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If you were to ask people on the street to name 5 internet companies, many of them would put GoDaddy vps on the list. It’s one of the largest companies around, and they are assuredly a titan when it comes to hosting companies. They’re recognized by people who aren’t even in the industry, or even people who even own a computer.

They can attribute a lot of their success to being one of the first companies doing it, as well as having a pretty low price. It doesn’t hurt that their marketing team is pretty good at putting their brand in front of the masses. Regardless of the product, you’re definitely going to see a lot of people shifting towards them as a way to get their hosting done.

godaddy vps

As we know, just because a lot of people use the company doesn’t mean it’s good. Sure, you can generally expect for a company of a certain caliber to be held to a higher standard than a lot of the others out there, it may not be the case. But, in alluding to the first sentence, the opposite could definitely be said, as well.

Here, we’re going to give you the rundown of the company and let you know about the experiences that some people have had with the company, as well.

The Specs

One of the cool things about GoDaddy vps is the fact that they basically have plans for everyone. This is one of the perks of being in the business for quite some time; they’ve done the research and understand what the consumer wants. They found that they could make five plans to accomodate even the most discerning of webmaster.

It starts with the Economy plan. This plan comes with the operating system Linux CentOS, features 1GB of RAM, 40GB storage, and 1,000GB bandwidth. From there, it raises in a pretty predictable way until you get to the Ultimate plan, which is pretty substantial for most people’s purposes. It features Linux CentOS, 8GB RAM, 240GB storage, and 8,000GB a month for bandwidth. Any godaddy vps you choose has massive features and add ons for you to get at checkout.

Going with GoDaddy does bring a certain amount of assurance in that you know that you’re probably going to get the benefit of great hardware. Their servers and routers are pretty good (read: expensive), and you don’t really have to worry about their data center not being good enough for your purposes. Their data center is as quality as it is immense.

There are some other things that come along with using GoDaddy as your service, too. For example, GoDaddy is actually known for having some pretty good security, thanks in part to their TippingPoint Instrusion Prevention Systems. There’s also the 24/7 physical security. The company also says that they’re readily available in terms of support.

You can contact them via telephone, the Internet, and email. We also like the fact that the service in and of itself isn’t hard to set up, you get 3 dedicated IPs, a free SSL certificate, as well as FTP access.

We also like the fact that they dish out some freebies when you sign on with them. This is probably one of the cooler things for people who aren’t sure as to what they should use. If you’re an advertiser, or are just trying to get the word out with your business, they help you out a bit.

Sure, it’s not going to fund your campaign, but a $50 Facebook voucher, $100 Bing credit, a $100 Google Adwords credit, and 10 Fotolia credits isn’t a bad thing. And when you’re basically getting them for free – it’s pretty cool.

godaddy vps review

The Reviews for Any Godaddy VPS

Overall, it seems as if there were a number of people who were pleased with their service. The fact that they’re still one of the largest hosting companies – if not the largest company – should tell a person something. Sure, they definitely don’t have the best possible track record, but wholly they’re not a bad company.

That said, there are some things that you may want to think about. For example, they’re not a very inexpensive company. While you can equate that to a quality service, you can also equate that to a lot of overhead and surcharges just to inflate their profit margins.

These are a lot of things that people have said, as well as the fact that they weren’t getting the support that they want. The same could be said about many companies, and it’s true to a point with GoDaddy. It’s for this reason that people generally use other companies who have a better track record in both support and price, and this is something that you can’t blame.

Advertisers and business owners definitely do not need their websites to do anything but work, and if something bad happens, someone will have to answer your questions in a timely manner.Let us know if you use godaddy for your vps service. I would love to get in contact with you and see how they treat you and your service level, pricing etc. You can become a star by adding to our godaddy vps review.

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