GoDaddy Review-Cheaper Domain Service With Coupons 2017

An in-depth GoDaddy review, one of the world’s premium and affordable web hosting service provider. 


GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world alongside being the largest web-hosting provider as well. The company has over 55 million under its management.


Some of the main features of GoDaddy include domain registers, domain transfers and domain renewal. GoDaddy has provided domains and hosting services to some of the most secure sites across the globe. It has over 11 million customers which shows how good a company it is, see our true top GoDaddy review.


GoDaddy Review


GoDaddy was founded in the year 1997, and it has made its name famous owing to the long-term experience and has now become the largest domain registrar on the Planet.


Word “largest” is appropriate here as there are over 13 million customers who have opted for GoDaddy.


Currently, GoDaddy offers over 40 products and has a huge customer base. It was initially named Jomax technologies and the founder of the company was Bob Parsons.


Aside from being a domain provider and web host, GoDaddy also happens to be the biggest provider in the world of new SSL certificates.




The company has over 3600 employees along with 600 internal developers. GoDaddy provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support services to its clients all over the world.


It also offers private domain registration through domain name registration services such as Domains by Proxy. It has a total of 9 facilities operating across the globe in California, Arizona, Washington, India and few others.


The company has its offices placed very strategically like Silicon Valley, Hyderabad, Seattle, Cambridge, Phoenix and Belfast that helps them reach users all around the world. The company offers you hosting plans for small businesses, professional web designing.


Even if you are a newbie in the world of domain/hosting registration, you will always get to hear about GoDaddy via NASCAR or Super Bowl commercials.


GoDaddy is a company that has proved that business isn’t always about money. They support a broad range of philanthropic causes like the company has made a significant donation to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix Zoo, and Arizona Humane Society.

Apart from all this, the company has offered full Support in Phoenix including a foot facility (270,000-square).


GoDaddy Review: Reasons for its Popularity


They are:


#1 Affordability:


The price quoted by the company is manageable to all: Approx. Around 2.3$/mo, you will enjoy a bandwidth which will be unlimited, 512 RAM with 30 GB storage (though the upcoming companies offer unlimited storage). Plus you get 100 free mail forwards; this helps a lot in the long run.


#2 Uptime Of Site:


GoDaddy makes their side of the bargain pretty clear by saying 99.9% uptime and to be honest more often the website isn’t down for more than 10mins. However I have faced 39 minutes of downtime too, and that has made me sad!


#3 cPanel Simplified:


GoDaddy offers you a simplified cPanel to control and monitor your website. The cPanel you will notice here is tweaked and a bit different than the others but don’t worry the change is all to a positive side.


If you wish to drag and drop, you can do that too for modules. The moment you sign up for cPanel, you will be shown a small video as an introduction on how to get started with your channel. Hence you face no troubles what-so-ever.




#4 Variation In Products:


GoDaddy has become large for a reason. It offers you every kind of hosting options. Managed, Managed VPS plus dedicate servers are available.


Not only that, GoDaddy has now become the largest domain name registrar. Upgrades are easy to find, and you can purchase SSL certificate and variant other add-ons too. What I most appreciated was tight integration of all products.


GoDaddy provides an assortment of services including the following:


  • arrowDomain registration
  • arrowWebsite builders
  • arroweCommerce solutions
  • arrowDomain transfers
  • arrowWebsite hosting


GoDaddy Review: Its Web Hosting


GoDaddy Review: Packages


GoDaddy provides three web hosting packages to customers including the Economy package, Deluxe package and Ultimate Package. The breakdown of the packages is as following:


Economy Package


The Economy package at GoDaddy includes 24/7 customer support, unlimited bandwidth, 1 website hosting, 100 GB disk space, 100 email addresses and 10 databases.


It operates on Linux operating system and windows operating system both. The decision of which one to go for is entirely the user’s discretion.


Deluxe Hosting


Deluxe hosting package includes 24/7 customer support, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, 25 databases, customizable mobile site, 500 email addresses and unlimited websites. The Deluxe hosting package can also run on both operating systems including Linux and Windows both. Keep reading for GoDaddy reviews.


Ultimate Hosting


The final web-hosting package available at GoDaddy that customers can opt for is ultimate hosting. Ultimate hosting package guarantees round the clock customer support, along with unlimited bandwidth, websites, unlimited data bases, unlimited email addresses, premium DNS, malware scanner and customizable mobile site. Ultimate also operates on Linux and Windows operating system.


Irrespective of the web-hosting package you choose at GoDaddy, you will get round the clock customer support service and easy to use site builders.


WordPress can be installed by one click as GoDaddy offers dedicated WordPress servers. The overall installation process of the WordPress sites is also very smooth- it takes one click to install WordPress on your site. GoDaddy also guarantees maximum uptime to customers.


Uptime is important because if your site faces a lot of downtime, traffic will be redirected to other sources and you will lose clients as well as revenue.


One of the best things about GoDaddy is that it can make your website increasingly mobile friendly. This is a huge advantage because other hosting companies don’t offer this service.


However at GoDaddy and with their Linux based plans, every WordPress site will be transformed into a mobile site. The biggest benefit of having GoDaddy is that it automatically converts any site to a mobile site without one having to lift a finger.


Moreover, it also optimizes the famous smartphones of our times including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.


There are a variety of site builders available at GoDaddy as well. All of them are available in different plans.


One is the personal site builder plan, other is Business and the third is Unlimited. With the personal plan, you can create up to 5 pages at a time, with 8700 professional images, 1GB disk space, 150GB bandwidth and 1 email address.


On the other hand, Business offers 10 pages, 8700 professional images, 10 GB disk space, 500 email addresses, 500 GB bandwidth and Locumenu management tool.


Lastly, the unlimited plan offers unlimited pages, 28K professional images, 1000 email addresses, 1000 GB bandwidth, 50 GB disk space, free SSL certificate and Locus menu management tool.


GoDaddy Review: Website Builder


You can easily develop simple website like basic business websites, portfolios and other similar sites. The website builder of GoDaddy offers lot of tools to easily set up a decent looking website packed with good features.


Some of the inbuilt features are photo gallery, form, audio player, HTML code embed, slideshow, button and many others.


GoDaddy Review: Money-Back Guarantee


You can ask for a refund in 45 day of subscribing to the services by GoDaddy. But, it is lengthier than the standardized 30day refund period normally offered by the companies.


GoDaddy Review: Customer Service and Support


GoDaddy offers you support 24*7 all through 360 days. They claim to have 5— in-house developers and 3,300 employees who take care of your needs.


You can gain access to every via support email or even by a phone call. Australia, UK, UA, Germany, France, France, Netherlands, and Spain can contact via local number provided to them. Though, you have to keep in mind that no live chats are covered by the support team.


Where does GoDaddy go wrong?


“GoDaddy Sells Everything “


Attitude:  Every time you choose to renew your domain or hosting name, you won’t be able to work it out smoothly as GoDaddy will always try to sell you upgrades that are additional. The moment you click on “renew hosting”, you will notice that a bunch of additional domains and email hosting, etc. are being suggested.


WordPress Issues:  random errors, no caching allowed


Random Errors: “Error establishing database “ is a common thing you will come across. I have personally come across this message three times in last two months. Well, it isn’t like repairing is difficult but for sure it starts to get on your nerves sooner or later.


GoDaddy Review: Uptime and Server error


Its like a love story… only in the beginning.


When I first started by signing up memory usage was hardly more than 150 MB of WordPress in hosting. Speed isn’t very fast but isn’t that slow that it annoys you.


Using the Jetpack Email updates for monitoring uptime of website has helped me a lot. It checks sites on a regular basis along with that sends you an alert email if and when the site is up or down.


2-3 times in a week, I usually come across an email that reads that my site is down, but it’s up within ten minutes.


Though there has been a time when my site was down till 39 minutes and my patience was being tested.


The message “Error establishing Database Connection” keeps popping up! This honestly annoys me a little though I believe that these errors are random in nature, and there isn’t anything particularly wrong with WordPress.


Though these issues are annoying at the same time, they are very easy to fix.


GoDaddy doesn’t allow you a caching plugin, and that turns out to be the tough way. Once I had installed WPSuper Cache, but unfortunately, the site broke down and to get it all fixed up took a lot of effort. Once in a blue moon, you might face error 520 too, but I’m sure these are random.


GoDaddy offers you a purpose built control panel that simplifies the task of configurations and customizations, just like other companies.


GoDaddy Review: Control Panel


The customers can use their normal login id to access the control panel; that is presently available on the GoDaddy website.


Control Panes has comprehensive controls that provide ease to perform on their domains and hosting plans.


The unfortunate part is that the screen is cluttered with information, hidden menus and links (which isn’t different from the actual site).


Therefore, it’s important that you go and familiarize yourself for better understanding. It does what needs to be done although it doesn’t look as elegant as cPanel plus you got to take some time to familiarize yourself.


Simple Control Panel is provided to dedicated virtual customers so that they can manage better without any hassle.


Does The Pros Weight Out The Cons?



There are two things to be kept in mind while answering that question as in the end it helps you decide whether you should use it or not?


First thing being your budget and second being your need for using WordPress.


If you are a small businessman who wishes to establish their presence in the internet world, there is nothing better than GoDaddy for you and your static website for your offline business.


But if you are on a level where you wish to use WordPress more often then, GoDaddy will put you under many restrictions.


Half of your time will go in fixing things on their cPanel. If you wish to opt for host WordPress either you can go for their Managed WordPress hosting plans or just opt for another web host that will give you a hassle free cPanel.




GoDaddy is a pioneer in the hosting industry. It offers excellent hosting services for commercial and personal uses owing to its good Linux- and Windows-based servers, dependable uptime and outstanding customer service.


To obtain more information about the company and its services, you can visit its official site after reading our GoDaddy review.


However, it is not an ideal choice for newbies due to various restrictions and experimental issues. Cheaper services with more flexible frameworks are better suited. Large-scale operations can use GoDaddy without any difficulties as it does provide dedicated resources for the same!