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Are you contemplating using a coupon you found on the web? Have you been eyeing their page and are wondering if they’re the right solution for you?

Are you just confused by the options available and want some clarification? Here’s the only review you’ll need to consult to help you make the best decision for you.


What packages are there?

The news here is- not a lot.’s hosting packages are very limited. They offer nothing other than shared hosting packages, with no options to run a virtual server [otherwise known as a VPS], dedicated servers [neither prebuilt or custom] or any other form of customised or tailored hosting.

Their options on the shared hosting side are slightly limited too. There is only three packages- an entry level, a medium and an ‘unlimited’.

This does mean they have a slight niche when it comes to targeting entry level webmasters who want a simple, no-thought package.

If you’re not very comfortable on the web and don’t want to have to make a ton of difficult decisions about specs and limits, then this might appeal to you.

There’s nothing difficult about the decision process here. It does mean it’s not a great idea for businesses who anticipate heavy growth, a lot of traffic or larger companies and enterprises, and they certainly won’t be getting much transfer from other hosts, either.

This is a site that’s looking for personal blogs, family sites and the sites of small, low-need companies and startups.

Who are

Hosting Xtreme appear to be Ohio based, but judging by their server presence in India as well as a customer service presence there they may well rather be counted as being based in that country.

There are support numbers for both, so it’s worth considering that depending on your locality in the world.

What is’s reliability?

It was a little difficult to find total stats on the uptime and reliability with this company. However, having said that, it is very likely that there will be no stability issues as there’s not particularly demanding websites being hosted here.

The site was fast to respond when we accessed it. However, we did find a couple of reviews from consumers who hosted with’s hosting that mentioned going through periods with slow response time.

It is possible that they oversell their servers during good periods, to the disadvantage of existing customers. This is only speculation, however, and it’s important to remember that even the best company can have a disgruntled customer or two.

We would have to see a lot more data before making a definitive decision on’s reliability.

They offer no form of uptime guarantee, which is always worth noting as a guarantee suggests the company has a lot of faith in their offerings.

What are’s features?

While they offer some good packages, there’s not much that stands out. They do have a good stable of features.

As we mentioned, there’s only three plans to choose from. The entry-level is very simple, offering incredibly limited storage [50MG], rendering it most suited to things like personal blogs.

The next plan up, however, isn’t really expensive and offers unlimited disk space. All packages offer the well-known cPanel to help you edit the site, and the domain names are provided free for the first year.

Softaculous auto-installer helps you rapidly install scripts on the page, making your life easier if you’re looking to develop the site yourself.

What is’s support like?’s tech support does seem to be good, and they do work hard to help customers. Bearing In mind they offer a very entry-level service, they seem to appreciate that most of their consumers will be newer or less tech-savvy, and will need a lot of extra assistance.

Their team seems happy to help you troubleshoot regardless of the issue, and their response times through a ticketing system are certainly fast.

The page itself offers a solid FAQ alongside a good blog and ‘knowledgebase’ to help you look for help yourself. If you need to get up to speed with their products pretty fast, you certainly can without much hassle.

What is’s pricing like?

Obviously, as an entry-level service provider there’s no particular nasty surprises here, and there are discount coupons to be found on the web too.

Costs start at just under $2 a month, only raising as far as $20 on their ultimate package. Bear in mind that the domain name is included free, which does help you reduce costs, especially at startup.

So what’s the verdict?’s customer base is clearly not intended to be an enterprise or even really a company outside of startups and small businesses.

If that’s what you need, you will definitely need to look elsewhere. However, this would make a great solution for a simple business site or a personal blog.

Although we would urge looking elsewhere if you believe you will hit a lot of growth quickly.

Low prices and quality support do a lot to make this an attractive option as long as you fit the right demographic, however.

If you need a stable, solid low end hosting package that doesn’t impact your bottom line too greatly, then you might like to look at’s options.

You will get great tech support as well as a range of very solid self-help options to help you through any hiccups that do occur.

As well as the option to allow the host to troubleshoot for you if you are not comfortable helping yourself.

All in all, is not a bad option for a starter website, although with no VPS or dedicated server options and a limited amount of shared hosting packages.

Most sites will quickly outgrow their hosting capabilities and they only really serve a few niche markets, not the general market.

They do get a lot of points for excellent customer service, though.

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