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As a family we would vacation 2 times a year. I started to notice that the kids spent a lot of time in the resorts hot tub. If i wanted to catch up with them on how things during the trip were going i would have to join them in the hot tub. So we started to search for hot tubs for sale.

hot tubs for sale

I started remembering back as a kid growing up when we father would travel and we would stay at a hotel i would always find my way to the Jacuzzi. I think it seems so magical in the winter to use a hot tub that is 104 degree’s temperature when its 10 degree’s out side.

So 2 years ago i started looking for a hot tub for sale, went to a few Spokane conventions for home and decor. I found a dealership based in Spokane called Apollo Spas or now Arctic Spa. They had a anniversary spa that had the speaker system and lights thru out the hot tub.

We were sold, we went home talked about it as a family and called and payed for it. We payed 8,000 for it, but hot tub prices will vary on what you get with them and the add ons you choose.

Some of our friends have indoor hot tubs, and some have outdoor hot tubs. We choose to put ours under the porch out side so we can enjoy the cold winters in the hot water. But we have a friend that loves to have her outdoor Jacuzzi inside her house. They build a room and added it in the home.

When we were at the show i couldn’t believe the different types of hot tubs for sale. There was portable hot tubs, swim spas , small 2 person hot tubs. I even saw inflatable hot tubs and Jacuzzi’s.

If you are going to buy a hot tub or Jacuzzi always try and find the shows in your area as they will offer the lowest hot tub prices and will even throw in some add on’s for just being at the show. Jacuzzi is also another word that people use for hot tubs, both are the same just people reference them different.

I don’t use the hot tub as much as the kids do, they will use it at least 3-4 times a week. I try to use it 2-3 times a month . So our maintenance isn’t to bad. below we will talk more on what we need to do to keep our hot tub clean and clear of bacteria.

I have a brand list of hot tub manufacturers you can google to start your research on which brand will work best for you.

They have awesome hot tubs for sale thru there dealer networks.

1. Cal Spas

2. Thermo Spas

3. Sundance Spas

4. Caldera Spas

5. Hot Spring Spas

6. Dimension One Spas

7. Life Spas

What are the different types of hot tubs and Jacuzzi’s for sale?

The Vinyl liner hot tub
Know as soft tubs or portable tubs, they are inflatable and easy to move. This kind of hot tub is usually less expensive than other types but still provide the same features.

Unicast hot tub
The unicast tub consists of the tub and the surrounding cabinet which are molded as one single piece.

Acrylic hot tub
This is the most popular kind of hot tub. These are especially durable for outdoor use and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, colors and shapes.

Swim spa hot tub
A swim spa hot tub is specifically designed for exercise with a rectangular shape and jets that create a continuous current to swim against. They even contain underwater treadmills for jogging and steady movement.

Now lets talk about maintenance of your Jacuzzi or hot tub. This will make your hot tub last longer and keep everyone healthy that uses it. Never swim in a smelly hot tub, that means its full of bacteria.

Weekly you need to make sure you have chlorine in your hot tub. There is a product called shock you want to keep on hand as well that you will need to dump a lid full into your water to help the chlorine do its job. Every 90 days a filter will need to be changed out to keep the water flow perfect and debris out of the tub like hair etc.

When we clean our hot tub we will drain it, and use a Windex to wipe the inside out to make it clean and sparkly again. I give a good rinse and then start the refill, add new filter and add chlorine to the tub.

Thank you for checking out my blog post and good luck in finding the hot tubs for sale near you. There is a lot of research to start on.

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