Hostgator Review

One of the oldest web hosting companies around, we present to you a detailed HostGator review.


HostGator has been operational for a very long time now. The company provides all sorts of web hosting services to customers including regular web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting


Web Hosting


HostGator offers three regular web hosting plans including the Hatchling Plan, the Baby Plan and the Business Plan. The Hatchling Plan is available for a starting price of $3.96 per month.


It includes single domain name, unlimited bandwidth and disk space along with shared SSL certificate. This particular plan is good for all those who are just getting started with internet hosting.


HostGator Review


The second plan offered by the company is the Baby Plan which is available for $6.36 per month (starting price). The features of this plan include unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space along with shared SSL certificate.


The difference between the baby plan and the hatchling plan is that the former offers unlimited domains while the latter offers single domain.


Lastly, in the regular hosting services, the final plan offered by the company is Business Plan that offers unlimited domains, bandwidth and disk space.


You also get free private IP and SSL along with a free of charge toll free number. The cost of this plan is $10.36 per month (starting price).


Features of The Web Hosting Plans


Some of the features of the web hosting plans (all of them) include unlimited bandwidth and disk space, extremely easy to use control panel, maximum uptime guarantee, unlimited email accounts, sub domains and FTP accounts.


The company also offers 45-day money back guarantee in case you don’t like the products.


Additionally, HostGator also offers Weebly site builder (free of charge) along with other site building tools. Other features include 4500 free site templates, free site transfers, domain transfer, MySQL transfer, script transfer and several other features, along with 52 free scripts and $100 in Google AdWords awards.


Moreover, it offers Joomla hosting, Wikihosting, Magento hosting and Drupal hosting as well.


Aside from these features, there are just so many other features that the company offers on all of its regular shared hosting plans and keeping in mind the cost of the plans, I think that HostGator is by far one of the most reasonably priced hosting companies.


To obtain complete information of the features, you can visit the company’s official site from where you can also opt for either of the plans.

HostGator Review:  Shared Hosting Plans




It offers a wide range hosting services like Shared, Cloud, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated. I would be discussing in detail the several shared hosting deals of them. Three different shared hosting plans offered by them are: Hatchling, Baby, and Business


These three plans have varied features to fulfill the needs of different webmasters. Plans like Hatchling and Baby Plan both are offered with the same basic ‘unlimited hosting’ features.


The little exception in Hatchling is that the user and a dedicated IP can possess only one domain hosted, and private SSL are not acquired.


Extra features can be obtained In Hatchling and the Business Plans as compared to what can be received on Baby, with an addition of free private SSL, dedicated IP, and also the toll-free business numbers with 100 minutes of free talk time is also being offered.


HostGator Review: How to Select the Plans?


Can multiple domains be hosted?


Are the business-hosting features such as private SSL, and toll-free numbers needed by you? If the answer is yes, then Business Plan is the one to be opted for?


And as it can be easily proclaimed that the best thing about HostGator plans is that upgrading (from Hatchling to Baby/Business or from Baby to Business) can be acquired very quickly and without any cost.


The only thing that is needed to be done by you is to fill up this upgrading form, and the remaining will be done by the tech person at HostGator.


Therefore, as a newbie, it is recommended to start climbing the ladder from the lower level plan (Baby/Hatchling).


It would be quite wise to requests for an upgrade when you have mastered the art of website hosting and are looking to try something new and innovative.


HostGator Review: Its Features


There is a complete list of Hosting Options available for you:


Shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting is offered by HostGator. The domain registration and reselling options are too provided by the company.


Shared server hosting is the heart of HostGator services. And this is something which has helped them to reach the peak of excellence in the industry.


They have been aiming at the shared server segment of the market and hence have been quite successful in mastering the art of rendering a great customer experience.


They are totally aware of the several needs of various shared server clients. Thus, offer their services and prices accordingly.


HostGator has now been recognized as an experienced name in this field. And its ability to understand the needs of shared hosting user has acted as an aid to them in making the team get noticed as an ideal guide in leading the customers into the practical and keen server world as they tend to expand the shared space with the waves of time.


A list of freebies can be found:


HostGator shares various freebies when each plan is introduced. Unlimited disk and bandwidth, a free website builder and website building tools, free domain transfers, more than 4,000 website templates, and unlimited MySQL databases are some of the freebies that are offered by it.


By using the $100-worth of Google AdWords credits, courtesy of the HostGator team, the fresh site owners can raise a lot of attention and eyeball towards their site.


Another help is rendered in the form of 1-click installs for all various major open-source projects like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.


HostGator Review: Control Panel


The latest cPanel software is used by HostGator to get their administration consoles managed.


It can be wrapped up by you very quickly which might include the tasks like arranging and helping ecommerce shopping carts to get launched.


You using their backend panel with tools like AWStats, Webalizer, and Raw Log Manager you can gather stats and log. Error Logs are also used.


There is a web-based file manager available that would be helpful to you in keeping the server neat and junk free.


PROS of using HostGator (shared) Hosting:


Various good qualities can be seen in HostGator, where a longer-than-average money back guarantee is present, and an easy-to-use interface for beginners is also accessible. A quick summary is presented here:


#1 Decent Support


HostGator offers 24/7/365 support with complete diligence through the phone, live chat, and email.


“We had a nice experience dealing with them as in spite of 16 minutes’ holdup; once the representative came on call, he seemed to be well-informed and with his good conversation skills. He had not only amazed us but was very successful in making us feel very comfortable and appeared very friendly enough to give us a healthy experience.”


The level of service didn’t blow our mind, but it cannot be mentioned unsatisfactory at all.

#2 45-Day Money Back Guarantee


A minimum of 30-day money back guarantee is offered by most of the web hosts as we have found in our research. HostGator has been able to let their service get extended up to 45 days thus offering extra two weeks to its customers.


Or so to their offerings can be test-driven before getting packed into a one-to-three-year term.

#3 HostGator Review: Enhanced Security and Free Migration


HostGator will assist you in the relocation of an existing website with the benefit of their services being provided to you for free.


If your mind is left dangling with the idea of sparing big bucks (JK, they’re not that expensive) for investing in any of their plans; Think of automatic malware removal, automated daily database backups, and a free SSL certificate for processing website transactions!


There is nothing more you would be looking for in your web-hosting provider.


#4 Eco-Friendly Hosting


GREEN – Yes HostGator has been lucky and determined enough to get certified as a green web host. According to the official’s words, the various operation of HostGator is 130% power-driven by the help of wind energy.


This gives us a clear indication that for every unit of energy used, HostGator can restore 1.3 unit (in support of a certified Renewable Energy Credits being purchased) and is successful in transferring the fresh energy back to the grid.


Words of wonderment! Isn’t? So don’t really wait and let yourself become a part of the eco-friendly, complete Green Hosting. What do you think of this hostgator review?