Good Cheap Hosting – Which Company is Actually Worth it?

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Good cheap hosting is a bit like an oxymoron anymore. Cheap in the hosting industry used to be defined as packages at about $8 per month. Then, as the competition grew, cheap became defined at shared hosting packages at about $5 per month. Now, you can find packages for less than $1 per month.


Good Cheap Hosting

Does that mean they are good shared hosting packages? Cheap doesn’t always mean good and more often than not, cheap means low quality. If you want to find good cheap hosting, you have to expect to pay more than $1 per month. However, you don’t have to break the bank or adjust your budget to find a good cheap website hosting company.


FatCow Hosting is Worth it

Good Cheap Hosting


You won’t find FatCow selling it’s packages for $1 per month because they don’t have to. They offer far more than the nickel and dime hosting companies offer. They are not a fly-by-night company or some reseller just trying to cover their costs.


FatCow is one of the most professional and most reliable hosting companies on the planet. They are one of the big boys and an industry leader in just about every category. If you’re looking for good cheap web hosting that’s actually worth it, FatCow is the right choice for you.


You can get a shared hosting package from FatCow for just $3.15 per month with our exclusive offer. This type of package will give you access to the best scripts, plenty of CMS choices, all kinds of resources and an award-winning 24/7 support team.


Why do other Cheap Hosting Choices Fall Short?

Many of the cheapest hosting options fall short of FatCow in a few specific areas. One of those areas is the support you get. Can you really expect much support when you’re only willing to spend $12 per year for hosting? Do you really think a company can afford the best support for only $12 per year?


Providing good support doesn’t come at bargain barrel prices. Many of the companies offering $1 per month packages don’t offer much support because they are so cheap.


Another area where most of these cheaper hosting companies fall short is reliability. Since these are shared website hosting accounts, they shove as many accounts on each server as they can. The cheapest hosting companies won’t put a limit on this because the more they can shove on a server, the higher their profit becomes.


This is a recipe for disaster as it only takes one account to stall the server or even makes it crash. If this happens, all of the accounts on the server will experience downtime. Overloaded servers are prone to crashing and they are dangerous for the serious website owner.


Don’t Fall for the Bait and Switch

Bait and Switch

A good cheap hosting company, such as FatCow, will expect you to pay a little bit more when it’s time to renew. However, you can pay the lowest promotional price for up to 3 years, so you don’t have to renew for quite some time.


However, the bad cheap hosting companies will lure you in for $1 per month for the first six months or year. Then, when they automatically renew your package, the price goes up to $6 to $8 or more per month. You still get the same bad hosting, but now you are paying a 600% to 800% markup or more.


Don’t be caught in a bait and switch situation with some ridiculous hosting promotion. Instead, use FatCow and lock in the lowest price of just $3.15 per month for up to three years. Then, when your package renews, you may need to pay the regular price, but it’s still lower than most hosting companies.


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