions, PHP, imaging hosting, e commerce hosting and MySQL hosting. There are different hosting plans available at Globat including GX01 and GX 19.


GX 01


Globat Review GX 1


The GX 01 hosting plan available at Globat can be purchased by paying a small charge of $4.44 per month. The features of the plan include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, along with 50 MySQL databases. You can also host unlimited additional domains. This is the most basic plan available at Globat.



Other features of the plan include unlimited email accounts, free site builder, free templates, free photo album, free setup and it also supports Perl, FTP, CGI and PHP. Moreover, you also get free domain registration, free shopping card, stats and SSL, free blogging application and round the clock customer support services.


During any point in time you feel the need of getting help, you can always get in touch with the company’s support staff and get assistance.


The company also offers 30-day money back guarantee which means that you can get your money refunded if you don’t like the company’s services or face any other issues with its services.


GX 19




The other plan available at Globat can be purchased for $19.99 per month.


The core features of this plan that differentiate it from GX 01 is commerce plan that comes with ShopSite plus, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases and option to host unlimited number of additional domains.


Other features of the plan include unlimited web mail accounts, free templates and site builder, free set up, free photo album, around the clock customer support, free blogging apps, free domain registration, free SSL, shopping card and stats.


It also comes in support of FTP, PHP, PERL and CGI.


Like the GX 01 plan, GX 19 also offers 30-day money back guarantee so at any point in time you feel the need of getting your money refunded, you can get it without any hassle.


Globat Review – Offer Price


$4.44/month is the cost of the GX01, which means $53.28/year. $19.95/month is the cost of the GX19 which means $239.40/month! The only 12-month contract is accessible, and future renewal price is unknown.


Globat Review: Features Compared


For Globat, its Simplicity first and then feature list!


Both the hosting packages offer everything that an entry level webmaster needs. However, the user can add many extra features.


This is apparently made intentionally since it has been tried by them to make sure that they provide the simplest user experience possible.


Some limitations on services like domain names, the number of MySQL databases, and other things are seen in the hosting packages.


For most customers, these limitations would not be any issue, but it is crucial to be conscious of them before signing up.


Globat Review – Customer Support Compared


Availability of good 24/7 support.


Globat offers the outstanding technical support and Customer service 24 hours per day. They can be called using the provided toll-free number, or you can also use their live chat features.


The tech support team is noticeably used in working with people who aren’t tech professionals, which is quite good for their target audience.


Globat Review – Uptime & Reliability Comparison


Many Globat customers have reported that no type of SLA or uptime guarantee is offered. That is not typical for companies that are engaged in only offering shared hosting.


Their servers are homed in a good data centers with power and circuit redundancy.


Also, while going through the reports, it is said that many customers also had experienced unexpected downtime for their sites but from this, we can conclude that many customers were using their shared servers.

Cancellation Policy


You may get a full refund on all the hosting fees if you cancel the account on signing up for 30 days.


All the requests for the cancellation are handled by the Support Team of Globat.


The refunds that are made in the 30 days’ money back guarantee do not comprise of setup fees, domain registration fees or any additional charges paid by you for the services obtained in the first 30 days.


This clearly means that if your hosting plan includes a free domain name, then the refund amount would be calculated after deducting the domain fee and any other applicable taxes.


However, if you do not give up the domain name, then Globat would continue to take the possession of your domain name and no processing fees will be charged.


Here, one important thing to be noted is that the money back guarantee is only for payments made through credit cards. There are other costs associated with the other payments methods due to which the company is not able to offer the money-back guarantee of 30 days for them.




Many web hosts now offer unlimited disk space. While any hosts can not truly provide unlimited resources, however, Globat supports an average website that utilizes 20 megabytes, or less (1 gigabyte = 1,024 megabytes).




In addition to disk space, many web-hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth. Again, infinite bandwidth cannot be provided by any web host every month, but it is seen that Globat supports any website that uses 10 gigabytes or less easily.


If the site of yours has very high traffic (several million page views per month) or is image-centric, a dedicated or VPS hosting plan should be considered by you.




Wilshire data center ensures a highly controlled server environment with the use of the newest equipment. Cooling systems, Backup generators, as well as fire suppression, are included in it.


Globat combines this reliable environment with its B2 advanced hosting platform.


To offer the best of service, Globat offers optimum networking equipment from large enterprises like Cisco. Also, to offer good speed and bandwidth, the company has maintained a good relationship with Mzima Networks to ensure you experience minimum downtime time and faster uploading speed. No network is entirely perfect, but I can say that this one is pretty good.


Globat Review – Ease of Use


The Globat Command Console can be viewed as an easy-to-use custom control panel. The company enables many features like Monitoring space, bandwidth usage, access website stats, create e-mail accounts, develop MySQL databases, and much more for you. It’s not a giant brand name like cPanel, but the latest version is completely fine for most website owners.


Globat Review – Freebies


One of the better giveaway packages can be found in Globat. In addition to a free domain name, the following is brought with each account:

  •  # 25% off at Template Monster
  • # 33% discount at
  • # Two free photos from
  • # Free search marketing credits




A 30-day money-back guarantee with every plan is offered by Globat. This can be observed as plenty of time to determine if the service is right for you. If you are left unsatisfied for any reason, just a full refund can be asked by you.

Shopping Cart Included



The shopping cart software known as ShopSite is included in both the plans. Up to 15 products for GX01 and up to 50 for GX19 can be added up by you.


Free Domain Name


Free domain name is offered for one year only, and after that it can be renewed by you at $16.99


Bonus Offered at Globat Review


Being a Globat customer, you can avail bonus offers. For instance, the company offers $100 worth of Google Adwords bonus if you spend $25 from your pocket on them. I know a lot of web hosting companies but there are few that offer this bonus. Aside from that, you also get $25 worth of Yahoo! Search matching credit that you can easily redeem at Yahoo.


This comes free of charge; you can simply buy any of the hosting plans and get the credit for free. Additionally, also added in the bonus offers is web builder and Google web master tools.


With most of the hosting plans at Globat, you get free CM4all website creator tool. With the help of this tool, you can make and design any kind of website you want in a very simplified manner.


The company also offers advanced site builder tools for customers who have advanced needs. On the other hand, you also get Google web master tools as part of the hosting plans.


The tools will assist you in comprehending how the search engine giant views your website.


This is one of the most popular tools for understanding how to improve the traffic to your website and also understand why some of the pages are not doing well and what pages are causing problems.


You also get marketing tools as part of the hosting plans. The company delivers Globat Marketing tools services and products that come with complete guides, tips and hints that will help you understand the concept of effective marketing on the World Wide Web. The information can be obtained for free.


My Final Words – The Company Has some scope for Improvement


If you fall under category of people who are looking for a reliable web hosting provider under a tight budget, then Globat is an ideal choice.


The user-interface is quite intuitive and feature list is robust. You can easily raise a simple website with any of the web hosting plans offered by the company.


However, you would need to comprise on the functionality, as ease of use is what you have chosen over complex features with this company.


Though, their phone customer support really pleased me but I was utterly disappointed with their email support and live chat.


Not only me, but many of their customers have complained about their support system and I feel they should seriously look into this matter else they would lose their clients.


Thus, for a simple and easy to use website, select Globat Web Hosting Provider without thinking twice but if you are looking for a hosting provider for website that has a great volume of traffic. I would say Hang On and review the reviews of other providers on my site itself.