A HostGator Reseller Account Provides An Excellent Business Opportunity

A HostGator reseller account can be the perfect solution for you if you have been thinking about getting into the web hosting business.

Host Gator has several different options in terms of reseller accounts that you could be in business as soon as today.

Backed by one of the most reputable web hosting companies in the world.

hostgator reseller account

A HostGator reseller account will provide you with not only the storage space and bandwidth for you to resell to your customers, but many other tools as well that will help in becoming successful as a web hosting company reselling their services.

Reseller Account Packages

When you take a look at the available HostGator reseller packages you will see that Host Gator provides you with five of them to choose from in different sizes.

The Aluminum plan is the smallest that Host Gator offers and will provide for you to resell 50 GB of storage and 500 GB of bandwidth.

The Diamond plan is HostGator’s largest reseller package and it provides you with 200 GB of storage space and 1400 GB of bandwidth.

Three other plans between those give you an ample selection for you to find exactly the right Host Gator reseller account to start your new venture.

If you ever outgrow the Diamond plan you can simply purchase a second reseller package or upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server to use for your reselling needs.

And you will still receive most of the bonuses that are available from Host Gator with the reseller accounts.

cPanel is the control panel of choice on Host Gator reseller accounts with good reason as it is the most popular.

And easy to use control panel for your future customers to use and you will be able to give it to each of them with their new hosting account.

Reseller accounts also come with an unlimited number of email accounts, ftp accounts, and MySQL databases not only for you but also for all of the accounts that you create within your reseller space.

Host Gator does not charge you any fees based on the number of accounts that you create, you are only charged a monthly fee for the space and bandwidth allocated to your reseller account.

You decide the size and number of packages that you make available for sale. Host Gator goes out of its way to make sure that your customers never find out that you are reselling their services and to make sure that your customers stay your customers.

Host Gator Bonus Tools

You will be able to have either WHMCS or WHM Autopilot for the important role of client management and billing software.

This is the software that will verify payments and automatically set up customer hosting accounts and email them all of the necessary information to access and use those hosting accounts.

You can set up different packages within WHM including how many of each available resource that you want each of the hosting accounts to have.

HostGator reseller account also comes with the ability, through an Enom reseller account provided to you by Host Gator, to resell domain names.

HostGator reseller accounts also give you access to Host Gator customer and technical support. If one of your customers has a question that you do not know the answer to, Host Gator will get back to you quickly with the answer for you to pass on to your customer.

The customer service that you provide will determine the success of your business and being able to call on award winning customer.

There service is based in the United States and HostGator is an incredibly valuable partner for you to have.

Host Gator reseller accounts come with access to a free site building tool that you can use along with 4500 available templates to get your site set up quickly or you can pass them along to your customers.

Other Helpful Tools

In addition to your HostGator reseller account you are going to need a way for those who need customer support to contact you.

Host Gator reseller accounts give you access to several open source help desk options that you can install with just one click that would provide a very easy way to take care of customer support.

You should monitor this constantly because happy customers are lifelong customers.

The other thing that you will need is a way to get paid. You can get your own merchant account or save yourself the time and effort by using a service such as PayPal that will process all of your payments for you for a small fee.

You should have a good idea of how your customers will be paying you even before you sign up for your HostGator reseller account.

It is possible for you to be accepting payments today from brand new customers using your Host Gator Reseller account.

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