Hostrocket review

Hostrocket Review

hostrocket review

Hostrocket has been around in the hosting industry for more than ten years now. Please help us improve our hostrocket review page by contributing. Hostrocket has managed to gain a name for itself in the industry due to its services. However, now days the company is slightly unpopular because it has not adjusted its pricing plans against its competition. This leaves hostrocket an expensive option since there are so many other hosting companies out there offering hosting at a very cheap rate.


The customer support department of the company has also suffered a lot in the past and now is a shadow of what it used to be. However, there are still many reasons hostrocket is still a great choice to host with. The company gives you a platform from which you can install several hundred applications for your website. The best part is that their basic plan gives you valuable stuff like unlimited email accounts, bandwidth, databases and disk space. Let’s have a closer look at what else is offered by hostrocket.See hostrocket reviews at bottom of each page.


Lets start by looking at their comprehensive website building tool. Hostrocket gives businesses and individuals to create a website right from their control panel. This small website designing tool comes with nearly all plans the company offers. However, keep in mind that if you want a customized website, you may have to pay hostrocket additional money to get a website made. If you are considering starting an ecommerce business online; hostrocket will create one for you if you purchase their strongest and most expensive plan.


Hostrocket is a decent option for small businesses and individuals. Just keep in mind that if you are planning to register a domain through this company too, you will be charged additional money. Unlike other hosting companies, hostrocket does not offer free domain registration with any of its packages. Another important thing to note is that hostrocket is only profitable if you are going to sign at least an year long contract with them. The monthly payments come out to be quite large if you do not pay them a fee for a contract. So if you want to host a website with this hosting company, sign up for a contract to save money.


Certain important features like SSL certificates are not offered with any of the plans the company has on offer. The SSL certificate must be purchased separately if you want more security for your website. And in order to get this certificate, a dedicated IP is always required which can cost you more money on per month basis.


We like the fact that there are a lot of website creation tools offered by hostrocket. When you sign up for a package with hostrocket, you get these tools instantly. The website creation tool is actually quite powerful for creating a custom template and design for your website. The only problem is that their hosting plans start at a rate that may not be affordable for small businesses and individuals. Also the fact that no free domain registration is offered with any of their plans is a major killing factor for the company.


Although we love the services and tools hostrocket offers, we are not proud with the level of customer support offered. The company does not offer telephone support at all. The only way to reach them is through live chat or emails. We figured that their response is pretty slow when you pull up a ticket for your query. A simple query forwarded by us took technical support team about four days to respond which is a very huge downer. So keep in mind that if you are not a developer and you need technical support in an emergency, you won’t get any with hostrocket, at least not on time. This is why we highly recommend that if you are someone who do not have the time or ability to deal with codes and technical issues on your own, you look somewhere else.


In the end, hostrocket offers great uptime and extra services. Sure the cost of each plan is not competitive; these still come with tons of extra services that other companies do not offer. We would recommend the company to large businesses only because of their huge library of readymade applications.What do you think of this hostrocket review ? Let me know, i want to hear from you.